What I Want: Neutral Purses

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Summers in Minnesota are far too short, so I’ve been doing my best to take advantage of all the warmth possible. More importantly, I purchased a car in April that wiped out my shopping fund. So for now, the only things I’ll be writing about are wishlist items. First thing on my list: a neutral purse.

As you may remember from Black Friday/Christmas 2013, I bought several awesome Fossil bags. While I absolutely love them, they lean a little more on the bold side of styling. Don’t get me wrong, the colors/patterns are great. But there are days I want something completely safe and neutral.

What I want: Fossil Explorer Tote

What it costs: $238


What I love about this purse — besides the color — is that I could slip all my paperwork in from the office. I think I could even fit my laptop in here. It’s still a slim purse, but would carry all the things I need. I have a few fun and work-related trips coming up over the next couple months — I feel like this would look really good slung over my shoulder while hanging out in the San Fransisco airport, don’t you? 🙂

When I read the reviews on Macy’s website, most people were complaining about the cross-body strap being made of fabric instead of leather. A few people also mentioned the bag was a little heavy. There’s quite a bit of hardware, so I could see that being true.

What I want: Fossil Erin Tote

What is costs: $198 (on sale at Macy’s for $148)


Yes, this is identical to the black/white bag I got for Christmas. But it’s such an awesome bag for work. It fits all my work stuff, but stays streamlined so it doesn’t look like I’m carrying everything I own in it. I removed the cross-body strap and just use the short handles (which fit over my shoulder). In the past, I carried super sized totes that would hold notebooks, folders, paperwork, my laptop, a couple magazines and my lunch. Did I need to carry all those things? No, but my bag was big enough so I felt like I should. This bag stops that. I can carry everything I need, but I’m not tempted to cram a bunch of other stuff in.

People didn’t really complain about this purse. Apparently it’s very popular with the mom crowd. Who knew?

What I want: Fossil Erin Small Top Zip

What it costs: $98


I LOVE this bag. I have two in the exact same style, but in bright orange and the same black/white print as the Erin Tote I got for Christmas. This bag is my go-to for all-day shopping excursions (or anything that’s going to last all day). I can fit everything I need in it without experiencing any neck/back pain at the end of the day. It’s so slim and compact. I love that the purse sits on my front hip where I can see it, but I can be hands free the whole time I’m shopping. I don’t have to adjust it on my shoulder or try to do any kind of acrobatic balancing act while holding it and whatever I’m perusing in the store.

The biggest complaint other purchasers had was in regard to the cross-body strap not being adjustable. The bag sits right at or a little below my hip, which feels comfortable to me, but might line-up differently if you aren’t 5’4″ like me.