What I’m Wearing: Winter Wedding Options

I’m going to a wedding tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ve ever been to a winter wedding before, but I love the idea of it. There’s something about a beautiful, fresh coat of snow that glistens off the lights. It’s going to be so beautiful!

Unfortunately I’ve never purchased any winter-wedding-appropriate dresses, so picking an outfit for tomorrow has been a challenge. I had ambitions late last month and earlier this month of coming up with a lot of options and asking you all for help, but I’ve unfortunately procrastinated beyond belief. So here are a few options — none of which are all that appealing to me, unfortunately. Drat!

All of these photos are going to be headless, unfortunately. I took the photos last weekend while my hair was wet and my makeup undone. Just imagine I have an amazing hair style with perfect makeup. Ha, since that’s just my regular look, of course. Oh, and these photos were taken in our under-construction family room, so there’s a bit of sawdust, nails and wet-vacs hanging out.

banana republic skirt | whatlindseylikes

Here’s option one. I bought this skirt from Banana Republic at least 10 years ago. I love this skirt, but I’m not convinced of it. I’m struggling to find a top for it. I went through every shirt in my closet trying to find something winter-worthy, but almost everything I have that looks cute is short-sleeved. And I don’t think any of my cardigan sweaters will work with it…so I tried this. While this looks like a top, it’s actually a dress, but the bottom is hidden under my Banana skirt 🙂 The dress is from Macy’s, probably from 8 years ago. I used to wear this dress all the time, but unfortunately my backside isn’t as small as it was when I first bought the dress, so the skirt isn’t too flattering. I love the top half, though, mostly because of the embellishments along the neckline.

inc embellished dress | whatlindseylikes

banana republic skirt | whatlindseylikes

And don’t bother telling me that heels would be more flattering. While my legs might look better in heels, the rest of me won’t look good after I fall on the floor and twist an ankle.

nordstrom dress | whatlindseylikesHere’s option two — another black and white look! This dress was a Nordstrom anniversary sale from probably 12 years ago. This is the first time I’d ever purchased anything from a Nordstrom. I was on a trip with my mom (I believe we were in Seattle?) and somehow my mom thought I should buy a couple things and so I did. This dress has been a go-to option anytime I’ve needed something for a slightly colder temperature. However, I’m not sure this cardigan is dressy enough for a wedding…and I don’t have anything better.

nordstrom dress | whatlindseylikes

I absolutely love this necklace. Once again, a purchase from close to 10 years ago. It was super cheap from Forever 21 and I consider myself skilled and lucky for it to have held together all this time.

forever 21 bib necklace | whatlilndseylikes

OK, these next two options are a little bit out there, at least for me. I don’t envision myself wearing either because I’m not confident that either is flattering…but I had them on and took the pictures, so we’ll give it a shot. Ha, sometimes you know something doesn’t look good on you, and sometimes you don’t think it looks quite right, but it’s a case of being too hard on yourself. You can quietly judge me if these just aren’t right. Or openly judge me, whatever you prefer.

Forever 21 tunic | whatlindseylikes

OK, I’m going out on a limb with these faux leather leggings. My top is another super old purchase — what’s the deal with that? — from Forever 21. It has to be close to 10 years old. I LOVE this shirt, though. It’s been a favorite for a very long time. The jacket is from Target — maybe last winter. I’ve worn it absolutely zero times. It was on clearance, and I seem to have a soft spot for jackets on clearance.

Forever 21 tunic | whatlindseylikes

The part of this outfit that makes me the most excited is my jewelry. I layered a Forever 21 statement/bib with a necklace from J. Crew Factory. I’m so impressed with myself! I rarely have any skill in layering necklaces.

Forever 21 and J. Crew Factory necklaces | whatlindseylikes

I’m on the lookout for a bold black necklace. I’ve seen a few awesome ones on Etsy…might have to go that route, although they’re more expensive than I’m looking to spend.

Macy's dress | whatlindseylikes

Here’s my second questionable option. This tunic is from Macy’s, during my seasonal job there back in 2009/2010. It’s a fine top, just not sure it’s flattering with faux leather leggings on my body.

I will most likely spend any remaining hours before the wedding trying on any other options I might be able to pull together.  It will be a beautiful wedding, no doubt, but I’m not too confident that I’ll be contributing to any of that!


What I Love: Levi’s Pull On Legging

Over the last couple years, my mom and I have been buying more and more of the same things. We have quite a few pairs of identical shoes (our shoe sizes are about half a size different, which makes it easier to remember whose is whose; but also means that, if in a pinch, we could wear each others shoes if we needed to). We have a number of the same shirts, sometimes in the same colors and sometimes in different colors. We have the same car. The list goes on.

Some people might be afraid to admit that they have a similar style to their mom, but I love it. My mom is probably complimented at least once a day (more often if she’s attending a special occasion) on one or more parts of her outfits. But just like me: If we’re wearing a particular item that we believe to be super cute and we don’t get any compliments, we are dumb-founded and almost offended.

Now to the pants.

levis pull on pant | whatlindseylikes

My mom called me a few months ago and mentioned that she found these leggings from Levi’s that she thought she liked, but that she needed my opinion. Both of us had been looking for leggings for awhile, but our figures required a thicker fabric with more structure than most leggings on the market provided. We were looking for leggings that were closer to the classification of “real pants” than we were for leggings that were closer to “tights.” When I finally got to see the Levi’s, I told my mom she absolutely had to keep them — they looked great on her.

I didn’t intend to buy them myself, but it just sort of happened. I was walking through near the denim section at Macy’s, found the Levi’s, dug for my size and tried them on. There were three color options: a really dark denim, a slightly lighter denim (not light, but closer to a regular blue jean color), and black. The black pair was a different fabric — it sort of reminds me of how I picture khaki pants…which I realize isn’t helpful since khaki is a color more than a fabric… They weren’t denim, and they weren’t a super dressy fabric, but they were somewhere in between and probably closer to the dressy fabric material.

The jeans I tried on fit amazingly well — they have an elastic waist, which is my favorite thing ever, and the length went just a little past my ankles. They were not so tight that I couldn’t breathe, but they were a little snug, which I decided was good since every pair of women’s jeans seems to stretch at least half a size after you’ve worn them a few hours (other than my Loft straight leg jeans — they truly hold their shape). The black pants were a little different. The legs fit really well, but the waist wasn’t quite as tight. I called my mom to ask her how her black pants fit and she said hers were the same as the jeans, so I knew I probably had a dud pair…however they were the only black pair in my size, so I bought them anyway.

I later bought two additional pairs of the black pants from macys.com and both of them fit more closely to how the jeans fit — which confirms that the original pair I purchased were a fluke. They still fit OK…just get extra roomy in the waist as the day goes on.

My mom and I found an additional color of the pants from Kohl’s — moss stone. Macy’s has them online, and Macy’s also has a color described as ebony grey. We both think the moss stone color is closer to a light olive (maybe that’s what moss is supposed to look like?). I bought them using Kohl’s cash from my Black Friday purchases and just got them in the mail earlier this weekend. They fit the same as the rest of the pants, but I can’t decide if I like them. I have slightly larger thighs and wider hips — I don’t know if the lighter color on my bottom half is a good idea. My decision about whether to keep them will probably rely more on how the Kohl’s cash return situation goes than how good they look.

What You Should Know

I love the elastic waist. They are a slightly higher rise — which for me, means they fit above my stomach pooch instead of below it. They aren’t suffocatingly tight, but they smooth my tummy out. I have noticed if I wear them for an entire day at work and do a lot of sitting, they can start to feel too constricting around my stomach. Some of that has to do with eating too much for lunch, though!

Now, since they are an elastic-waisted pant, I think wearing a shorter shirt that would show the elastic waist might be….awkward. I don’t really wear any shirts that are short enough to hit at my natural waist, so I don’t have that problem. But just a warning to anyone who might. I also think the bum and crotch area (seriously, please give me a better word/term for the “crotch area”) can stretch out a bit depending on how your day goes, which isn’t the most flattering look. Again, most of my shirts hit a little below the hips, so this area is typically hidden for me.

levis pull on leggings | whatlindseylikes

This is the mega dark denim. I know they look black, but I promise they are jeans.

levi's pull on legging | whatlindseylikes

I love that the black pair comes in a slightly dressier fabric. But let’s be real here, though: they are not super dressy. They are dressy enough for my work environment, so I wear them quite a bit. The fabric is crazy soft and has just enough stretch to allow for plenty of leg movement. However, some days they seem to stretch out more than others…I really have no explanation for that. My only real complaint about the black pair is that they attract lint. I definitely have to use a lint roller. Also, the black of the fabric is a lighter black than some of my black tops. It’s not a huge difference, but something I watch out for.

The dark denim pair is probably my new favorite pair of pants. I LOVE them tucked into tall boots, and the fit is great. (I should note that they also look super cute with flats — they aren’t a boot-tucking only kind of pant.) They hold me in where I want to be held, but aren’t uncomfortably tight. As I’ve said, I have a bit of a stomach pooch, and it seems like most of my regular jeans dig into my waist when I’m sitting for extended periods of time, like at work. It becomes so uncomfortable. These pants sit above the pooch, so they aren’t digging in, plus they are elastic. I have noticed that they can over-stretch if I wear them for a really long time. Mostly in the knees and bum area. The bum will look super saggy if I’ve worn them for too long and for lots of sitting. Like a full day of meetings at the office and then a long happy hour (shouldn’t all happy hours be long, though?!) or dinner.

levi's pull on pants |whatlindseylikes

levis pull on pant | whatlindseylikes

As for the fit around the legs, it seems to vary. The pair I’m wearing here are pretty snug, but they haven’t been worn before, so I think they will stretch out after a couple hours. Of the pairs I’ve worn, the legs aren’t super tight. There is a little extra leg fabric. So if you’re looking for skin-tight, glued-to-your-skin pants, these probably aren’t it.

I don’t know the official name for these pants. Sometimes I see them as “Perfectly Slimming Pull On Leggings” and sometimes they are “Pants” — I don’t know what the exact definitions of leggings are, but I usually think of them as a thinner fabric that offers little structure/support. These pants from Levi’s, in my opinion, are really just skinny jeans/pants. The jeans feel like regular jeans, maybe with a little more stretch, but they aren’t a really thin fabric and don’t fit as “glued to your body” as what I imagine leggings do. The black pants are the same — definitely not skin tight and definitely thicker.

Sorry to all of my vertically gifted friends — they don’t come in a long or tall size. Which is really strange, since most other Levi’s jeans come in both long and short.

What I Paid

When not on sale, the pants are listed as $54.99. I’ve never seen them full price before, and they’ve always been the same sale price no matter what store I’ve gone to: $39.99. I bought the first wave of them from the Macy’s store, ordered a couple additional pairs on macys.com and then ordered a few more from kohls.com. I don’t think the Macy’s 20% off coupons work on them (at least that’s what clerks have told me), but I was able to use Kohl’s Cash for them.

I highly recommend these pants if you need new skinny jeans. I have had a terrible time finding skinny jeans that 1) fit me in the first place, 2) don’t dig into my stomach and make it impossible to sit down for more than 20 minutes and 3) don’t stretch out several sizes after an hour of wear. If you are taller than 5’6″, these might not work for you. Also, the smallest size these pants come in is a 4. That size happens to fit me, so if you’re smaller than me, I think you’ll be out of luck (unless you know a good seamstress!).

What I’d Wear: Baseball Hats with Fanatics

It won’t come as a surprise to most of you that I’m not the biggest sports fan. I have a really short attention span, and I generally care more about the players’ love lives than I do their sports abilities.

That doesn’t mean I won’t pretend to enjoy sports solely for the excuse to wear sports clothes. I’ll like almost anything in the name of more clothes. I was browsing through the massive collection of MLB hats on the Fanatics website. Could I style a look — that would work for me — around a baseball hat? I decided to give it a try. And, you know me, I love having options (Thanksgiving and Christmas), so I picked a few of my favorites.

Since baseball isn’t officially in season, I decided to style two looks: one that’s weather-appropriate for today and one that’s weather-appropriate for baseball season (although in Minnesota, the cold-weather option might be the hat of choice for the first few weeks). I had to choose our Minnesota team, the Twins, solely because my neighbors and friends would have killed me if I’d chosen anyone else. However, the Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals hold special places in my heart.

Minnesota Twins New Era Patch Is Proof Knit Hat – Navy Blue & New Era Snowburst Cuffed Hat with Pom – Navy Blue

Minnesota Twins New Era Patch Is Proof Knit & New Era Snowburst Cuffed Hat

How cute are these hats?! They look so soft and comfy! Most importantly, they’ll keep any Twins fan (or Twins fan poser — like me) warm this winter. I love the poms on top. The striped hat is simple and classic. I told you how obsessed I was with fair isle last week — there’s no way I could resist a fair isle hat.

macys sweatshirt modcloth coat madewell scarf | whatlindseylikes

I would pair either of these hats with a relaxed — but visually interesting — sweatshirt, a warm jacket and a blanket scarf. This asymmetrical sweatshirt is one I already shared with you from Macy’s. It appears to be on sale right now..still a little too rich for my blood, but maybe with a 20% off coupon. I have yet to find one in my size in a store, though. This jacket from ModCloth is super cute, and it’s on sale. I love the toggle front. This scarf is from Madewell and is a bit pricey, but the colors were a perfect match! I’m mildly obsessed with blanket scarves right now, but haven’t yet perfected a comfortable way to wrap them (my Pinterest followers will have seen the multitude of blanket scarf pins in their feeds — sorry!). Depending on what style you’re going for, I think there are lots of options for pants: skinny jeans for a relaxed look, dark flared jeans for a dressier look.

'47 Brand Minnesota Twins Cleanup Adjustable Hat & '47 Brand Caprock Canyon Flex Hat

’47 Brand Minnesota Twins Cleanup Adjustable Hat & ’47 Brand Caprock Canyon Flex Hat

For in-season wear, I like the most basic of baseball caps. Both look a little worn, which can help posers like me appear as though we’ve been wearing the hats season after heartbreaking Twins season. I prefer the M icon over the TC, mostly because it took me YEARS to understand what the TC stood for when I moved to Minnesota.

old navy t, fossil purse, old navy jeans, madden sandals | whatlindseylikes

Because these looks are for summer, when baseball is in full swing and life is supposed to be easygoing, I went with the simplest of outfits. Slouchy white tee, dark blue skinny jeans, brown crossbody (so you don’t have to hold your bag while you’re schlepping beers, hot dogs, nachos, whatevs to your seat) and brown gladiator sandals. Depending on the temperature and your seat location (sun? shade?), you might want to swap the skinny jeans for shorts (I like longer shorts, but if your legs look good in short shorts, go for it!). If you are the type of person who only pretends to go to baseball games, this outfit would be perfect for running errands or meeting up with a friend for a casual brunch. Plus, with a baseball cap, you won’t have to do your hair. Sounds like the perfect weekend-long uniform.

How do you feel about hats? Can you wear them?

If you were considering buying something new, quite a few hats at Fanatics are on sale right now, and shipping is free on orders over $50 (with code 50SHIP).

What I Bought: Thanksgiving

This post should actually be titled “What I Bought (And Will Subsequently Return): Thanksgiving.”

There are times when I go shopping that I get caught up in the excitement of the trip and buy a bunch of stuff that 1) isn’t actually a good deal or 2) isn’t flattering on me. That’s pretty much the theme of my Thanksgiving day shopping excursion.

My mom and I got to MOA at 4:30 p.m. Old Navy was the only open store that we cared about, so we bopped in to kill time. I bought a scarf that I’m really excited about, a throw for $5 that I don’t really care about and a necklace for $9 that I’ve already returned. I have no good explanation for why I bought the necklace in the first place. I think I reasoned with myself that it wasn’t worth standing in line at Old Navy for just a scarf, so I picked up the necklace to make it more legitimate. Then while standing in line, I saw the $5 blanket, so I picked that up too. I’ll probably keep the blanket and just use it for Dig somewhere in the house.

Next we went to Best Buy. My mom bought a DVD for my brother and I bought a bag of Snickers Minis and a bag of Sour Patch Watermelon. Both of those purchases were great — no disappointments! My mom ended up returning the DVD because she found it way cheaper at Target. So Best Buy really just ended up being a place for us to kill time and buy sugar.

By the time we got through the line at Best Buy, a few other stores had opened. I wanted to go to Loft where everything was 50% off, but apparently the MOA location wasn’t opening until 11 p.m., so we went into Victoria’s Secret next door. I seriously love Victoria’s Secret pajama sets. I think they are SO CUTE. They’re comfy and the prints are adorable. Also there’s something about the winter and the holidays that makes me want to buy every set of pajamas I find.

Here’s how I think I will look in Victoria’s Secret’s pajama sets:

victoria's secret pajamas | whatlindseylikes

Even though her hair is a greasy mess, it still somehow looks good. I wake up with greasy hair too, but usually one side of my hair is sticking up and things are flipping out all over the place.

victoria's secret pajamas | whatlindseylikesNo matter how much I envision myself looking like these models, it’s not how I end up looking. I was too lazy to try the pajamas on in the store — I just grabbed the size I assumed would fit and went on my way to the register. When I got home and tried them on I learned that the top was one size too small. Well, too small for a person with a gut. Clearly the model doesn’t have a gut: you can see she has tons of extra fabric in her shirt’s stomach area. Isn’t that fantastic. The pants are super comfortable and actually fit (well, the waist fits and the pant legs aren’t too small), but in the photos of the models, the pants look flattering, like they might be a boot cut. They are actually just wide the whole way down. And since the pants I bought are mostly white, they make my legs look even bigger than I already think they look. No thanks.

It’s also important to point out that the pajamas weren’t on sale. Technically I got a free pair of slippers with them, but I wouldn’t pay more than $5 for the slippers anyway, so not really a huge “get” in my opinion. My lack of logical shopping didn’t stop there. I bought a sleep tee that also wasn’t on sale. I bought it in the same size as the pajama set, and instead of the shirt being too small, it was overly huge. I think they are supposed to be slightly oversized, but this thing is HUGE. All of this will be going back.

Next we went to Gap. They had their super soft Bowery long sleeves tees half price (everything in the store — including clearance!! — was 50% off). I again was too lazy to try anything on, so I bought a couple in a size that I thought was right. Wrong. Too small. I will most likely return both of them rather than exchange for the right size. They’re cute and SUPER SUPER soft, but I just don’t need them. I really LOVE this grey striped one though!!

gap bowery long sleeve | whatlindseylikes

I also bought a few pairs of socks at Gap. I love them. They’re slightly thicker than most socks, but not so thick that your shoes don’t fit anymore. They will not be going back.

gap snowflake socks | whatlindseylikes

The fun continues! Our next stop was Macy’s. The store was a zoo — SO MANY PEOPLE. My mom and I both bought super cheap air popper popcorn poppers and an 18-piece Pyrex set. Nothing too exciting.

We left Mall of America after Macy’s — mostly because we were carrying too much stuff and needed to drop it off in the car, but then decided we really had no reason to go back into the mall. We left and went to Target, and ended up finding better Pyrex sets for the same price. Well, technically the same price — both sets were $18, but Macy’s charged you $25, and you had to mail in a rebate form to get the $18 price. My mom and I are both lazy when it comes to mail-in rebates, so we’re just going to return the Macy’s sets. We also bought a couple throw blankets.

After Target, I decided I had had all I could handle for the night and went home. That’s when I tried on everything from Victoria’s Secret and Gap, only to learn that all of it needed to be returned.

So of all the things I bought on Thanksgiving, a vast majority of the money I spent will be going back. I had much better luck with my true Black Friday shopping, but more on that later.

What I’m Wearing: Black Friday

Black Friday is my favorite holiday. It’s all of my favorite things in one day: amazing leftovers of all the best comfort foods; quality time with my mom; and TONS OF SHOPPING. It’s not so much about what I come home with, though. For me, it’s more about just being at all the stores with the masses of people trying to get their deals on. When deciding what to wear while interacting with those masses, I have to be very strategic. This typically leaves me with two options.

Serious Shopper

The “Serious Shopper” says, “I’m here to shop, not get selected to appear on a street style blog.” This is what I’d wear if I mean business on Black Friday.

black friday - old navy liquid leggings | whatlindseylikes

These pants (Old Navy’s Liquid Leggings) will be comfortable for the hours of leg movement I’ll be racking up. They’ll stretch right along with me as I reach across the racks to grab that last sweater in my size. When digging through the pyramid of boxes that is the Macy’s home appliances section, they’ll allow me to twist and maneuver over stacks of griddles so I can grab that blender. They’ll also wick away any sweat that develops as I’m power-walking from one end of the mall to the other carrying both the griddle and blender. Just kidding. I always park my car close to the Macy’s entrance on Black Friday so I can drop that stuff off, THEN power-walk to the other side of the mall. I love that these pants are slightly more interesting than my regular yoga/athletic pants — the faux leather makes it look like I almost tried to be fashionable.

black friday - inc sweatshirt | whatlindseylikes


This zip-up sweatshirt (Macy’s INC Asymmetrical Zip-Front Sweatshirt — another option is this cute cardigan from ModCloth) will be enough to keep me warm for the short jaunt between my car and the mall entrance. I have several pullover sweatshirts from Victoria’s Secret that I LOVE, but pullover isn’t a good option if there’s a chance I’ll be trying on lots of shirts. And if I’m wearing this outfit, I at least intend to try on a lot of shirts. The zip-up sweatshirt provides an easy-off-easy-on process in the dressing room. The asymmetrical zipper adds another element of “I kind of tried.” I think it’s lightweight enough to not cause me to overheat while power-walking. Plus, it’s long enough to cover my bum in the leggings from Old Navy.

Clearly I’m concerned about overheating on Black Friday. Seriously, it’s like I’m going through menopause ALL THE TIME. Moving on.

most comfortable shoes - dr scholls jamie | whatlindseylikes

These shoes (Dr. Scholl’s Jamie) are my favorite shoes ever. I actually get more compliments on these shoes than any pair of more fashionably acceptable shoes I own. They have an awesome, cushiony support that keep my feet comfortable for the miles of walking I intend to do. While they have laces, the laces are just for show – these are slip-ons! Does the fact that I’m super excited about slip-on shoes make me really old? Between that and the statement about menopause, you are probably getting some insight to the way my life works. Oh well. These shoes are another easy-off-easy-on item. If lots of clearance shoes or pants make their way into my line of sight, I need to be ready to try them on, and I don’t want a difficult pair of shoes holding me back.

Leisurely Shopper

My “Leisurely Shopper” is all about enjoying the experience. This is what I’d wear if I wasn’t on a shopping mission.

black friday - levis leggings | whatlindseylikes

These pants (Levi’s Perfectly Slimming Pull-on Pants/Leggings) are comfortable. While they do have an elastic waist (seriously, I want all my pants to have an elastic waist), they weren’t really made for all the bending and twisting a serious Black Friday shopper needs. They’re cute and comfortable, but probably not meant for six hours of shopping. Also, they’re jeans, so they won’t wick away sweat. These were made for a leisurely walk from one store to the next; a slow journey around the mall as opposed to a race from one end to the other.

black friday - jcrew gingham | whatlindseylikes

Because this outfit calls for a more leisurely attitude, I went with a button-down shirt (J. Crew has a million adorable button-downs — I liked this gingham, but there were five or six I really wanted). This shirt is actually super comfortable, and it works for any situations where I want to try on 18 shirts in the dressing room, but looks slightly more pulled together. Black Friday is all about versatility. If I want to try on 18 shirts, I need to be ready. While this shirt might not be as warm as the hoodie from the other outfit or quite as soft, I can still roll the sleeves down when I have to run from my car to the mall, then roll them up once I’m in the store and my body temperature has adjusted.

black friday - lucca vest | whatlindseylikes

And since I rarely leave home without a vest…this vest (Lulu’s Lucca Couture Military Grade Jacket — a little pricey) is a great option for Black Friday shopping because I can store all my purse essentials in my pockets and keep my hands free for holding shopping bags or potential purchases. While all my favorite shopping purses are lightweight and crossbody, they can still be somewhat in the way if you’re really focused on shopping. Maybe I’m being too picky.

black friday - riding boots | whatlindseylikesI love my riding boots, but they were certainly not made for walking. Nor were they made for easy-off-easy-on applications. These boots (Merona’s Kasia — other options include Bare Traps’ Selina and Ralph Lauren’s Jacqui Chain) would only be chosen if I have no intention of trying on multiple pairs of pants or shoes.

It’s too soon for me to know what I’ll wear. So far, I only have one thing on my Black Friday wishlist. I need to figure out what gifts I’m planning to buy so I have an idea of how serious I need to be.

Do you have a go-to Black Friday or marathon-shopping outfit? Or at least one essential item you take on all your shopping trips?

What I Want: Neutral Purses

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Summers in Minnesota are far too short, so I’ve been doing my best to take advantage of all the warmth possible. More importantly, I purchased a car in April that wiped out my shopping fund. So for now, the only things I’ll be writing about are wishlist items. First thing on my list: a neutral purse.

As you may remember from Black Friday/Christmas 2013, I bought several awesome Fossil bags. While I absolutely love them, they lean a little more on the bold side of styling. Don’t get me wrong, the colors/patterns are great. But there are days I want something completely safe and neutral.

What I want: Fossil Explorer Tote

What it costs: $238


What I love about this purse — besides the color — is that I could slip all my paperwork in from the office. I think I could even fit my laptop in here. It’s still a slim purse, but would carry all the things I need. I have a few fun and work-related trips coming up over the next couple months — I feel like this would look really good slung over my shoulder while hanging out in the San Fransisco airport, don’t you? 🙂

When I read the reviews on Macy’s website, most people were complaining about the cross-body strap being made of fabric instead of leather. A few people also mentioned the bag was a little heavy. There’s quite a bit of hardware, so I could see that being true.

What I want: Fossil Erin Tote

What is costs: $198 (on sale at Macy’s for $148)


Yes, this is identical to the black/white bag I got for Christmas. But it’s such an awesome bag for work. It fits all my work stuff, but stays streamlined so it doesn’t look like I’m carrying everything I own in it. I removed the cross-body strap and just use the short handles (which fit over my shoulder). In the past, I carried super sized totes that would hold notebooks, folders, paperwork, my laptop, a couple magazines and my lunch. Did I need to carry all those things? No, but my bag was big enough so I felt like I should. This bag stops that. I can carry everything I need, but I’m not tempted to cram a bunch of other stuff in.

People didn’t really complain about this purse. Apparently it’s very popular with the mom crowd. Who knew?

What I want: Fossil Erin Small Top Zip

What it costs: $98


I LOVE this bag. I have two in the exact same style, but in bright orange and the same black/white print as the Erin Tote I got for Christmas. This bag is my go-to for all-day shopping excursions (or anything that’s going to last all day). I can fit everything I need in it without experiencing any neck/back pain at the end of the day. It’s so slim and compact. I love that the purse sits on my front hip where I can see it, but I can be hands free the whole time I’m shopping. I don’t have to adjust it on my shoulder or try to do any kind of acrobatic balancing act while holding it and whatever I’m perusing in the store.

The biggest complaint other purchasers had was in regard to the cross-body strap not being adjustable. The bag sits right at or a little below my hip, which feels comfortable to me, but might line-up differently if you aren’t 5’4″ like me.

What I Want: Christmas Wishlist — Accessories


What I want: Fossil Erin tote

What it costs: $218 (way too much! I’ll have to wait for the right sale)

I bought a lot of purses when I was in college, but didn’t spend hardly any money on them. I’m trying harder now to buy things that are more classic and somewhat professional. Or maybe just more mature as opposed to something I’d buy in college. Either way, I really like Fossil purses. While I do find them to be pretty expensive, that aren’t as deadly to your wallet as things from Tory Burch, Coach or Louis Vuitton.

While browsing Macy’s on Thanksgiving night, I came across this handbag. Lately I’ve been drawn to bags that I can haul notebooks or folders. My new job will entail a bit of offsite travel for partner meetings, which means I’ll have to have my notes and paperwork in tow. I believe that I’d look very professional walking in with this bag.


What I want: Samsung Galaxy S4 case (I’m linking to my S4 cases Pinterest board)

What it costs: $35-40

While the selection of Samsung phone cases is growing, it’s still nowhere near the options for iPhones. I love browsing through J. Crew’s clearance section on their website and checking out their phone cases, daydreaming that one day they’ll make them available for Samsung. There are a few stores (Best Buy, Amazon) that are starting to sell Samsung S4 cases, but most of them are very…utilitarian looking. Which isn’t what I’m going for. I rarely drop my phone (knock on wood!), so I really just want something pretty. Since J. Crew, Kate Spade, Nordstrom and Lilly Pulitzer only want to design for Apple, I had to search slightly less-known sources.

There are quite a few websites with designs provided by artists that can be printed on almost anything, including Samsung Galaxy S4 cases. The site I spent the most time on was Society 6. I found tons of prints I loved (and then Pinned all of them to my Pinterest board so I’d be able to find them again). I especially love anything with elephants, but I’m also a fan of anything chevron (although I feel like that trend is fading…am I wrong?).


What I want: Puppia dog harness in camo

What it costs: $15-25ish (Amazon.com)

While this isn’t exactly fashion I would wear, I’ve always considered my maltipoo, Digger, an accessory. When I first got Digger, I bought him this camo Puppia harness. Dan is into hunting, so I felt like it was sort of an homage to him. But it was also a play on Digger’s super small size (he was 5-7 pounds — adorable!!) with the tough print of camo. Plus camo print has been in for the last several years, so that didn’t hurt.

I loved this harness and we got so many compliments anytime we took Dig for a walk. Dig also loved the harness, but mostly as a chew toy. Dig was able to get his lower jaw under the neckline of the harness and begin his annihilating chew. It took him awhile, but eventually he tore all the way through where it was no longer usable. Dangit, Dig!

We’ve had a few harnesses from Target since then. They’re fully functional, but nowhere near as adorable as the camo harness from Puppia. I wish I had a pic of Digger in the harness, but alas, I do not. Since I think my dog is the cutest ever, I’m going to throw in a random pic of Dig for your viewing pleasure, even though it’s not related to the harness at all.


Don’t you just want to cuddle with him?!