What I Like: One Turtleneck, Three Ways

three ways to wear a turtleneck | whatlindseylikes

Every so often, I make a purchase that refreshes my wardrobe. It somehow goes with everything, including things I haven’t worn in months or years. I’m assuming that I’m supposed to only buy items like this, but I’m still learning how to be a smart shopper. I’ll add this to my resolutions for 2015. Anyway. My favorite military vest is one of these wardrobe refreshing purchases.

I stopped at Old Navy over the weekend. Actually, I was lured in by the promise of $10 workout pants. Unfortunately, the email announcing the deal failed to mention that the super cute prints I wanted weren’t included in the promotion. Even though the graphic with the big $10 text featured a woman wearing one of the adorable prints. As I was storming out of the store in frustration, I walked through the clearance area and saw several striped turtlenecks that caught my eye.

I have a few turtlenecks from years and years ago. They’re great colors (plum, dark grey, black), but they are a little too tight — the neck sometimes gives me a headache and the torso is too ill-fitting to be worn without something layered on top.

I took a few to the dressing room. Overall, they fit really well. The length is great, and they aren’t clingy in any of the wrong places. The arms are a little baggy, but not enough to bother me. I ended up buying them a size larger than what I normally wear at Old Navy — the size I normally wear was basically glued to my gut, which wasn’t a good look for me.

When I find something I like, I tend to buy multiples of them…so I bought the black/white stripe, the navy/white stripe and the red/white stripe. My local store had them on sale for $6.99 each — looks like they are between $8-12 online.

I tried on the black/white stripe with quite a few tops once I got home and was so excited about the vast number of possible outfits. Here were a few of my favorites.

With a Scarf

striped turtleneck with faux fur scarf | whatlindseylikes

I know what you’re thinking: “Lindsey, this is not a scarf — it’s a vest!” Nope, it’s a scarf. I bought this faux fur scarf last year and haven’t worn it. Ever. But this makes it wearable! I belted it to make it look like a vest from the front.

striped turtleneck with faux fur scarf | whatlindseylikes

striped turtleneck with faux fur scarf | whatlindseylikes

One funny thing about this scarf is that there’s a hole on one side for you to slip the other end through. It stays together most of the time, so I wouldn’t have to worry about the hole showing up when I’m wearing it…but now all of you know it’s there, so I’ll never be able to wear it around you.

striped turtleneck with faux fur scarf | whatlindseylikes

This turtleneck is such a neutral that you could wear it with almost any scarf you have. I paired it with my leopard print scarf below, but I also love it with my red buffalo plaid scarf too.

three ways to wear a turtleneck: leopard print scarf and striped turtleneck | whatlindseylikes

With a Tee

Striped turtleneck with tee and scarf | whatlindseylikes

I hate winters in Minnesota. It seems like the last few winters have just been all-out awful — I’m over it. I look at all my summer tops longingly, daydreaming about the days I’ll be able to wear them again. While this turtleneck does absolutely nothing to shorten the winter months, it does make my short-sleeve tops wearable in the colder temps.

three ways to wear a turtleneck: with a tee | whatlindseylikes

I rarely feature purses in my posts. In fact, I don’t think I ever have. I used to have tons of purses — my philosophy was the more the merrier, and the bigger the better. However, I eventually learned that, for me, giant purses are actually super annoying to carry everywhere you go, especially if you don’t actually need that much stuff in your purse. I’m not a mom, so seriously, how much could I really need? I’m going to the mall, not a three-day camping retreat. I don’t need to bring water and a book and a pair of pajamas.

I’ve been downsizing my purses over the last couple years, both in the number I own and the size of them. I only use about three different crossbody bags (all from Fossil — seriously love those purses!) 90% of the time, with one or two bags for work that are slimline but large enough to carry notebooks, folders and my laptop if I have to. That bag is also from Fossil (you’ll see it in my next set of photos). I should probably buy stock in Fossil, specifically in their Erin line of bags.

While almost all of my larger purses are gone, I can’t bare to part with my clutches.

three ways to wear a turtleneck: with a tee and clutch | whatlindseylikes

I LOVE clutches. I have a million and I love every one of them. They are not at all functional, but they’re great for get-togethers with friends or a special night out with Dan. But I digress. Back to the turtleneck.

With a Dress

three ways to wear a turtleneck: with a dress | whatlindseylikes

I bought this dress — along with a few others — from Old Navy last summer. While I wore them quite a bit back then, I haven’t worn them at all this winter. I don’t love the dress with any of my cardigans. But I do love it with this turtleneck.

three ways to wear a turtleneck: with a dress | whatlindseylikesI actually took a few pics in this dress with heels, because I know they elongate the legs and would probably be cuter. But I HATE heels, and I felt like it would be misleading if I pretended there might be a time I’d voluntarily wear heels, so back to flats I went. I have short, stumpy legs — it is what it is.

One Turtleneck, Three Ways | whatlindseylikes

Do you have any mega versatile pieces in your wardrobe?


What I’d Wear: Baseball Hats with Fanatics

It won’t come as a surprise to most of you that I’m not the biggest sports fan. I have a really short attention span, and I generally care more about the players’ love lives than I do their sports abilities.

That doesn’t mean I won’t pretend to enjoy sports solely for the excuse to wear sports clothes. I’ll like almost anything in the name of more clothes. I was browsing through the massive collection of MLB hats on the Fanatics website. Could I style a look — that would work for me — around a baseball hat? I decided to give it a try. And, you know me, I love having options (Thanksgiving and Christmas), so I picked a few of my favorites.

Since baseball isn’t officially in season, I decided to style two looks: one that’s weather-appropriate for today and one that’s weather-appropriate for baseball season (although in Minnesota, the cold-weather option might be the hat of choice for the first few weeks). I had to choose our Minnesota team, the Twins, solely because my neighbors and friends would have killed me if I’d chosen anyone else. However, the Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals hold special places in my heart.

Minnesota Twins New Era Patch Is Proof Knit Hat – Navy Blue & New Era Snowburst Cuffed Hat with Pom – Navy Blue

Minnesota Twins New Era Patch Is Proof Knit & New Era Snowburst Cuffed Hat

How cute are these hats?! They look so soft and comfy! Most importantly, they’ll keep any Twins fan (or Twins fan poser — like me) warm this winter. I love the poms on top. The striped hat is simple and classic. I told you how obsessed I was with fair isle last week — there’s no way I could resist a fair isle hat.

macys sweatshirt modcloth coat madewell scarf | whatlindseylikes

I would pair either of these hats with a relaxed — but visually interesting — sweatshirt, a warm jacket and a blanket scarf. This asymmetrical sweatshirt is one I already shared with you from Macy’s. It appears to be on sale right now..still a little too rich for my blood, but maybe with a 20% off coupon. I have yet to find one in my size in a store, though. This jacket from ModCloth is super cute, and it’s on sale. I love the toggle front. This scarf is from Madewell and is a bit pricey, but the colors were a perfect match! I’m mildly obsessed with blanket scarves right now, but haven’t yet perfected a comfortable way to wrap them (my Pinterest followers will have seen the multitude of blanket scarf pins in their feeds — sorry!). Depending on what style you’re going for, I think there are lots of options for pants: skinny jeans for a relaxed look, dark flared jeans for a dressier look.

'47 Brand Minnesota Twins Cleanup Adjustable Hat & '47 Brand Caprock Canyon Flex Hat

’47 Brand Minnesota Twins Cleanup Adjustable Hat & ’47 Brand Caprock Canyon Flex Hat

For in-season wear, I like the most basic of baseball caps. Both look a little worn, which can help posers like me appear as though we’ve been wearing the hats season after heartbreaking Twins season. I prefer the M icon over the TC, mostly because it took me YEARS to understand what the TC stood for when I moved to Minnesota.

old navy t, fossil purse, old navy jeans, madden sandals | whatlindseylikes

Because these looks are for summer, when baseball is in full swing and life is supposed to be easygoing, I went with the simplest of outfits. Slouchy white tee, dark blue skinny jeans, brown crossbody (so you don’t have to hold your bag while you’re schlepping beers, hot dogs, nachos, whatevs to your seat) and brown gladiator sandals. Depending on the temperature and your seat location (sun? shade?), you might want to swap the skinny jeans for shorts (I like longer shorts, but if your legs look good in short shorts, go for it!). If you are the type of person who only pretends to go to baseball games, this outfit would be perfect for running errands or meeting up with a friend for a casual brunch. Plus, with a baseball cap, you won’t have to do your hair. Sounds like the perfect weekend-long uniform.

How do you feel about hats? Can you wear them?

If you were considering buying something new, quite a few hats at Fanatics are on sale right now, and shipping is free on orders over $50 (with code 50SHIP).

What I Want: Neutral Purses

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Summers in Minnesota are far too short, so I’ve been doing my best to take advantage of all the warmth possible. More importantly, I purchased a car in April that wiped out my shopping fund. So for now, the only things I’ll be writing about are wishlist items. First thing on my list: a neutral purse.

As you may remember from Black Friday/Christmas 2013, I bought several awesome Fossil bags. While I absolutely love them, they lean a little more on the bold side of styling. Don’t get me wrong, the colors/patterns are great. But there are days I want something completely safe and neutral.

What I want: Fossil Explorer Tote

What it costs: $238


What I love about this purse — besides the color — is that I could slip all my paperwork in from the office. I think I could even fit my laptop in here. It’s still a slim purse, but would carry all the things I need. I have a few fun and work-related trips coming up over the next couple months — I feel like this would look really good slung over my shoulder while hanging out in the San Fransisco airport, don’t you? 🙂

When I read the reviews on Macy’s website, most people were complaining about the cross-body strap being made of fabric instead of leather. A few people also mentioned the bag was a little heavy. There’s quite a bit of hardware, so I could see that being true.

What I want: Fossil Erin Tote

What is costs: $198 (on sale at Macy’s for $148)


Yes, this is identical to the black/white bag I got for Christmas. But it’s such an awesome bag for work. It fits all my work stuff, but stays streamlined so it doesn’t look like I’m carrying everything I own in it. I removed the cross-body strap and just use the short handles (which fit over my shoulder). In the past, I carried super sized totes that would hold notebooks, folders, paperwork, my laptop, a couple magazines and my lunch. Did I need to carry all those things? No, but my bag was big enough so I felt like I should. This bag stops that. I can carry everything I need, but I’m not tempted to cram a bunch of other stuff in.

People didn’t really complain about this purse. Apparently it’s very popular with the mom crowd. Who knew?

What I want: Fossil Erin Small Top Zip

What it costs: $98


I LOVE this bag. I have two in the exact same style, but in bright orange and the same black/white print as the Erin Tote I got for Christmas. This bag is my go-to for all-day shopping excursions (or anything that’s going to last all day). I can fit everything I need in it without experiencing any neck/back pain at the end of the day. It’s so slim and compact. I love that the purse sits on my front hip where I can see it, but I can be hands free the whole time I’m shopping. I don’t have to adjust it on my shoulder or try to do any kind of acrobatic balancing act while holding it and whatever I’m perusing in the store.

The biggest complaint other purchasers had was in regard to the cross-body strap not being adjustable. The bag sits right at or a little below my hip, which feels comfortable to me, but might line-up differently if you aren’t 5’4″ like me.

What I Want: Christmas Wishlist — Accessories


What I want: Fossil Erin tote

What it costs: $218 (way too much! I’ll have to wait for the right sale)

I bought a lot of purses when I was in college, but didn’t spend hardly any money on them. I’m trying harder now to buy things that are more classic and somewhat professional. Or maybe just more mature as opposed to something I’d buy in college. Either way, I really like Fossil purses. While I do find them to be pretty expensive, that aren’t as deadly to your wallet as things from Tory Burch, Coach or Louis Vuitton.

While browsing Macy’s on Thanksgiving night, I came across this handbag. Lately I’ve been drawn to bags that I can haul notebooks or folders. My new job will entail a bit of offsite travel for partner meetings, which means I’ll have to have my notes and paperwork in tow. I believe that I’d look very professional walking in with this bag.


What I want: Samsung Galaxy S4 case (I’m linking to my S4 cases Pinterest board)

What it costs: $35-40

While the selection of Samsung phone cases is growing, it’s still nowhere near the options for iPhones. I love browsing through J. Crew’s clearance section on their website and checking out their phone cases, daydreaming that one day they’ll make them available for Samsung. There are a few stores (Best Buy, Amazon) that are starting to sell Samsung S4 cases, but most of them are very…utilitarian looking. Which isn’t what I’m going for. I rarely drop my phone (knock on wood!), so I really just want something pretty. Since J. Crew, Kate Spade, Nordstrom and Lilly Pulitzer only want to design for Apple, I had to search slightly less-known sources.

There are quite a few websites with designs provided by artists that can be printed on almost anything, including Samsung Galaxy S4 cases. The site I spent the most time on was Society 6. I found tons of prints I loved (and then Pinned all of them to my Pinterest board so I’d be able to find them again). I especially love anything with elephants, but I’m also a fan of anything chevron (although I feel like that trend is fading…am I wrong?).


What I want: Puppia dog harness in camo

What it costs: $15-25ish (Amazon.com)

While this isn’t exactly fashion I would wear, I’ve always considered my maltipoo, Digger, an accessory. When I first got Digger, I bought him this camo Puppia harness. Dan is into hunting, so I felt like it was sort of an homage to him. But it was also a play on Digger’s super small size (he was 5-7 pounds — adorable!!) with the tough print of camo. Plus camo print has been in for the last several years, so that didn’t hurt.

I loved this harness and we got so many compliments anytime we took Dig for a walk. Dig also loved the harness, but mostly as a chew toy. Dig was able to get his lower jaw under the neckline of the harness and begin his annihilating chew. It took him awhile, but eventually he tore all the way through where it was no longer usable. Dangit, Dig!

We’ve had a few harnesses from Target since then. They’re fully functional, but nowhere near as adorable as the camo harness from Puppia. I wish I had a pic of Digger in the harness, but alas, I do not. Since I think my dog is the cutest ever, I’m going to throw in a random pic of Dig for your viewing pleasure, even though it’s not related to the harness at all.


Don’t you just want to cuddle with him?!

What I Bought: Black Friday Purse


What I bought: Fossil “Erin leather small top zip crossbody” purse (Macy’s)

What I paid: $44 (it was already on sale, then an additional 25% off as part of Macy’s Black Friday sale)

I have two go-to purses for shopping: a black crossbody bag and a brown crossbody bag. I love crossbody bags because I prefer to have both hands readily available for picking up potential purchases and I hate trying to keep my purse on my shoulder.

Last Christmas, my mom bought me this black Fossil crossbody bag that I’ve been using almost every day since. It has brown details, so if I am too lazy to transfer its contents to a brown bag, it’ll still “go” with that kind of outfit. I also love that I can fit almost everything I could ever need in the purse. Here’s a snapshot of what’s in my purse:


Instead of packing what I will really need, I pack what I will need if all my shopping nightmares happen at the same time.

Michael Kors wristlet: This holds all my credit cards, cash, coupons and my ID.

Pen: Who doesn’t need a pen?

Bobby pins: I have enough bobby pins here for a fancy updo halfway through my shopping excursion. I have no idea why I pack so many.

Eucerin hand lotion: My hands get disgustingly dry, so I need lotion.

Facial tissue: In case the air is cranked and my nose starts to run.

Hand sanitizer: I typically shop at Mall of America. There shouldn’t be any need for further explanation.

Two lipsticks: I maybe wear lipstick once a week — I have no idea why I would need two colors in my purse when I’m shopping. Yet here it is.

Chapstick: I go a little crazy if I’m out and realize I don’t have chapstick with me.

Bandaid variety pack: I’ve gotten blisters from new shoes and paper cuts from shoe boxes — bandaids are a must-have.

Medicine: Cough drops and Excedrin Migraine. The air in shopping malls is usually a little dry for me, which makes my throat hurt. And just being around the general public is typically enough to give me a migraine. Best to be prepared.

The purse itself is fairly heavy, but the weight nearly doubles once I add all these items. Within half an hour, I notice discomfort in my back and tension in my neck and shoulders. I try switching the bag from one side to the other, or adjusting the shoulder strap length so I can carry it with my hand instead. None of these solutions is a long-term help, however.

When I was doing a little after-dinner shopping on Thanksgiving night, I came across the small Fossil purse in the clearance area at Macy’s. There are several zippered pouches, perfect for the actual essentials: chapstick, cell phone, coupons, credit cards/cash, ID, mini bottle of hand lotion, Kleenex tissue, car keys.

The purse itself was extremely lightweight, and I liked the pop of color. Since it was already on sale…and an additional 25% off…and the checkout line was short…and I was carrying a door-buster memory foam pillow…I decided to buy it.

I used it all day yesterday during my true Black Friday shopping and it was great. It was practically weightless and I had ZERO discomfort in my neck, back, shoulders. I’m in love.

I’m sure all the other serious shoppers out there have been using a super small crossbody bag for years — not sure what took me so long to join the party.