What I’m Wearing: Lounge Clothes

I spend a lot of time at home. I enjoy seeing my friends, family and coworkers…but I also really, really enjoy seeing my dog and Netflix shows. While the clothes I wear to work and social gatherings are perfectly fine, they aren’t something I would choose to wear while settling in for a Netflix binge-watching sesh. And I know I’m not alone — I’ve seen so many posts on Facebook about switching into elastic-waist pants the second we get home from work. #storyofmylife

So many stores carry lounge clothes now. I’m not sure that lounge clothes have been “reinvented” — they’re still elastic-waisted sweatpants. But they seem less frumpy than what typically comes to mind when I think about sweat pants. Ha, or maybe I’m just telling myself that. While stores like Nordstrom have lots of super cute lounge wear options, I just can’t. I want to look relatively cute while I’m lounging, but not to the point where I’m spending more money on pants for my Making a Murderer binge than pants for a luncheon.

Enter Old Navy.

This probably isn’t a surprise, since Old Navy is my go-to for lots of things, especially workout clothes. But they have great basics in a variety of colors. More importantly, they always have sales. And if you have their credit card, like me, you might also have a pile of rewards certificates to use, especially if you used your card a lot during the holidays, like me.

Here are some of my favorite recent lounge-wear purchases:

Old Navy Button Front Jersey Leggings | What Lindsey Likes

The Old Navy button-front jersey leggings. There are probably the most comfortable pants ever. The material is super soft; however, the material is also incredibly thin. I wear these with bum-covering t-shirts or hoodies only, and inside the privacy of my own home only. They are also incredibly fitted, hence the name “leggings.” I noticed mine stretched out a bit after a few wears, especially around the knees.

Old Navy French Terry Lounge Leggings | What Lindsey Likes

The Old Navy french-terry lounge legging. (Sorry, ladies, these are sold out online!) These are also super comfortable but also super fitted. This pair and the next three are all part of Old Navy’s french-terry pants. They are slightly thicker than the leggings above, but not so much that they cause you to overheat. When I took these out of the package (online order), they felt SO SOFT. I’m interested to see how they fare after several rounds through the washer and dryer.

One complaint about all of the french-terry pants: the waist stretches out quite a bit. There is a drawstring, but that sort of defeats the purpose of the elastic waist — the elastic is supposed to hug you just the right amount to keep your pants up but keep you comfortable after eating half a bag of Doritos. Amiright?!

Old Navy French Terry Lounge Pants | What Lindsey LikesThe Old Navy french-terry lounge pants. Mega comfortable and more figure-flattering than the leggings style, at least for my body shape.

Old Navy French Terry Sweatpants | What Lindsey Likes

The Old Navy french-terry sweatpants. Like all the other pants, these are crazy comfortable. The leg is slim fitting, but not skintight like the two leggings I featured earlier.

Are these groundbreaking products? No. But if you’re looking for more lounge pants that won’t break the bank, I highly recommend them. They’re all on sale right now, and chances are they will all be on sale again next week, and the week after, and the week after.


What I Have: An Addiction to Workout Clothes

I have a problem, and it’s called Old Navy Active.


When I find clothes I like, I typically buy multiples of it. I get worried that these clothes will be my favorite clothes ever and I won’t have enough of them, or when I decide to buy more, they’ll be gone. I have no idea why I have this phobia. I’m sure there are jeans or shirts that I loved and wished I had purchased more of, but it clearly isn’t that big of a deal since I can’t name them. Wait, yes, I think I can name one item I’d wished I’d purchased multiples of: my favorite pair of flared Tommy Hilfiger jeans. I got them in high school and LOVED them. I wore them so much that the back of the legs wore super thin. My mom tried to patch them after they ripped, but it never worked and I had to say goodbye to those jeans.

OK, moving on.

So right now, I’m mildly (read: incredibly) obsessed with Old Navy’s Active line of workout clothes. Back in January, Old Navy had all of their Active line on major sale, so I bought quite a bit then…and have continued to do so ever since. They do a great job of providing multiple styles in tons of colors (all interchangeable — like workout Garanimals!) so you can buy several pieces and make tons of outfits. (Am I the only one who wants my workout clothes to be outfits?) I love the tank and capris here, but I’d add a pop of color with this coral running bra.


I wore more Old Navy Active clothes than anything else while on vacation in Florida. Partially because the weather wasn’t really that warm, and partially because I wanted an elastic waist as much as possible. But mostly because I felt like I had so many cute outfits! I need to find a way to convince my company to change it’s dress code to workout casual. I realize that could get scary, but I’d be willing to overlook some people’s bad choices in exchange for yoga pants and long hooded sweatshirts every day.

Not only are all of their sports bras, running tanks and hoodies adorable, but I’m loving their compression pants too. I bought several pairs of the full-length bootcut and leggings, and then splurged and bought a few of the capris as well. I seriously can’t stop myself. I change into their compression pants within a few minutes of coming home from work. They’re so comfortable, but not sloppy.


And I have been practically living in the black pullover for the last week. I wore a grey one while in Florida almost every day of the trip.


I browsed the Kohl’s website just to check out their workout clothing selection and compare to Old Navy prices (sale prices — this should go without saying, but don’t ever — EVER — pay full price). It looked like they had a lot of great deals, which I hope to check-out in person. Scratch that, I need to NOT check it out in person because I will end up buying a lot of additional workout clothes that I clearly don’t need.

In an effort to save money while still feeding my hunger for workout clothes, I pinned a bunch of DIY workout shirt and headband ideas. I’d like to think I could get motivated to save money by cutting up old shirts I already have in order to add to my running wardrobe, but I’m not overly optimistic. Me and craft projects don’t seem to last long.