Favorite Things: Modcloth Scarf and Coat, Vince Camuto Boots

I have done an amazing job — for me, let’s preface things — in 2016 of not adding to my already overflowing closet. But that’s typically the case — January, February and early March are slow shopping months for me. That’s mostly because I am usually recovering from the major damage I did in November and December. I wasn’t quite as bad this holiday season as I have been in the past. However, I still bought a few things I didn’t need…and here are a few of my favorites. I apologize in advance since two of these are clearly cold-weather-only items.

modcloth blanket scarf | what lindsey likes

What I bought: Blanket scarf from modcloth.com

What I paid: $24.99

I’ve wanted a true blanket scarf for a couple years now, but never followed through with purchasing one. Technically I did buy one from Old Navy, but it wasn’t quite big enough — in my opinion — to be considered a blanket scarf. This one from Mod Cloth was perfect! It’s one of the softest things I’ve ever owned. In a pinch, I would consider using it as an actual blanket, if I had to. A couple complaints: it sheds A LOT. I wore it to a family dinner with a navy blue long sleeve tee and had fibers from the scarf all over the shirt. I’m wearing it here with a heather grey long sleeve tee, which is way better at hiding the shedding. My other complaint is that if you are prone to snagging your clothes on things, this might not be for you. My dog likes to jump up on me all the time, and his claws would catch threads from this and pull them out. No irreversible or noticeable damage yet, but just something to be aware of. Here’s another way you can wear a blanket scarf:

modcloth blanket scarf poncho | what lindsey likes

This is the coziest of the cozy. I love ponchos and I loved wearing this as a poncho. However, while I see tons of people on Pinterest in blanket-scarf-ponchos, I would like to see them in real life. Moving your arms around can be a little tricky. Well, it’s not hard to move my arms, but every time I do, I have to resituate the poncho so it’s laying the way I want it to. I LOVE the idea of belting this — it looks super cute — but only if you’re going to sit in one place without moving at all. Maybe everyone else knows how to do this without issue.

modcloth blanket scarf and vince camuto gravell boots | what lindsey likes

Vince Camuto Gravell boots/booties | what lindsey likes

What I bought: Vince Camuto Gravell Boots (in black and brown — I couldn’t help myself!)

What I paid: $62 (this was a Black Friday weekend sale; they were as much as $109 at Nordstrom)

I am in love with these boots. I decided I needed to start wearing heels. I have no good explanation, other than I do think they look a little dressier. I searched stores high and low, looking for boots that met my qualifications. I ordered seven or eight different pairs of boots over the Black Friday weekend and these were my favorite (I promise I returned all the other ones…except another pair of lower-heeled Vince Camuto booties). I had a bit of an adventure figuring out the right size (these are a size 7, I normally wear a 6) and finding the cheapest price. In the end, Amazon had both my size and a price I was comfortable paying. I love them. I’m looking forward to the streets and sidewalks of MN drying up so I can wear them out and about without worrying about ruining them.

A few complaints, though. The toe-bed on these boots is incredibly narrow, hence the reason I had to go up to a 7. The rest of the boot fits true to size, so I have to wear two pairs of socks (one thick pair and one thin pair) in order to make them work. I think the toe-bed has loosened up a little, but not by much. My other complaint is that the heel is easily scuffed. Part of this is how I bang my feet around when I’m sitting at my desk — lots of fidgeting. This isn’t noticeable as long as you’re wearing longer pants. But if you were going to wear them with leggings or rolled/tucked skinny jeans, it would be noticeable. Maybe no one else cares.

modcloth aztec coat | what lindsey likes

What I bought: ModCloth Aztec-print coat

What I paid: $125

The last thing I need is another coat, but I saw this on a fashion blogger’s site and fell in love. Honestly, when I first got it, I was disappointed — it didn’t seem to be very flattering on me…ha, especially compared to the fashion blogger! But I cinched in the waist a little more (there are drawstrings on the inside) and that helped tremendously. I also like the jacket when it’s buttoned all the way to the top. That might sound weird, but it is what it is. Anyway. This coat is super soft and comfortable. It’s been great for this year’s unseasonably warm winter, but I wouldn’t wear it on any days below 30 degrees. The hood is plenty big for my large head. The coat has pockets too. I fold the pocket flaps inside the pockets — when they’re out, they draw attention to my hips.

modcloth aztec coat | what lindsey likes

I took all of these pictures on the same day. I’m wearing a long-sleeve pocket tee from Old Navy in heather grey and my new favorite flared jeans from Banana Republic Factory.


What I Own: Too Many Jackets

A few years ago, I started a new job that required I wear a jacket almost every day. I bought a ton of jackets just before I started the new job, and then got it stuck in my head that a girl can never have too many jackets. Well, if I had stayed at that company, that could have been true. But I left that job after 6 or 7 months of absolute misery, and joined an organization where jackets were acceptable, for sure, but not really the norm. The organization I work for now is even more casual. Wearing a jacket at my current job means I’ll probably be asked at least once, “Do you have a job interview today?” or “Do you have a big presentation today?”

Thankfully I stopped buying jackets, but I have a very large collection of them collecting dust in my closet. The main reason I don’t wear them? They usually give me headaches. Wearing a jacket feels so constricting — compared to a cardigan — and that generally makes my head start to hurt. I’ve found a few jackets that are made of a knit material, so they’re actually almost as comfortable as a hooded sweatshirt. But, alas, most aren’t like this.

Another reason I don’t wear jackets is because I’m very particular about the shape and how that works for my body. I’m still trying to figure out what works for my pear shape — and probably will be for the rest of my life. Some jackets I’ve purchased seemed great in theory, but then never looked quite right. For example, this jean jacket (or do we call them denim jackets now?) from Gap. (I realize this is not a dressy jacket AT ALL, but it’s a jacket in my collection of jackets.)

gap jean jacket | What Lindsey Likes

I bought this jacket close to 10 years ago. It was on crazy clearance at the Gap store in Madison, Wis. I was shopping with my mom and hadn’t bought anything. I bought this solely so that I didn’t leave the state empty-handed. Aside from standing on the deck outside my house for this photo, I’ve NEVER worn this jacket before. The fit is wrong in every area. The length is too short for my body type, the arms are really long and the body is at least one or two sizes too big.

Gap jean jacket | What Lindsey Likes

It doesn’t help that the shirt I’m wearing is really long in the back. But still, there’s no hope for this jacket. I’ll try to add it to my closet misfits pile and see if I can figure out at least one way to wear it. I’m not optimistic — I think it’ll be moving from the misfit pile to the Goodwill pile.

So short jackets are clearly not what I should be wearing. Yet I kept buying them for such a long time. This next jacket is still kind of short, but it’s shape makes up for it. I don’t think it’s perfect with this shirt because this shirt is so long in the back, but it goes with quite a few other tops that I have. Plus, most importantly, this is one of those hooded-sweatshirt-material jackets.

Target jacket | What Lindsey Likes

Oh, by the way, I’m blonde now.

This jacket is an improvement over the jean jacket because it has an actual shape. The zipper detail cuts in a little, giving me an actual waist. There’s also some strategically placed darting to make it look a little more feminine. I LOVE this jacket. However, like I said earlier, this shirt is too long, so this probably isn’t an outfit I’d wear. Ha, yet I’m comfortable posting in on my blog.

Target jacket with too long shirt | What Lindsey Likes

This next jacket is awesome because it’s longer than any other jacket I’ve ever seen. I saw a former coworker wearing it once and basically tackled her to the ground to ask where she got it. The jacket is made by Gibson, and is available at both Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. I bought this one and an identical black one from Nordstrom Rack. I know that I ordered a few additional colors/prints from Nordstrom’s website, but the sizing wasn’t quite the same, so they went back.

Grey Gibson jacket | What Lindsey Likes

So this jacket is a bit deceptive. It LOOKS like the same hoodie material at the green one, but it’s only like that on the outside. The inside is lined like regular suit jackets are, which defeats the whole purpose! So it looks like it’d be crazy comfortable, but it’s not. Plus it’s dry clean only. Worst thing ever! I still love how it looks, though. I love the length and the darting.

Grey Gibson jacket | What Lindsey Likes

This post’s final jacket is on the longer side too, but not quite as long as the Gibson. This jacket came from New York & Company. It was incredibly cheap, and was another purchase that was made solely because I didn’t want to leave the mall empty-handed.

Leopard print jacket | What Lindsey Likes

It’s a straighter fit than the previous two jackets, but that’s OK. It’s still slim enough to give me a little shape rather than just being a box like the jean jacket was.

Leopard print jacket | What Lindsey Likes

I never mentioned the shirt I’m wearing today. I bought this sleeveless top from Banana Republic this weekend. It was originally $55, on sale for $29, plus an extra 50% off, making it $15ish. I had an Old Navy rewards certificate that needed to be spent, so I bought this and a few other things for what amounted to $10. The top might look polka-dotted in these photos, but it’s actually like a mesh. Ha, a classy mesh, if you can believe it. I bought the size small, and as you can see from the photos it’s still fairly large. I tried on the ‘small petite’ size, but it was a lot shorter without much change in the fit of the body. The arm holes are ridiculously large on me, so it’s safe to say I’ll never wear this without a jacket or cardigan unless I’m commuting — alone — to and from work on a warm day.

Sorry for the mixture of headless and head-ful photos. The wind was CRAZY when I took these pictures. My hair was everywhere, namely in my face. Wind is my least favorite element of weather.



What I’m Wearing: Thanksgiving Option 2

In my last Thanksgiving outfit post, I wanted everyone to look at me and think, “Wow, did Lindsey just come from a November calendar photo shoot?” While I think that’s a great look to have, I don’t want to dismiss any cute outfits just because they don’t scream cornucopia. So today’s post will be a bit more open-minded.

Like I said last time, I love my Old Navy pixie pants, and I flat-out said I’d talk about them in another post. This is that post.

I’m loving the grey pair I bought. They feel like another neutral color (like black and navy), but they are somehow more fun. Not sure too many people would describe grey as fun, but I feel like since it’s not black, navy or khaki, it instantly gets to be labeled fun. Let’s be honest, my standards for fun aren’t that high. Moving on.

I think these pants would look great with all of the top options from my first post (except the camel brown sweater from Gap). They go with all of the Old Navy chiffon tops I have: cream, black, teal, pink. For Thanksgiving, I think my favorite chiffon top pairing (because who doesn’t have a favorite chiffon top pairing?) would be the grey pants and teal top, then a form fitting black cardigan.

pixie pants

I’m not sure what color of necklace to wear. I typically love wearing a gold necklace with this teal top, but I’m not feeling the gold necklace with grey pants today. That doesn’t really make any sense because I actually love gold with grey in almost every other instance. But the teal is throwing me off, I think. These silver necklaces from Banana Republic should do the trick.

banana republic necklaces

While I like the teal top, I also really like the color cream for Thanksgiving. This top is from the Jennifer Lopez line from Kohl’s. Overall it’s a cute top…but the sleeves remind me of the Pirate Shirt from that episode of Seinfeld. The sleeves have a lot of poof going on at the wrists…so I only wear the shirt with a sweater over it. I’ve tried rolling the sleeves in the past, but the chiffon fabric doesn’t seem to hold very well. For Thanksgiving, I liked the idea of the cream shirt with this Mossimo (Target) maroon cardigan. It’s all really simple, but I love the maroon and grey together. I think any of my gold necklaces would go with this outfit, but I chose this gold leaf necklace from Forever 21.

cream-grey-maroonWhich one do you like best?

Again, since I’d be wearing pixie pants, socks won’t work with the outfit. In this case, though, I think a simple pair of black house slippers would suffice.

What I’m Wearing: Thanksgiving Option 1

In general, I hate trying to pick an outfit for a special occasion. There’s too much pressure. Am I dressy enough? Am I too dressy? Does this color of pink work with my skin tone? Does this scarf look like it’s strangling me? Will this outfit make me sweat? Are these pants going to dig into my stomach and make me feel sick within 30 minutes?

So many questions.

Every Thanksgiving, I tell myself that I’m going to find the perfect balance of pulled together and comfortable. But then every year comes, and even if I had picked out something to wear, I change my mind that day and then go through my entire closet trying to find something. Not this year! This year I’m going to come up with several fool-proof outfits that would be perfect for Thanksgiving.

Comfort is most important. I plan to eat a lot, and I need a waistline that’s going to allow me to do it without punishing me for my poor choices later in the day when I’m sitting on the couch. (Or — gasp! — makes me feel too sick to shop!) I need a waistband that will expand with me while I’m on my third helping of my favorite homemade mac and cheese; my second plateful of mashed potatoes and pool of gravy; my third piece of pie (with ice cream, no less). Enter the Old Navy Pixie Pants.

Earlier this fall, I bought a few pairs of Old Navy’s Pixie Pants. I wrote about them here, and I said I wasn’t sure they were worth it. Well apparently I decided they were worth it, because I bought two pairs. While I’m not confident they will last more than two years as far as quality goes, I truly love them. So today’s post will feature the red pair, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if another post features the other pair I bought (or possibly even the pair I bought last spring).

old navy pixie pantSo there are tons of things I can wear with these red pixie pants – they’re adorable with almost all of my button-down shirts – but I’m looking for something that screams fall/Thanksgiving/cornucopias/the real deal. I want to look like I just came from a November calendar photo shoot.

Before I go any further, let me first explain how this need to “look super fall” is all for nothing. My Thanksgiving meal is not going to be with 100 people, all of whom are stylists. I’m just hanging out with my parents, my brother, his fiancée and Dan. So why I’m putting this much thought into it, I don’t know. But here I am.

OK, so “November calendar photo shoot” is the look I’m going for. Red seems like a pretty safe fall color, but these pants are a pretty vibrant red, so the wrong top could be VERY wrong. I feel like brown of some kind would be cute. Sounds pretty “fall” to me. A chocolate brown would have been really pretty, but I don’t have anything in chocolate brown. How I don’t have anything in chocolate brown, I don’t know. I swear I used to live in chocolate brown clothes – I’m not sure where they all went. Either way, they aren’t hanging in my closet today.

I bought a camel turtleneck sweater from Gap a couple years ago. I loved it when I first bought it and wore it once a week every week pretty consistently for a few months. Ever since we moved into our house, though, and I’ve washed it in our new washing machine, it hasn’t been the same. It pills like that’s its job, and anything that’s in the washer with it is covered in fuzz/fibers. I haven’t worn it in almost a year because I don’t want to have to wash it again (I’ll just have to hand wash it, I guess). Anyway, if I can clean up the pilling, I think this shirt could work. However, it’s a pretty warm sweater, so the chances of overheating are relatively high. Also, it’s not as long as I’d like, especially for the bum support-lacking pixie pants. Gap doesn’t have my exact turtleneck for sale right now, but I found this one, and this one (pictured below). I might actually have to buy the one pictured below tomorrow because it would be perfect!

My sweater is a couple years old...but this one would be perfect! Love that it's a tunic!

My sweater is a couple years old…but this one would be perfect! Love that it’s a tunic!

I also have this cream chiffon top (similar to this one pictured below) I bought from Old Navy last year. This is one of my favorite purchases. It’s nearly identical to the chiffon tops I bought earlier this fall during a one-day wonder sale, but what I like better about this top is that it doesn’t have a collar and only buttons halfway down the shirt instead of all the way.

Banana Republic Silk Pullover BlouseI also think cream will look better than white. White feels too harsh right now. However, I think I’d love white closer to Christmas when there’s snow on the ground. That could be a super cute December calendar photo shoot outfit. I’ll remember that for a December post.

So I love the top from Old Navy, but I bought it in a Tall size, which makes the length perfect, but makes the torso just a bit billowy. I think it needs a sweater or cardigan to go with it. I have this darker cream sweater that has gold threads running through it that I know will look cute with the Old Navy top. How do I know they’ll look cute together? Because they were the co-stars of my NYE 2013 look (which unfortunately was only seen by Dan and a few restaurant patrons because I was too sick to go to the party we were invited to). Anyway. The two-shirt combo might be a little warm, so there’s a chance for sweating, but I think my parents usually set their thermostat to something super cold, so I’ll survive.

Which of these do you like best?

I need your help! The pixie pants are super cute and everything, but they would look horrible with socks. That means I’ll be walking around barefoot in the house (we’re a “no shoes in the house” kind of family – more on that later). How do we feel about being barefoot? Typically I’ve been fine with that, but something about it seems wrong. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and older people equate being barefoot with living ‘fancy free’ and not being serious? Either way, I’m thinking I should wear some kind of slipper or something. Any recommendations for cute house slippers? And what color should I get? Are house slippers like high heels – if I got a nude color, would it elongate the look of my leg? Ha! Just kidding. Unless you think it would, then I would totally do it.

What I Bought: Accessories

all2What I bought: Lots and lots of necklaces

What I paid: On average, about $15 per necklace.

I have a problem. It’s called clearance sales.

Banana Republic had a sale on their sale stuff and I just couldn’t refuse. I bought a couple sweaters, but spent a majority of my time in their accessories section. I already have too many necklaces, but most of them are items I purchased in college. Not all of those purchases were bad, necessarily, but my style has changed. I think I’m also trying to shape my style “persona.” My goal this weekend is to sort all my jewelry and take everything that doesn’t “fit” me to my local Goodwill store.


I love this necklace, yet it’s the only one I haven’t worn yet. All the tops I wore last week were too busy for this. I think it’ll be perfect for a plain black or white t-shirt. Maybe a chambray top…but we’ll have to see. Ha, it’ll probably become one of those things that I LOVE but never, ever wear. No! I will not let that happen.


This one is classy, but subtle. Seriously, I am way into gold jewelry right now.


These will go with everything. I’m not sure if you can tell from the pic, but some of the chain links have little strips of what is supposed to look like leather wrapped along the inside. Love it. I’ve worn the gold one several times already — it’s a great piece to layer with other gold necklaces, which as I just mentioned, I happen to have.


Pretty. The one on the left is silver with grey-blue beads. The one on the right is more of a rose gold color. I’m pretty sure BR had this one in straight-up gold too.

allMore pretty.

I also happened to have a $15 store credit to Forever21, and figured I could pick up a few necklaces there that might pair well with my new BR pieces. I only found a couple that I liked, and the total for both was less than $5. (Seriously!) While I wouldn’t describe them as super classy or professional, I think they’re adorable.