Life Last Week: Toastmasters Speech

I’ve mentioned a couple times that I’m in Toastmasters — trying to turn my total inability to speak in front of groups into something passable. I had my first speech in early December. I spoke about how I made my decision about where to go to college, which was heavily influenced by the Olive Garden. Mmm, garlic breadsticks…

So far Toastmasters has been a good move for me. I’m sure that makes me a total nerd, but that’s nothing new! The repetition of having to speak in front of people — even when it’s just for roles like Timer and Ah Counter (yeah, those are actual meeting roles every week) — has been helpful. I’m trying to maximize my speaking opportunities whenever I can, like volunteering to be the group representative at work meetings. I haven’t done the best job of pushing myself when it comes to actual speeches, though, so that’s my new goal. The next Toastmasters year starts in either June or July, so my goal is to give as any speeches as possible between now and then.

Originally my second speech was scheduled for mid-March, but someone had to cancel their scheduled speech for last week’s meeting, so I jumped in. My speech chronicled my history with headaches — what medications I’ve used and what treatments are working best (cupping!).

Overall, my speech was good. I didn’t use my notes at all, which made me super proud of myself…but my conclusion super sucked. Somehow I thought that when I was giving the speech on Tuesday, a new and better conclusion would just magically come to me. That makes no sense and didn’t happen.

I’m definitely not as good as I want to be yet: I talk too fast, I haven’t figured out how to casually recover when I miss something and I move my legs around while the rest of my body stays still. I also make the same hand gestures over and over. While they’re really great hand gestures, they get a little old after five-and-a-half minutes.

One of the best things about having a blog — other than getting to write about whatever I want at any time — is that it gives me TONS of material for speeches. Well, I have yet to do a speech about my favorite makeup or new pants. But my non-fashion-y posts typically work well for some speech inspiration. I’m pretty sure my third speech will be centered around why everyone should leave anti-dancers alone.

But since I’m all about the clothes, the second most important prep for my speeches is choosing my outfit. Here’s what I wore for my last speech.

j crew factory chambray with faux leather leggings | whatlindseylikes

I got this J. Crew Factory chambray tunic in December during one of their sales-on-top-of-sales sales. I really, really love J. Crew’s tunics. They are long enough to cover my bum when I want to wear leggings, but not dress-length long. The leggings are from Target. My oatmeal cardigan is from Express. Do you like my socks?

j crew factory chambray with faux leather leggings | whatlindseylikes

I didn’t wear these socks — even though they are crazy comfortable and warm (from Gap). Instead, I wore a pair of leopard print flats.

OK, I feel better about getting something fashion-y in there.


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