What I Hate: Disappointing Ice Cream

Dan has an incredibly sweet tooth. I’d always been a fan of some sweets, but typically refused to try most so that I’d never be tempted to eat them. After living with Dan for so many years, I started caving over the last year and have tried nearly every cookie and treat Dan brings into the house. Last summer, I was eating a Nestle Drumstick a day. A DAY!!!

I eventually accepted the reality that a drumstick a day will keep the skinny jeans away. And while I’m always up for buying new clothes, I didn’t want it to be because my existing clothes didn’t fit. I stopped buying the drumsticks, but would still buy a thing of ice cream every so often.

I’m pretty boring when it comes to ice cream. Your basic chocolate flavor is my favorite, but I’m a little particular about the taste of the chocolate. Not all chocolate ice creams are the same. It seems like the only one I really like is the Walmart brand. There’s some kind of weird after-taste for me when I try almost any other plain chocolate ice cream, especially the Target brand. I’m sure it’s something messed up with my taste buds. Either way, I’m not even tempted to get ice cream if I’m not at Walmart. (I should mention that I usually only buy the store brands because I’m cheap.)

However, our nearest grocery store has been running a buy-one-get-one-free for Kemps ice cream lately. When that happens, it means that instead of just basic ice cream, I have the opportunity to try a special mix, like something with caramel and fudge and chocolate chips and anything else that might sound appealing. Store brands have varieties of ice cream too, but they’re almost never good and almost never have more than an extremely small amount of the special toppings included.

I’m even doubting the more expensive brands on their inclusion of special toppings now, but that’s not my point.

Anyway. Whenever our nearby grocery store has a special offer on a name-brand ice cream, Dan and I will pace the ice cream aisle, thinking intently about what flavor to try. I should point out that it’s not like we’re saving $400 on this ice cream. We’re saving somewhere between $3-6. But somehow it seems like a really big decision that deserves our deepest consideration.

What I’ve learned is that I really don’t like other flavors of ice cream. The problem is that I always forget which ones I’ve tried and how I felt about them. I keep buying the same kind and after taking my first bite, remembering that I’ve had it before and that I don’t like it at all.

Lindsey, how could you not like a flavor of ice cream?

It’s not that it’s bad or foul or something. It’s just that ice cream is a lot of calories. I’m not a calorie counter, but I try to reserve calorie splurges for things that are really worth it, like stuffed crust pepperoni pizza and Mountain Dew. When I eat ice cream that I don’t even like, it’s such a disappointment in the waste of calories. I would say it’s a waste of money, but I know that Dan will gladly eat it eventually.

To try to end this disappointing ice cream madness, I’ve started keeping track of the ones I like and dislike on my phone. So far my “like” list is pretty short, with inclusions like Walmart chocolate and Kemps mint/chocolate chip. My “dislike” list is quite a bit longer…

I was originally going to take photos of all the flavors I didn’t like, but then a brand might change their packaging. Plus, it would be really hard to organize based on the look of an ice cream. So making a basic list that I’ll keep on my phone sounds like the best course of action. And finding the best course of action for my list of un-likeable ice cream flavors is probably something to make a priority.

Speaking of treats, here are a couple shots of Digger with one of his favorite rawhide treats. These would go on my “dislike” list, although they distract him for a really long time, so I guess I’d have to move them to the top of my “like” list. Digger loves it when I eat ice cream because I always let him lick the bowl when I’m done. Sometimes even the spoon!

digger | whatlindseylikes


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