What I Bought: Bauble Bar and J. Crew Necklaces

J Crew Factory necklaces | whatlindseylikesI might have gone a bit overboard with my jewelry purchases lately. I’ve been so proud of myself for not buying any clothes…that I somehow justified jewelry purchases instead. When I restricted myself to pieces less than $10 each at Forever 21, that was OK. Unfortunately Forever 21 hasn’t had quite the look I’ve been going for lately, so I’ve ventured into more expensive stores.

All of this started a few months ago when I realized I didn’t have a bold, black statement necklace. I wasn’t finding anything at my normal stores, so I started checking out places that are typically outside my price range. It turned into a bit of an obsession — every weekend I was browsing website after website. Eventually I made my way to Bauble Bar. I’ve avoided their site for years because I know they have an unlimited number of adorable necklaces, but their prices are higher than what I’d like to spend. Somehow I talked myself into buying THREE necklaces.

First, I found my bold, black statement necklace. This thing is massive.


This is the Courtney bib statement necklace in matte black/hematite. It was 30% off when I bought it, plus an additional 15% off because it was my first purchase.


This is the Opal Atmosphere bib necklace. I think it’s super cute, but haven’t decided if it’s worth the price. You can see that the tag is still on it in my photo below — sorry!



This is the Crystal Grendel bib necklace in crystal/silver. Overall I love it…but there’s a thick, solid rounded bar in the center that feels out of place. I’d like to remove it, but unfortunately several of the chains hook to it, so the bar is there to stay.

Just a few days after my spending spree at Bauble Bar, I went to the J. Crew Factory store at the nearby Twin Cities Outlet mall. The entire store was 50% off. These necklaces were still more expensive than what I’d prefer, but clearly my money-saving logic was nowhere to be found.


This is the golden spear necklace. It’s on sale on the J. Crew Factory website, although not quite 50%. If you see anything at J. Crew Factory that you love, I recommend signing up for their email list. They tend to have a lot of sales on top of sales, so you might get lucky with something that’s 50% off plus another 30-40%. Then you’re almost in Forever 21 prices! I love this necklace by itself, but I’m even more excited to layer it under another necklace.


This is the floral path necklace. I’m not sure what color this one is considered — it’s not available on the website anymore 😦 But there are a few other color options available that scream spring.

OK, that’s it for my spending spree. I’m so happy with all of them! I’ll most likely return the opal atmosphere necklace from Bauble Bar, solely out of complete guilt.

Oh, and as a way to hold myself accountable, I did buy some clothes at Old Navy while I was at the Outlet mall. One t-shirt, two tank tops and one tunic. The tunic didn’t turn out to be on sale, so I returned it. It was cute, but definitely not amazing and not full-price-worthy. The other items ended up being a total of $6 — not a guilt-inducing price.


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