What I Love: Me Time

I’ve had the house to myself this week while Dan is on a work trip in California. While I love spending time with him and appreciate his presence… I am absolutely LOVING my time alone this week.

That makes me sound like a horrible girlfriend. #sorrynotsorry

When Dan is home, I typically am the one responsible for dinner. Dan doesn’t put any kind of pressure on me to cook — it’s just a pressure I (like maybe a lot of women?) put on myself. Dan has done tons of work to our house to make it more awesome than it was when we moved in. My contribution to those efforts have mostly been to stay out of the way and to handle some of the house chores, like cooking, cleaning and dishes. I swear that Dan will never stop finding projects to do solely so that he won’t ever have to do dishes. Oh well.

Anyway. When Dan is home, I feel pressured to come up with some kind of meal. As you might remember from my old blog, my favorite foods for dinner were items like spiral-shaped mac and cheese, frozen pizza and cold cereal. While I’ve sort of gotten over the hold the cheese-covered spiral-shaped pasta had over me, I still love cereal. I eat it every single morning for breakfast, and actually get oddly excited when I eat it for dinner.

“Lindsey, what kind of cereal could taste so good that it’s something you get excited about?” you might be asking.

Well, it’s actually not about the taste at all. It’s 100% about the convenience. One thing I hate about cooking is the amount of time that goes into it. Sometimes I just want to eat NOW. A large bowl of cereal satisfies that wish. The most time-consuming step for a cereal dinner is trying to open the plastic zipped bag (I eat the bagged Malt-O-Meal brand cereals and LOVE them!) and getting it zipped shut when I’m done.

When Dan is home, I feel really horrible if I tell him I just want a bowl of cereal, because that means he’s gotta figure out something for himself on his own. Now, Dan is an adult who is fully capable of fixing himself a meal, but that societal pressure comes down on me and I just feel horrible. So no cereal for me.

But this week I was able to eat cereal for dinner guilt-free.

Aside from food choices, there have been a few other awesome perks to having the house to myself. One of which was deciding what to watch on television. Dan and I recently became obsessed with Game of Thrones. My brother was awesome enough to loan us the first few seasons on DVD so we could catch up. Each episode is about an hour long, and  it’s nearly impossible for Dan and I to watch only one episode. So I’d come home from work, we’d eat some fabulous meal that I had cooked, then we’d watch almost three hours of Game of Thrones. Three hours!! I didn’t do any laundry. I didn’t unload the dishwasher. I couldn’t edit photos for my blog. All because I didn’t want to miss a single detail of the show.

Since Dan is gone, I’m taking a break from all of our regular shows (Mad Men too) and watching whatever I want. I watched a couple episodes of the HGTV show Property Brothers on Netflix, but I’ve mostly been listening to podcasts instead. I realize I’m one of the last people to start listening to podcasts…and I’m obsessed! More on that later.

If Dan were home, I wouldn’t be able to listen to a podcast because it would feel weird sitting on my chair with my headphones in listening to my iPad while he’s watching something on TV. Maybe I’ll get over this problem, but for now it feels weird. I don’t have a long enough commute to listen to podcasts while I’m driving, so I’ll just have to find other opportunities, I guess.

Since he’s been gone and I’m not glued to my chair watching Game of Thrones or Mad Men, I’m able to do load after load of laundry. I even spent nearly an hour hand-washing dishes while listening to a podcast. An hour! Hand-washing! Who am I? I cleaned one bathroom on Monday night and another last night. It’s amazing.

Tonight is my last night to myself. I’m considering just relaxing in my chair the entire time, but I have one last load of laundry and a few cereal bowls to wash, so I assume that’s how I’ll spend my evening instead. And I couldn’t be more excited!

I’m confident I’ll go back to my lazy, dish-washing-hating, laundry-doing-procrastinator self really soon.

Since I want to include photos with this post but think a bowl of cereal would be pretty weird, I’m adding pics of Digger on a walk last weekend.

digger the maltipoo | whatlindseylikes

digger the maltipoo | whatlindseylikes

I like this picture mostly because you get to see Dan’s snazzy shoes.

digger the maltipoo | whatlindseylikes


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