Pinterest in My Closet: Coral Pants

Sometimes I buy things that go unworn for a very, very long time. Lately I’ve been more intentional about returning things I don’t love right away. These coral jeans from Express are a perfect example of how I used to be. To add to the ridiculousness, I also bought them in cobalt blue. I ordered them online in an optimistically too-small size. I exchanged them at a nearby store, knowing that they still weren’t quite the best look for my body. But dangit, I wanted bright colored jeans. I think I’ve had them for three years now, and I’ve probably worn them less than five times total between both pairs. Ridiculous!

But I’m trying to change all that.

So this is really like a Closet Misfits and Pinterest Shopping post all in one.

I found a really cute photo on Pinterest with a black and white striped shirt, coral pants, basic brown sandals and a coral and green statement necklace. I’d add the photo here, but the link doesn’t work, so you can visit my Pinterest board to find it. I thought I’d try to recreate the look, but unfortunately my black and white striped shirts aren’t the right fit to compliment the jeans.

striped tee and coral jeans | whatlindseylikes

I don’t think the outfit looks horrible in this photo, but all the other photos were pretty bad, which tells me that these pieces don’t work well together! I love this shirt, though. It was on sale at my nearest Old Navy for only $2 last spring. I bought it in almost every color and wore one of them at least once a week all spring, summer and fall. I’m excited to be able to put them back into my rotation soon! They are the softest shirts, and they go with almost every pair of pants/shorts that I have — except for these and any other skinny style.

striped tee and coral jeans | whatlindseylikes

My necklace is another attempt at layering. This combo is OK. Maybe a little busy — probably should have made the teal necklace a little closer to my neck.

layered necklaces | whatlindseylikes

I wasn’t ready to give up on the coral jeans just yet. I know they’d work with any of my J. Crew tunics (another post), but since I can’t wear those every day, I figured I better find something else. So I went with an item I haven’t worn a lot lately, but that was a wardrobe favorite a few years ago. I had tried it in my winter wedding options post, but it wasn’t part of the winning look.

black, white and coral | whatlindseylikes

Do you like how Digger is staring longingly out the sliding door?!

I used to ONLY buy Express jeans. As I’ve gotten older, I haven’t felt like they have been as flattering or forgiving as they used to. I’ll pretend it’s that the quality of the newer styles isn’t as good, but I think we know that’s probably not the issue. These jeans make my bum look horrific. Maybe my bum actually is horrific, but I’m not ready to accept that as a possibility right now. In order to wear these jeans, I have to wear something that’s guaranteed to keep my behind hidden. Luckily I have quite a few longer shirts, so I should be able to wear these — and the blue ones — more often than I have.

black, white and coral | whatlindseylikes

The pant legs are crazy long, so I have to roll them — under/inside — in order to wear them. Since I’m impatient, they typically end up being different lengths and I walk around all day looking strangely off-balance.

One more shot with Digger, just for fun.

black, white and coral | whatlindseylikes


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