Favorite Things: Modcloth Scarf and Coat, Vince Camuto Boots

I have done an amazing job — for me, let’s preface things — in 2016 of not adding to my already overflowing closet. But that’s typically the case — January, February and early March are slow shopping months for me. That’s mostly because I am usually recovering from the major damage I did in November and December. I wasn’t quite as bad this holiday season as I have been in the past. However, I still bought a few things I didn’t need…and here are a few of my favorites. I apologize in advance since two of these are clearly cold-weather-only items.

modcloth blanket scarf | what lindsey likes

What I bought: Blanket scarf from modcloth.com

What I paid: $24.99

I’ve wanted a true blanket scarf for a couple years now, but never followed through with purchasing one. Technically I did buy one from Old Navy, but it wasn’t quite big enough — in my opinion — to be considered a blanket scarf. This one from Mod Cloth was perfect! It’s one of the softest things I’ve ever owned. In a pinch, I would consider using it as an actual blanket, if I had to. A couple complaints: it sheds A LOT. I wore it to a family dinner with a navy blue long sleeve tee and had fibers from the scarf all over the shirt. I’m wearing it here with a heather grey long sleeve tee, which is way better at hiding the shedding. My other complaint is that if you are prone to snagging your clothes on things, this might not be for you. My dog likes to jump up on me all the time, and his claws would catch threads from this and pull them out. No irreversible or noticeable damage yet, but just something to be aware of. Here’s another way you can wear a blanket scarf:

modcloth blanket scarf poncho | what lindsey likes

This is the coziest of the cozy. I love ponchos and I loved wearing this as a poncho. However, while I see tons of people on Pinterest in blanket-scarf-ponchos, I would like to see them in real life. Moving your arms around can be a little tricky. Well, it’s not hard to move my arms, but every time I do, I have to resituate the poncho so it’s laying the way I want it to. I LOVE the idea of belting this — it looks super cute — but only if you’re going to sit in one place without moving at all. Maybe everyone else knows how to do this without issue.

modcloth blanket scarf and vince camuto gravell boots | what lindsey likes

Vince Camuto Gravell boots/booties | what lindsey likes

What I bought: Vince Camuto Gravell Boots (in black and brown — I couldn’t help myself!)

What I paid: $62 (this was a Black Friday weekend sale; they were as much as $109 at Nordstrom)

I am in love with these boots. I decided I needed to start wearing heels. I have no good explanation, other than I do think they look a little dressier. I searched stores high and low, looking for boots that met my qualifications. I ordered seven or eight different pairs of boots over the Black Friday weekend and these were my favorite (I promise I returned all the other ones…except another pair of lower-heeled Vince Camuto booties). I had a bit of an adventure figuring out the right size (these are a size 7, I normally wear a 6) and finding the cheapest price. In the end, Amazon had both my size and a price I was comfortable paying. I love them. I’m looking forward to the streets and sidewalks of MN drying up so I can wear them out and about without worrying about ruining them.

A few complaints, though. The toe-bed on these boots is incredibly narrow, hence the reason I had to go up to a 7. The rest of the boot fits true to size, so I have to wear two pairs of socks (one thick pair and one thin pair) in order to make them work. I think the toe-bed has loosened up a little, but not by much. My other complaint is that the heel is easily scuffed. Part of this is how I bang my feet around when I’m sitting at my desk — lots of fidgeting. This isn’t noticeable as long as you’re wearing longer pants. But if you were going to wear them with leggings or rolled/tucked skinny jeans, it would be noticeable. Maybe no one else cares.

modcloth aztec coat | what lindsey likes

What I bought: ModCloth Aztec-print coat

What I paid: $125

The last thing I need is another coat, but I saw this on a fashion blogger’s site and fell in love. Honestly, when I first got it, I was disappointed — it didn’t seem to be very flattering on me…ha, especially compared to the fashion blogger! But I cinched in the waist a little more (there are drawstrings on the inside) and that helped tremendously. I also like the jacket when it’s buttoned all the way to the top. That might sound weird, but it is what it is. Anyway. This coat is super soft and comfortable. It’s been great for this year’s unseasonably warm winter, but I wouldn’t wear it on any days below 30 degrees. The hood is plenty big for my large head. The coat has pockets too. I fold the pocket flaps inside the pockets — when they’re out, they draw attention to my hips.

modcloth aztec coat | what lindsey likes

I took all of these pictures on the same day. I’m wearing a long-sleeve pocket tee from Old Navy in heather grey and my new favorite flared jeans from Banana Republic Factory.


What I’d Wear: Baseball Hats with Fanatics

It won’t come as a surprise to most of you that I’m not the biggest sports fan. I have a really short attention span, and I generally care more about the players’ love lives than I do their sports abilities.

That doesn’t mean I won’t pretend to enjoy sports solely for the excuse to wear sports clothes. I’ll like almost anything in the name of more clothes. I was browsing through the massive collection of MLB hats on the Fanatics website. Could I style a look — that would work for me — around a baseball hat? I decided to give it a try. And, you know me, I love having options (Thanksgiving and Christmas), so I picked a few of my favorites.

Since baseball isn’t officially in season, I decided to style two looks: one that’s weather-appropriate for today and one that’s weather-appropriate for baseball season (although in Minnesota, the cold-weather option might be the hat of choice for the first few weeks). I had to choose our Minnesota team, the Twins, solely because my neighbors and friends would have killed me if I’d chosen anyone else. However, the Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals hold special places in my heart.

Minnesota Twins New Era Patch Is Proof Knit Hat – Navy Blue & New Era Snowburst Cuffed Hat with Pom – Navy Blue

Minnesota Twins New Era Patch Is Proof Knit & New Era Snowburst Cuffed Hat

How cute are these hats?! They look so soft and comfy! Most importantly, they’ll keep any Twins fan (or Twins fan poser — like me) warm this winter. I love the poms on top. The striped hat is simple and classic. I told you how obsessed I was with fair isle last week — there’s no way I could resist a fair isle hat.

macys sweatshirt modcloth coat madewell scarf | whatlindseylikes

I would pair either of these hats with a relaxed — but visually interesting — sweatshirt, a warm jacket and a blanket scarf. This asymmetrical sweatshirt is one I already shared with you from Macy’s. It appears to be on sale right now..still a little too rich for my blood, but maybe with a 20% off coupon. I have yet to find one in my size in a store, though. This jacket from ModCloth is super cute, and it’s on sale. I love the toggle front. This scarf is from Madewell and is a bit pricey, but the colors were a perfect match! I’m mildly obsessed with blanket scarves right now, but haven’t yet perfected a comfortable way to wrap them (my Pinterest followers will have seen the multitude of blanket scarf pins in their feeds — sorry!). Depending on what style you’re going for, I think there are lots of options for pants: skinny jeans for a relaxed look, dark flared jeans for a dressier look.

'47 Brand Minnesota Twins Cleanup Adjustable Hat & '47 Brand Caprock Canyon Flex Hat

’47 Brand Minnesota Twins Cleanup Adjustable Hat & ’47 Brand Caprock Canyon Flex Hat

For in-season wear, I like the most basic of baseball caps. Both look a little worn, which can help posers like me appear as though we’ve been wearing the hats season after heartbreaking Twins season. I prefer the M icon over the TC, mostly because it took me YEARS to understand what the TC stood for when I moved to Minnesota.

old navy t, fossil purse, old navy jeans, madden sandals | whatlindseylikes

Because these looks are for summer, when baseball is in full swing and life is supposed to be easygoing, I went with the simplest of outfits. Slouchy white tee, dark blue skinny jeans, brown crossbody (so you don’t have to hold your bag while you’re schlepping beers, hot dogs, nachos, whatevs to your seat) and brown gladiator sandals. Depending on the temperature and your seat location (sun? shade?), you might want to swap the skinny jeans for shorts (I like longer shorts, but if your legs look good in short shorts, go for it!). If you are the type of person who only pretends to go to baseball games, this outfit would be perfect for running errands or meeting up with a friend for a casual brunch. Plus, with a baseball cap, you won’t have to do your hair. Sounds like the perfect weekend-long uniform.

How do you feel about hats? Can you wear them?

If you were considering buying something new, quite a few hats at Fanatics are on sale right now, and shipping is free on orders over $50 (with code 50SHIP).