What I Wore: Easter Sunday

When I lived in states other than Minnesota, I thought of Easter Sunday as one of those first weekend days where t-shirts and shorts could be a permanent part of the wardrobe, at least for the next five or six months. In Minnesota, it rarely means that. It typically means that while you are crazy-deep into your spring fever, and that t-shirts have been worn a couple random times as a tease rather than a part of your regular wardrobe for a few weeks.

Yet I still chose to wear warm-weather clothes on Easter as a way to tell Minnesota weather, “You can’t break me!” The blustery wind that day was Minnesota weather’s response, “Don’t push me.”

J. Crew Factory floral shirt | whatlindseylikes

I got this beautiful floral top from J. Crew Factory a few weeks ago (on the same shopping trip when I purchased the two J. Crew Factory necklaces). It was on sale, with an additional 50% off…so I couldn’t really stop myself. I love that it’s a little longer in the back. The pants are from Levi’s and the shoes are from J. Crew (several years old). I actually can’t wear the shoes for longer than 15 or 20 minutes. They are just slightly too small. Somehow they fit perfectly in the store…and then never again. I bought more than one pair of shoes from J. Crew that day, amounting to lots of wasted money and shoes that sit in my closet. I’ll probably never allow myself to buy J. Crew shoes again, which is unfortunate because they’re adorable. But also OK because they are more expensive than I’d prefer to spend.

I think I’ve heard that you can stretch leather shoes if you need to…I should Pinterest-search that sometime…

Easter was a dreary day, so I expected the lighting to be perfect for taking photos. Somehow I still managed to use the wrong settings on my camera, so even after some editing, this shirt isn’t showing up true-to-color when I’m outside. Since I was layering a couple necklaces and wanted a good shot of that, I took a photo inside where the lighting ended up being way better.

J. Crew Factory floral shirt, Bauble Bar necklace, Forever 21 necklace | whatlindseylikes

The blue necklace is one of my Bauble Bar purchases…the one I was going to return, but clearly decided not to! Under that is my favorite Forever 21 necklace because it’s perfect for layering.

Speaking of necklace layering, I’m obsessed. So far I only have the above Forever 21 necklace that I consider to be a solid foundational piece. I remember after I bought it thinking that I wasn’t convinced that I really loved it. Flash forward to today and I am so relieved that I bought it! I need a similar one in silver, though…I’ll add it my wishlist.


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