Favorite Things: Modcloth Scarf and Coat, Vince Camuto Boots

I have done an amazing job — for me, let’s preface things — in 2016 of not adding to my already overflowing closet. But that’s typically the case — January, February and early March are slow shopping months for me. That’s mostly because I am usually recovering from the major damage I did in November and December. I wasn’t quite as bad this holiday season as I have been in the past. However, I still bought a few things I didn’t need…and here are a few of my favorites. I apologize in advance since two of these are clearly cold-weather-only items.

modcloth blanket scarf | what lindsey likes

What I bought: Blanket scarf from modcloth.com

What I paid: $24.99

I’ve wanted a true blanket scarf for a couple years now, but never followed through with purchasing one. Technically I did buy one from Old Navy, but it wasn’t quite big enough — in my opinion — to be considered a blanket scarf. This one from Mod Cloth was perfect! It’s one of the softest things I’ve ever owned. In a pinch, I would consider using it as an actual blanket, if I had to. A couple complaints: it sheds A LOT. I wore it to a family dinner with a navy blue long sleeve tee and had fibers from the scarf all over the shirt. I’m wearing it here with a heather grey long sleeve tee, which is way better at hiding the shedding. My other complaint is that if you are prone to snagging your clothes on things, this might not be for you. My dog likes to jump up on me all the time, and his claws would catch threads from this and pull them out. No irreversible or noticeable damage yet, but just something to be aware of. Here’s another way you can wear a blanket scarf:

modcloth blanket scarf poncho | what lindsey likes

This is the coziest of the cozy. I love ponchos and I loved wearing this as a poncho. However, while I see tons of people on Pinterest in blanket-scarf-ponchos, I would like to see them in real life. Moving your arms around can be a little tricky. Well, it’s not hard to move my arms, but every time I do, I have to resituate the poncho so it’s laying the way I want it to. I LOVE the idea of belting this — it looks super cute — but only if you’re going to sit in one place without moving at all. Maybe everyone else knows how to do this without issue.

modcloth blanket scarf and vince camuto gravell boots | what lindsey likes

Vince Camuto Gravell boots/booties | what lindsey likes

What I bought: Vince Camuto Gravell Boots (in black and brown — I couldn’t help myself!)

What I paid: $62 (this was a Black Friday weekend sale; they were as much as $109 at Nordstrom)

I am in love with these boots. I decided I needed to start wearing heels. I have no good explanation, other than I do think they look a little dressier. I searched stores high and low, looking for boots that met my qualifications. I ordered seven or eight different pairs of boots over the Black Friday weekend and these were my favorite (I promise I returned all the other ones…except another pair of lower-heeled Vince Camuto booties). I had a bit of an adventure figuring out the right size (these are a size 7, I normally wear a 6) and finding the cheapest price. In the end, Amazon had both my size and a price I was comfortable paying. I love them. I’m looking forward to the streets and sidewalks of MN drying up so I can wear them out and about without worrying about ruining them.

A few complaints, though. The toe-bed on these boots is incredibly narrow, hence the reason I had to go up to a 7. The rest of the boot fits true to size, so I have to wear two pairs of socks (one thick pair and one thin pair) in order to make them work. I think the toe-bed has loosened up a little, but not by much. My other complaint is that the heel is easily scuffed. Part of this is how I bang my feet around when I’m sitting at my desk — lots of fidgeting. This isn’t noticeable as long as you’re wearing longer pants. But if you were going to wear them with leggings or rolled/tucked skinny jeans, it would be noticeable. Maybe no one else cares.

modcloth aztec coat | what lindsey likes

What I bought: ModCloth Aztec-print coat

What I paid: $125

The last thing I need is another coat, but I saw this on a fashion blogger’s site and fell in love. Honestly, when I first got it, I was disappointed — it didn’t seem to be very flattering on me…ha, especially compared to the fashion blogger! But I cinched in the waist a little more (there are drawstrings on the inside) and that helped tremendously. I also like the jacket when it’s buttoned all the way to the top. That might sound weird, but it is what it is. Anyway. This coat is super soft and comfortable. It’s been great for this year’s unseasonably warm winter, but I wouldn’t wear it on any days below 30 degrees. The hood is plenty big for my large head. The coat has pockets too. I fold the pocket flaps inside the pockets — when they’re out, they draw attention to my hips.

modcloth aztec coat | what lindsey likes

I took all of these pictures on the same day. I’m wearing a long-sleeve pocket tee from Old Navy in heather grey and my new favorite flared jeans from Banana Republic Factory.


What I’m Wearing: Lounge Clothes

I spend a lot of time at home. I enjoy seeing my friends, family and coworkers…but I also really, really enjoy seeing my dog and Netflix shows. While the clothes I wear to work and social gatherings are perfectly fine, they aren’t something I would choose to wear while settling in for a Netflix binge-watching sesh. And I know I’m not alone — I’ve seen so many posts on Facebook about switching into elastic-waist pants the second we get home from work. #storyofmylife

So many stores carry lounge clothes now. I’m not sure that lounge clothes have been “reinvented” — they’re still elastic-waisted sweatpants. But they seem less frumpy than what typically comes to mind when I think about sweat pants. Ha, or maybe I’m just telling myself that. While stores like Nordstrom have lots of super cute lounge wear options, I just can’t. I want to look relatively cute while I’m lounging, but not to the point where I’m spending more money on pants for my Making a Murderer binge than pants for a luncheon.

Enter Old Navy.

This probably isn’t a surprise, since Old Navy is my go-to for lots of things, especially workout clothes. But they have great basics in a variety of colors. More importantly, they always have sales. And if you have their credit card, like me, you might also have a pile of rewards certificates to use, especially if you used your card a lot during the holidays, like me.

Here are some of my favorite recent lounge-wear purchases:

Old Navy Button Front Jersey Leggings | What Lindsey Likes

The Old Navy button-front jersey leggings. There are probably the most comfortable pants ever. The material is super soft; however, the material is also incredibly thin. I wear these with bum-covering t-shirts or hoodies only, and inside the privacy of my own home only. They are also incredibly fitted, hence the name “leggings.” I noticed mine stretched out a bit after a few wears, especially around the knees.

Old Navy French Terry Lounge Leggings | What Lindsey Likes

The Old Navy french-terry lounge legging. (Sorry, ladies, these are sold out online!) These are also super comfortable but also super fitted. This pair and the next three are all part of Old Navy’s french-terry pants. They are slightly thicker than the leggings above, but not so much that they cause you to overheat. When I took these out of the package (online order), they felt SO SOFT. I’m interested to see how they fare after several rounds through the washer and dryer.

One complaint about all of the french-terry pants: the waist stretches out quite a bit. There is a drawstring, but that sort of defeats the purpose of the elastic waist — the elastic is supposed to hug you just the right amount to keep your pants up but keep you comfortable after eating half a bag of Doritos. Amiright?!

Old Navy French Terry Lounge Pants | What Lindsey LikesThe Old Navy french-terry lounge pants. Mega comfortable and more figure-flattering than the leggings style, at least for my body shape.

Old Navy French Terry Sweatpants | What Lindsey Likes

The Old Navy french-terry sweatpants. Like all the other pants, these are crazy comfortable. The leg is slim fitting, but not skintight like the two leggings I featured earlier.

Are these groundbreaking products? No. But if you’re looking for more lounge pants that won’t break the bank, I highly recommend them. They’re all on sale right now, and chances are they will all be on sale again next week, and the week after, and the week after.

White House Black Market Saint Honore Essential Slim Jeans

white house black market saint honore essential slim jeans review

What I bought: White House Black Market Saint Honore Essential Slim Jeans

What I paid: $78 (ugh, full price)

As I age, it seems like my body composition is…shifting. That’s the only way I can describe it. My weight hasn’t changed much, but the way my clothes fit has. Including my jeans.

On my birthday, I went to Mall of America to make some returns. As I was headed out, I decided to stop in White House Black Market and check out their jeans. I was instantly greeted by a sales person who found me a couple items, escorted me to the dressing room and then held me hostage in the dressing room for two hours. TWO HOURS. I’m assuming I tried on everything in the store.

In the end, I chose a pile of things to buy, then returned almost all of it a week later. White House Black Market has some cute stuff…but they also have some expensive stuff. The only items I kept were two pairs of jeans: the slim style, which I’ll talk about today, and a flare style that I’ll talk about in another post.

Primp Vest with White House Black Market Essential Slim Jeans

Primp Vest with White House Black Market Essential Slim Jeans | What Lindsey Likes

Primp Vest with White House Black Market Essential Slim Jeans | What Lindsey Likes

I’m wearing the jeans here with a vest I bought at a local store called Primp. I’m IN LOVE with it. I saw it on Primp’s Instagram account and then daydreamed about it for two days. I’m wearing it with a light blue/chambray button down from Gap (one of their boyfriend-style shirts) that I’ve had for a few years.

I want to say that I like these jeans…but they stretch generously in the waist. I didn’t take any photos to illustrate it, but let’s just say I could fit at least a half-gallon jug of milk in the waist. I may or may not have tried to do that just to see. It was an empty jug, if that makes this any less weird. It’s probably more weird to think about me wandering around my house for objects I could fit in my waist. Welcome to my world.

Anyway, my point is that the jeans stretch. A LOT. And they do it quickly. I put these on after washing and air-drying them. Within 10 minutes of standing around, they had stretched. No sitting, no lunges, no squats — just standing. Most jeans for me will take an hour or two to stretch, and that’s after doing some sitting. Not the case for these jeans from White House Black Market. The legs didn’t stretch much, though, so there’s that.

When I read the reviews on White House Black Market’s website, the reviews for this pair of jeans were pretty positive…but it looks like White House Black Market has a new color or style of essential slim that has next to no stretch, and everyone complained about how uncomfortable they are. I personally prefer the dark wash of the other jeans better than what I have — mine have some whiskering. I know that some people say whiskering is flattering, but I don’t think that’s true for people with pear-shape proportions.

Old Navy striped turtleneck with White House Black Market Saint Honore Essential Slim Jeans | What Lindsey Likes

And one more outfit, this time with a striped turtleneck from Old Navy and a leopard print scarf from Express.

I bought these jeans in the regular length — they’re way too long for me, so I roll them under.

I guess I’m on the fence with these jeans. They stretch so much that it makes it sort of hard to wear them on days where I’ll be really active. For example, I wore them while on vacation with my mom and was constantly pulling them up and readjusting my shirts with them. When I’ve worn them to work, it wasn’t so bad because I was mostly sitting or standing at my desk all day.

I do like the way they make my legs look — they are a skinny style but aren’t skin-tight around my calves. I could have the waist taken in, but have had a couple bad experiences with that.

Next time, I think I’d buy a pair and bring them home for a wear-test. Somehow I thought that because they were more expensive than my regular jeans, they wouldn’t stretch as much as others. Stupid, Lindsey! I’ve learned my lesson this time.

What I Made: Cheesy Cauliflower Breadsticks and Pizza

For the last few months (or years, if we include starts, stops, failures, etc.), I’ve been trying to overhaul my diet. As part of my mission to get rid of my headaches, I’d been going to a chiropractor and acupuncturist (for cupping). I’ve noticed some improvements with lower back pain as a result of the chiropractor, but it’s too hard to say whether it’s helped with my headaches. Cupping seemed to help with the headaches initially, but then everything went back to normal. Ugh.

As part of my work with my acupuncturist, she asked me to track my diet, just in case she noticed any food triggers. She didn’t, but what she did notice was that I had a horrible diet abundant in processed foods. I believe her exact words were, “You aren’t getting any nutrients. Like zero. Zero nutrients.”

This wasn’t a shock to me at all. But I’m a people-pleaser and overachiever, so I decided to actually work on my diet (in order to please my acupuncturist). I started knocking out the processed foods and adding vegetables instead. I’m not pretending that I’ve eliminated all processed foods from my diet, but it’s considerably less than what it used to be.

My acupuncturist’s next goal for me was to go gluten-free. Even though I don’t have celiac disease, she said there’s a chance that I could still be experiencing an adverse reaction to gluten, and that could be contributing to my headaches.

This terrified me. I LOVE gluten. OK, not the actual gluten, but basically all the foods that contain gluten: pasta, bread (in all its forms), cereal, etc. As much as I wanted to please my acupuncturist, it just felt too overwhelming to me. I tried to cut it in most parts of my diet, but couldn’t commit to 100%. And what I’ve learned is that if you aren’t 100%, it’s not really doing anything to help.

Well, I mean it is cutting a lot of calories from your diet — what I mean is that you won’t know the benefits of being gluten-free unless you are 100% gluten-free for a month. Somehow a month sounds like so much time!

But what’s ridiculous to me is that I was willing to go to doctors and get whatever prescriptions made up of who knows what that would do who knows what to my body, rather than just make better food choices that would possibly relieve me of a headache pain while also just making me healthier in general. Even though I was cognitively aware of this, changing my diet sounded so much harder than popping a pill or two.

Then I read the book Wheat Belly, written by a Wisconsin doctor, William Davis. Aspects of the book were new pieces of information to me, and obviously I can’t verify that everything is factual, but what it said made sense to me. And more importantly, it was compelling enough to make me want to really change my diet.

So I’ve started to cut wheat from my diet. I’m not 100% there yet, but probably somewhere between 60 and 70 percent. I’m eating gluten-free cereals for breakfast (eventually I’d like to stop eating cereal entirely, but I can’t get there yet). I’m substituting all my sandwich bread with lettuce. Are one or two big pieces of lettuce as tasty as two pieces of bread? Not exactly, but honestly, I’m focusing on filling the ‘sandwich’ with really good stuff, so the lack of a bun hasn’t been that horrible. And when I remind myself that I’m saving approximately 200 calories by skipping the bread, I’m super happy with myself.

Pizza is one of my favorite foods. I tried a gluten-free frozen pizza from Target a few weeks ago that was OK…but not that great, and not worth the price (for me). I’ve seen cauliflower pizza crusts on Pinterest, but had never tried it.

That’s a lie. I bought cauliflower once in order to try it, but never did it and ended up throwing a rotting head of cauliflower in the trash.

But today I decided to do it. I used the recipe on the blog Jo Cooks for cheesy cauliflower breadsticks. This made a huge batch, so I’d recommend halving it if you’re trying it for the first time.

Cheesy Cauliflower Cheesesticks | What Lindsey Likes

Was it as good as gluten-full pizza? No. But it did turn out better than I expected. Worse than I had hoped, but better than I expected. I made one set of cheesesticks and one pepperoni pizza. You’ll notice I didn’t include any sauce on the pizza — I was afraid it would make the crust mega mushy. So I just dipped the pizza in a side of sauce, like I did for the cheesesticks.

Cauliflower Pepperoni Pizza | What Lindsey Likes

Will I make this again? Eh, I don’t know. It was a lot of work for this lazy girl: Wash the cauliflower, chop it up, put it in a food processor/blender to really pulverize it, steam it in the microwave for 10 minutes, mix it with a crap-town of cheese and other ingredients, etc. The amount of money I spent on cheese alone for this recipe was probably close to the cost (or more expensive than) a frozen pizza. I realize a frozen pizza has gluten, and that’s the whole reason for making this, but it was a lot of work and not cheap…so I’d probably look into other recipes in case there’s an easier/cheaper version.

Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray Dupe

Back in January, I ditched my long locks for a cute wavy bob. I’ve stuck with it ever since — I still absolutely love it. It took me awhile to master the wavy style that I wanted, but I eventually figured it out. The MVP of my hair styling was the Oribe Thick Dry Finishing spray.

oribe thick dry finishing spray | whatlindseylikes

Oribe’s thick dry finishing spray is kind of amazing. I mentioned back in January that it was kind of a miracle product: hairspray, volumizer and dry shampoo all in one. Here’s how I used it: after washing my hair, I’d let it mostly air dry, spritz in a little sea salt spray, blow dry with a diffuser and curl. Then I’d lift a few sections and spray the Oribe thick dry finishing spray at my roots, then ruffle the area with my fingers for volume. I’d also spray all my curls/waves and scrunch.

My style would last basically all day. If I noticed things looking flat, I’d ruffle my hands at my scalp to up the volume.

I’ve had some issues with my curls holding lately, but I think it’s a sign that I need a trim to fix up the layers more so than an error on the product’s end.

OK, so I love this product, but I don’t love the budget-busting price: $39 (5.3 ounces). I can find it on Amazon and other sites for maybe a couple bucks off, but nothing major.

When my can of Oribe was out, I cried a little, then Googled dupes for the product. (Note: “dupe” means “cheaper alternative.”) I found two options, one from Oscar Blandi ($24 for 4 ounces) and one from Garnier Fructis ($3.49 for 3.8 ounces).

I obviously went for the cheaper version: Garnier Fructis De-Constructed Texture Tease Hairspray (available at drugstores).

garnier fructis de-constructed texture tease spray | whatlindseylikes

I’ve used it three times now — using the same method as with the Oribe spray. This product is almost as awesome as the Oribe spray. The Garnier Fructis De-Constructed Texture Tease spray has a stronger, stiffer hold than the Oribe spray. One thing I loved about the Oribe spray was that my hair was still touchable. The Garnier product makes my hair a little crunchier…but not mega crunchy. I’m happy with the volume and its ability to maintain my curls. The scent is OK…not bad, but not as awesome as the Oribe spray.

Based on my experience so far, I would repurchase the Garnier product, rather than the Oribe. I love Oribe’s spray, but just can’t rationalize the price.

What I Bought: Old Navy Haul

Hi friends! I did a bit of shopping at Old Navy last weekend. I had several rewards certificates to use, and I did an amazing job of spending as little of my own money as possible. Here’s what I bought:


What I Bought: Old Navy Fireworks-print linen blend sundress

What I Paid: $32.94 (although I had a rewards certificate, so it ended up being like 50 cents!)

My shopping excursion this weekend was all about securing an outfit for the 4th. This fireworks-print dress might be a little overboard, but it’s super cute and, more importantly, super comfortable. I have plenty of non-overboard outfits I could wear…it will most likely be a game-time decision.


What I Bought: Old Navy Go-Dry compression capris

What I Paid: $9.99 (on sale – regular price is $27; with my reward certificate, the price was closer to 10 cents)

I love Old Navy’s activewear more than any other store’s workout gear. First, it’s super comfortable (I’m assuming most other brands’ activewear is comfortable too). Second, and more important, it’s super inexpensive. Their clothes are so cute and you don’t have to spend a fortune, which seems to be the only option for me when all I’m going to do is sweat profusely while wearing them. OK, and the occasional get-together with a friend. Good thing their clothes are so cute! The pair I have featured here isn’t the exact pair I bought — I’m assuming mine are sold out online and on clearance in stores.


What I bought: Old Navy burnout tank

What I paid: $1.97!!! (original price – $15; my price was closer to 5 cents with my reward certificate)

Um, so I can’t really resist an item of clothing that’s priced under $2. Like I said earlier, Old Navy’s activewear is comfortable, inexpensive and cute. Love love love. I bought two of these (but in a light blue color — it was the only color on sale in the store when I was shopping), as well as another one in a slightly different style that was $4.50.

When the cashier totaled up my purchase and redeemed my reward certificate, my total was $1.50!! What an awesome deal! It did take me at least 20 minutes of pacing the store while doing math in my head to get as close to my certificate amount as possible. While this isn’t something to brag about, I’m going to brag anyway: I was able to get my total purchase price down to 34 cents a year ago. I’m an amazing Old Navy shopper. It’s a gift.

Who I Am: Still a Child

Our bed doesn’t have a headboard. I feel like this is the last thing holding me back from being a full-on adult. I send out Christmas cards – how very adult of me. I have multiple sets of mixing bowls to accommodate all the home cooking I do now – mega adult-like. I bought a La-Z-Boy recliner – OK, that might be more than adult. Not like inappropriate, but like geriatric.

Our master bedroom decor has always been pathetic. We still have IKEA dressers and nightstands. I actually love them, so I’m not annoyed that we have them. But I’m confident that as an adult, I’m supposed to have something classier than MALM dressers. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with them. I hate them because I’ve had them for FOREVER but I love how they look and function. Plus, they were way less expensive than what I’d find at most stores, and I prefer this style to what’s available at most furniture stores. We don’t give house tours that include our bedroom, so no one knows. Whoops, now all of you know and I’m sure you’re judging me hardcore for it. You’re probably more likely to judge me for my overuse of words like hardcore and mega. Oh well.

Dan and I have no wall art on the walls. In fact, the only wall art currently up in our house is a weird Ducks Unlimited painting that Dan randomly hung in our bathroom. I wouldn’t describe it as my style, but I also don’t care, so if that’s what he wants, go for it. Even when we lived in our modern condo, we had zero wall hangings. I think it has something to do with housing never feeling permanent. I’m still too close in age to my annual apartment moves, where I never lived anywhere for more than a year and never hung anything since I’d have to fill in the nail holes (with toothpaste, of course) to get my security deposit back.

I also don’t have any trust in my decorating taste. Even though most stores have nothing but super adorable options — seriously, places like Target, TJ Maxx and Home Goods are making it nearly impossible to do a bad job of decorating — I would still somehow pick the worst items, or combine good items with the wrong things and make a bunch of cute pieces look ridiculous.

Our house is also in a state of renovation. It’s hard to decorate when I plan to change every room in the near future anyway. However, “near future” seems to be a relative term for me, that could mean a few months or a few years. Once our family room is finished (maybe by the middle or end of the summer?), I will start decorating. Maybe the excitement from finishing that room will inspire me to tackle a few others.

I don’t know how everyone else does it. I’m going to assume they are all just more adult-ish than me and want their home to feel more, well, homey. Maybe everyone else started accumulating cute home decor in college or immediately after college? I seriously have nothing except for stacks and stacks of picture frames I bought throughout college. And only a few of those frames actually have pictures in them. I don’t think I have a single picture frame with picture anywhere on display in the house. Am I missing some kind of decorating gene?