What I’m Wearing: Hotlanta

I’m super excited about my upcoming trip to Atlanta to visit my brother. I haven’t seen him since Christmas, so I’m looking forward to this Quick-kid family reunion!

Unfortunately it looks like it’ll be raining a majority of my time there, so Hotlanta will really just be Atlanta. We’re trying to think of alternative places to spend our time. We’re considering Nashville (a place I’ve never been but would love to see), somewhere along the Gulf (I’d love to see a beach!) or somewhere along the ocean (again, beach, yes!). Apparently it doesn’t matter where we go — none of the locales we’re considering is expected to be sunny any of the days I’ll be there. The important thing is that I’m leaving the state of Minnesota! (No offense, Minnesota.)

Oh, and that I’ll see my brother.

Since the temps won’t be warm and the sun won’t be shining, I’m wearing mostly long sleeves and pants, with optional layers to add or remove as necessary. I should warn you, you’re about to see a lot of tunics from J. Crew.

At the airport, to Atlanta.

j crew tunic and INC jeggings | whatlindseylikes

Top: J. Crew tunic (old); pants: Style & Co. leggings (old); scarf: Express (super old)

My goal for this outfit is 100% comfort. I leave Minneapolis in the late afternoon and arrive in Atlanta in the evening, so very few people will see me. Honestly, if airports and planes weren’t super gross, I’d just wear my pajamas. But since airports and planes are covered in germs, I’m wearing regular clothes. A classic white button-down and stretchy jeans, with a leopard print scarf is a safe bet. These shoes will be easy to take on and off, but it means I’d have to go barefoot through security…so I might change that up. I’ll probably bring a grey oversized cardigan to keep me warm if necessary, and that could be used to take a power nap on the plane.

In Atlanta.Or Nashville. Or Florida. Or Eastern Georgia.

j crew factory tunic, express cardigan, old navy rock star camo pants | whatlindseylikes

This outfit will be perfect for walking around town. The cardigan will keep me warm if we’re standing next to a cool ocean breeze or in the shade near some country music landmark. If it’s warm, I can ditch the cardigan and roll up my chambray’s sleeves. The pants are comfortable, and these shoes were made for walking.

j crew chambray and old navy camo pants | whatlindseylikes

Cardigan: Express (mega old); chambray: J. Crew Factory (available now and on sale!); pants: Old Navy Rock Star side-zip camo pants (old); shoes: Anne Klein iFlex Briona flats; necklaces: Forever 21 (old) and J. Crew Factory (sold out)

j crew factory tunic and ann taylor ponte leggings | whatlindseylikes

Here’s another outfit that maximizes comfort. I truly love these Ann Taylor pants!

j crew tribal tunic, ann taylor ponte leggings and old navy vest | whatlindseylikes

Top: J. Crew Factory tunic (sold out); vest: Old Navy vest (practically my favorite clothing purchase of all time); pants: Ann Taylor zip pocket ponte leggings; shoes: Ann Klein Briona flats; necklace: Forever 21 (mega old)

I have a few other options that are more basic — three-quarter-sleeve tees with straight leg jeans. Nothing exciting enough to photograph and post!

At the airport, to Minneapolis.

coral j crew factory tunic and INC leggings | whatlindseylikes

This outfit is mostly about comfort. I do love my J. Crew Factory tunic — who doesn’t love coral?! And the Old Navy vest will be easy for carrying all my airport necessities without fumbling through my purse. I’ll probably use the grey cardigan (not pictured) that I could use on the flight to Atlanta for my flight back too.

j. crew factory tunic - airport style | whatlindseylikes

Top: J. Crew Factory tunic (sold out); vest: Old Navy military vest; pants: Style & Co. leggings (old); shoes: BOC Averie; necklace: Forever 21 (old) and J. Crew Factory (sold out)

I have to tell you how much I love these sandals. I actually owned a pair a few years ago that I LOVED. They are so crazy comfortable and perfect for trips that involve a lot of walking. I wore my last pair into the ground, so I bought a new pair. These are slightly different — the old pair had an adjustable strap around the heel. The new pair has an adjustable strap across the top of the foot. I miss the heel strap. This unadjustable heel strap pushes my feet a little farther forward than I’d prefer which makes me slightly worried about the potential for a blister…I guess I’ll find out after this trip!!

On a side note: I’m SO excited for the amazing spring weather we’re having. I’m even more excited that it stays lighter for later, so I can take blog photos almost any day of the week now. Yay for better lighting and prettier blog photos!


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