What I Bought: Old Navy Haul

Hi friends! I did a bit of shopping at Old Navy last weekend. I had several rewards certificates to use, and I did an amazing job of spending as little of my own money as possible. Here’s what I bought:


What I Bought: Old Navy Fireworks-print linen blend sundress

What I Paid: $32.94 (although I had a rewards certificate, so it ended up being like 50 cents!)

My shopping excursion this weekend was all about securing an outfit for the 4th. This fireworks-print dress might be a little overboard, but it’s super cute and, more importantly, super comfortable. I have plenty of non-overboard outfits I could wear…it will most likely be a game-time decision.


What I Bought: Old Navy Go-Dry compression capris

What I Paid: $9.99 (on sale – regular price is $27; with my reward certificate, the price was closer to 10 cents)

I love Old Navy’s activewear more than any other store’s workout gear. First, it’s super comfortable (I’m assuming most other brands’ activewear is comfortable too). Second, and more important, it’s super inexpensive. Their clothes are so cute and you don’t have to spend a fortune, which seems to be the only option for me when all I’m going to do is sweat profusely while wearing them. OK, and the occasional get-together with a friend. Good thing their clothes are so cute! The pair I have featured here isn’t the exact pair I bought — I’m assuming mine are sold out online and on clearance in stores.


What I bought: Old Navy burnout tank

What I paid: $1.97!!! (original price – $15; my price was closer to 5 cents with my reward certificate)

Um, so I can’t really resist an item of clothing that’s priced under $2. Like I said earlier, Old Navy’s activewear is comfortable, inexpensive and cute. Love love love. I bought two of these (but in a light blue color — it was the only color on sale in the store when I was shopping), as well as another one in a slightly different style that was $4.50.

When the cashier totaled up my purchase and redeemed my reward certificate, my total was $1.50!! What an awesome deal! It did take me at least 20 minutes of pacing the store while doing math in my head to get as close to my certificate amount as possible. While this isn’t something to brag about, I’m going to brag anyway: I was able to get my total purchase price down to 34 cents a year ago. I’m an amazing Old Navy shopper. It’s a gift.


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