What I’m Wearing: St. Patrick’s Day

Yay for St. Patrick’s Day! I’m pretty sure I have at least a little Irish in me…but that’s not why I care about St. Patrick’s Day. I really only care because it means we are that much closer to spring and summer. I also love how all the news film clips showcase tons of people wearing green. Every interviewee, every random person walking in the background, every investigative reporter — all wearing green in some way or another.

Here’s what I wore to work today.

old navy green striped dress | whatlindseylikes

I bought this striped dress from Old Navy last spring or early summer. I bought probably 15 dresses from them — not an exaggeration — because they were all on mega clearance and I had Old Navy rewards certificates to use. The guilt eventually set in, as did the “Wow, you’re crazy, Lindsey,” so I returned most of them. Anyway, one of the keepers was this green and white striped dress. It has cap sleeves, which weren’t quite warm enough for today’s temps, so I grabbed this boyfriend cardigan, also from Old Navy clearance last year.

When I originally envisioned this outfit, I pictured wearing my brown riding boots. In my head, it was perfect and awesome. In reality, the boots were a little too country western. I went through all my shoes in my closet and ended up choosing a brown suede pair. I knew something about them wasn’t right, but I’d already killed 15 minutes of time trying to figure it out, so I just went with it. After I got to work, I remembered that I had a pair of green flats (also from Old Navy) in my desk’s filing cabinet that would work perfectly. Am I the only one who uses a quarter of her desk storage for shoes?

old navy green striped dress | whatlindseylikes

The belt I’m wearing is one of my absolute favorite belts. I got it at Forever 21 eight or nine years ago in a two-pack (this leopard print and a black one) for $2.50!!! Unfortunately both belts are on their last legs. Until I find a suitable replacement, I’m going to keep wearing this one. Well, until it literally won’t wrap around me anymore because it’s disintegrated into oblivion.

My only complaint about this dress with tights is that the fabric of the dress sticks to the tights. I had a slip under the skirt portion, but the slip wasn’t the full length of the skirt, so there was some skirt fabric left to rub the tights. The end of the skirt kept bunching up when I walked. Thankfully I only had one meeting today, but still! I don’t remember having this problem when I’ve worn the dress sans tights…

St. Patrick’s Day also means Easter is almost here, which means the Easter candy aisle will be calling my name and especially Dan’s name whenever we’re shopping. Usually I’m able to avoid those aisles entirely when I shop alone, but I made the mistake of inviting Dan on my what-was-supposed-to-be-short grocery run tonight. We spent a good 15 minutes in the Easter aisle at Walmart. Did you know there are carrot cake-flavored M&M’s?! I really want to try them, but I don’t want to spend any money on them. I was incredibly disappointed after pacing up and down the aisle without finding my favorite Easter candy, SweeTarts chicks, ducks and bunnies. Until next time.

I hope everyone is having an awesome St. Patrick’s Day!


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