What I Bought: Bauble Bar and J. Crew Necklaces

J Crew Factory necklaces | whatlindseylikesI might have gone a bit overboard with my jewelry purchases lately. I’ve been so proud of myself for not buying any clothes…that I somehow justified jewelry purchases instead. When I restricted myself to pieces less than $10 each at Forever 21, that was OK. Unfortunately Forever 21 hasn’t had quite the look I’ve been going for lately, so I’ve ventured into more expensive stores.

All of this started a few months ago when I realized I didn’t have a bold, black statement necklace. I wasn’t finding anything at my normal stores, so I started checking out places that are typically outside my price range. It turned into a bit of an obsession — every weekend I was browsing website after website. Eventually I made my way to Bauble Bar. I’ve avoided their site for years because I know they have an unlimited number of adorable necklaces, but their prices are higher than what I’d like to spend. Somehow I talked myself into buying THREE necklaces.

First, I found my bold, black statement necklace. This thing is massive.


This is the Courtney bib statement necklace in matte black/hematite. It was 30% off when I bought it, plus an additional 15% off because it was my first purchase.


This is the Opal Atmosphere bib necklace. I think it’s super cute, but haven’t decided if it’s worth the price. You can see that the tag is still on it in my photo below — sorry!



This is the Crystal Grendel bib necklace in crystal/silver. Overall I love it…but there’s a thick, solid rounded bar in the center that feels out of place. I’d like to remove it, but unfortunately several of the chains hook to it, so the bar is there to stay.

Just a few days after my spending spree at Bauble Bar, I went to the J. Crew Factory store at the nearby Twin Cities Outlet mall. The entire store was 50% off. These necklaces were still more expensive than what I’d prefer, but clearly my money-saving logic was nowhere to be found.


This is the golden spear necklace. It’s on sale on the J. Crew Factory website, although not quite 50%. If you see anything at J. Crew Factory that you love, I recommend signing up for their email list. They tend to have a lot of sales on top of sales, so you might get lucky with something that’s 50% off plus another 30-40%. Then you’re almost in Forever 21 prices! I love this necklace by itself, but I’m even more excited to layer it under another necklace.


This is the floral path necklace. I’m not sure what color this one is considered — it’s not available on the website anymore 😦 But there are a few other color options available that scream spring.

OK, that’s it for my spending spree. I’m so happy with all of them! I’ll most likely return the opal atmosphere necklace from Bauble Bar, solely out of complete guilt.

Oh, and as a way to hold myself accountable, I did buy some clothes at Old Navy while I was at the Outlet mall. One t-shirt, two tank tops and one tunic. The tunic didn’t turn out to be on sale, so I returned it. It was cute, but definitely not amazing and not full-price-worthy. The other items ended up being a total of $6 — not a guilt-inducing price.


Pinterest in My Closet: Thinking Spring

Overall, this winter really hasn’t been that bad in Minnesota. We had quite a few days that were warmer than normal, and the snowfall has been minimal. The month of February was mega cold, but March has been decent.

Yay for spring!

I found this adorable picture on Pinterest that looks so springy and fun. It’s from the blog http://trendytaste.com.

Mint green is the perfect color for spring. You can see my take on the Pinterest outfit below.

old navy marled sweater and express flared jeans| whatlindseylikesThe marled mint green sweater I’m wearing is from Old Navy (last spring). It’s super comfortable — it’s not scratchy or overly warm. If you’re looking for a moderately priced mint sweater, Old Navy has a few options: cardigan, honeycomb knit, lightweight v-neck. If you like spending more money, check out J. Crew: Merino wool Tippi and Tilly crewneck. If a sweater isn’t up your alley, there are tons of necklaces with mint green. J. Crew, J. Crew Factory and Bauble Bar are a few of my favorites.

I copied the Pinterest photo’s flared jeans and brown shoes…I would have worn brown boots of some kind, but my jeans are way too short! So instead I went with these brown Anne Klein iFlex Briona flats. You might recognize them from my post with the black pair. Yes, I bought both pairs, but haven’t decided if I’m keeping the brown ones. While I don’t wear a lot of heels, I do appreciate the way they look. If I were going to wear heels with this outfit, I think any of these options would be super cute: Giuseppe Zanotti, Style & Co., Burberry Prorsum, Finlay, and Guess.

The Pinterest blogger paired a gold watch and a bright yellow purse. I wanted to keep the accessories minimal, so I went with this striped scarf I got at J. Crew (or J. Crew Factory…I can’t remember) a few years ago. I very rarely wear it — I have a hard time finding tops that are the right color combination. This mint sweater works perfectly. Now that it’s March and everyone is in full-on spring fever mode, I think I can wear the sweater.

Speaking of spring, its arrival will mean that I can wear my flared jeans more often. For the majority of the winter, I’ve had to wear skinny jeans that’ll easily tuck into my snow boots. I’m so sick of my outfits being dictated by the weather! I have so many cute shoes that I’m dying to wear, but they can’t handle the disgusting salt that’s covering all road and sidewalk surfaces across the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. On weekends, I rarely wear cute tops anymore since I know I’ll have my long, heavy duty winter coat on the whole time. While this does mean I can wear workout/yoga pants almost everywhere I go, it’s time to get back in the swing of socially acceptable clothes again.

These jeans are from Express from several years ago — they have held together unbelievably well. Almost no fading or fraying. I haven’t bought flared jeans in a few years, so I can’t tell you for sure where to go. Loft doesn’t have them, so I’d probably try Gap’s Long & Lean or any flared options from Express. Old Navy doesn’t look like it has “flared” jeans, but some of their bootcut options look almost flared…so it depends on your level of desired flare.

old navy marled mint sweater and flare jeans | whatlindseylikes

I hope the spring weather is making it’s way to wherever you live! I’m so ready for winter to be over!

Life This Week: Fresh Snow, National Puppy Day, Bauble Bar

There’s almost nothing prettier than fresh snow. However, I typically find it prettier in November and December rather than late March.

fresh snowfall | whatlindseylikes

Thankfully the temps are warm enough that most of the snow will be gone in a few days. Even more to be thankful for, I’ll be in sunnier, warmer San Diego while the snow melts in Minnesota. Yay for strategically located work conferences!

Dig and I spent a little time this morning checking out the snow from our windows. Dig likes to check the backyard for any deer that might be wandering through. No deer today.

fresh snowfall and dig | whatlindseylikes

Also, it’s National Puppy Day, so of course I had to share a few additional photos of Dig.

dig the maltipoo | whatlindseylikes

dig the maltipoo | whatlindseylikes

dig the maltipoo | whatlindseylikes

And one final thing to be excited about — aside from a sunny, warm trip to San Diego — is this delivery from Bauble Bar! I’ve been looking for a major black statement necklace and I think I’ve finally found one. I’ll share photos of my purchases — and what I’m packing for my trip — later!

bauble bar delivery | whatlindseylikes

What I’m Buying: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion at Ulta

Ulta is holding its 21 Days of Beauty event right now. I love these sales because I almost always find a few products that are on mega-sale and it’s amazing. Last year they had Bare Minerals foundation primer, Prime Time (read my review here), on sale for $10 a bottle. That’s more than 50% off! I stocked up.

This year, one of my absolute favorite products ever is part of the sale. Tomorrow (Saturday, March 21), Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion will be 50% off, which means $10-12. If you’ve never heard of it, don’t feel bad. This product is a primer for your eyelids that keeps your eye shadow on and in place ALL DAY. It’s amazing.

urban decay eyeshadow primer potion | whatlindseylikes

These two are my favorite colors. Original is a nude color that won’t really show up on your eyelids at all. Sin is this amazing champagne color. It’s beautiful on its own. I’ve used the color sin in the Naked 1 palette, but I haven’t used it in the primer potion yet. I bought these two a month ago when Ulta had a 20% off coupon…and clearly haven’t started using them yet. I’m bummed that I didn’t wait for the 21 Days of Beauty!

When I was younger, I was pretty clueless about makeup. And by “younger,” I don’t mean junior high and high school; I mean my late 20s. This is when I finally tried Bare Minerals. Bare Minerals foundation was life-changing for me. It was the first time I ever felt confident that my foundation was right for my skin. After many years and many foundations from brands at every price point, I finally found what worked for my pale, pink-toned skin.

That confidence made me question all the other makeup snafus I’d been having. The biggest issue for me had been keeping my eye shadow on my eyelids. Within 20 minutes of applying my eye shadow each morning, all the color would creep into the creases of my lids. Rather than an entire lid covered in a beautiful shade of grey, you’d see a greasy looking lid with a super dark line of grey along my creases. It seemed like most other women I knew had the same problem, so I just assumed there was no hope.


Once I became obsessed with Bare Minerals, I started watching hours of YouTube makeup tutorials every weekend. I learned that when women find their life-changing makeup products – the ones they wouldn’t choose to live without – they called them “holy grail” products. Bare Minerals foundation is definitely my holy grail foundation.

The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is without a doubt another holy grail product.

I apply a teeny amount – maybe the size of two or three beads of quinoa? or the size of a regular grain of rice? – to my ring finger, then smooth it over one eyelid.

urban decay eyeshadow primer potion amount | whatlindseylikes

Just a small amount.

urban decay eyeshadow primer potion amount  | whatlindseylikes

When I’m applying it, I think of it like applying lotion: I cover the entire eyelid and a little above the eyelid, and try to work it into my skin. I repeat on the opposite side, then let it dry for 30 to 60 seconds. (This is typically when I’d apply my blush.) After it’s had a little setting time, I apply my eye shadow.

my eye makeup favorites | whatlindseylikes

When I say your shadow will last “ALL DAY,” I mean from first thing in the morning until maybe the early hours of the next morning if you have a special occasion. Let’s say I have work all day, then have a dinner party or some other event that night. I can apply my eye makeup that morning, go through my entire work day, maybe touch up my face with some pressed powder and a new swath of blush, but that’s it – I typically don’t need to touch my eye makeup. My shadow will still be in place by the time I get home after whatever evening activity I have going on.

I’ve noticed that some of my kohl eyeliners don’t seem to last into the evening, so that’s my only warning. But I don’t typically consider kohl liners to be long-lasting anyway, so I probably wouldn’t use that product on a mega long day, or I’d plan to reapply liner before the evening event.

Anyway, if you are fed up with creased eye shadow, I highly recommend Urban Decay Primer Potion. If you don’t live near an Ulta, you can get the same deal online. I plan to buy a few, and maybe save a couple as gifts for people in the near future.

Note: The product packaging says that one tube is good for approximately six months. I’ve been using the same tube (albeit mine is a slightly larger size than the regular one that’s on sale tomorrow — see below) for several years. At least three, but maybe closer to four. Now, eye hygienists might find that disgusting, but I haven’t had any eye irritation, so I think it’s OK. The picture below shows the regular size (which is part of the sale), a normal-sized pen and the primer potion I’m currently using, which is considered the “professional” size.

urban decay eyeshadow primer potion | whatlindseylikes

Are you going to buy any? I didn’t see any other days of deals that I was super excited about, but I also kind of stopped paying attention after I saw this deal. Let me know if there’s anything else on the list that I should consider!

What I’m Wearing: St. Patrick’s Day

Yay for St. Patrick’s Day! I’m pretty sure I have at least a little Irish in me…but that’s not why I care about St. Patrick’s Day. I really only care because it means we are that much closer to spring and summer. I also love how all the news film clips showcase tons of people wearing green. Every interviewee, every random person walking in the background, every investigative reporter — all wearing green in some way or another.

Here’s what I wore to work today.

old navy green striped dress | whatlindseylikes

I bought this striped dress from Old Navy last spring or early summer. I bought probably 15 dresses from them — not an exaggeration — because they were all on mega clearance and I had Old Navy rewards certificates to use. The guilt eventually set in, as did the “Wow, you’re crazy, Lindsey,” so I returned most of them. Anyway, one of the keepers was this green and white striped dress. It has cap sleeves, which weren’t quite warm enough for today’s temps, so I grabbed this boyfriend cardigan, also from Old Navy clearance last year.

When I originally envisioned this outfit, I pictured wearing my brown riding boots. In my head, it was perfect and awesome. In reality, the boots were a little too country western. I went through all my shoes in my closet and ended up choosing a brown suede pair. I knew something about them wasn’t right, but I’d already killed 15 minutes of time trying to figure it out, so I just went with it. After I got to work, I remembered that I had a pair of green flats (also from Old Navy) in my desk’s filing cabinet that would work perfectly. Am I the only one who uses a quarter of her desk storage for shoes?

old navy green striped dress | whatlindseylikes

The belt I’m wearing is one of my absolute favorite belts. I got it at Forever 21 eight or nine years ago in a two-pack (this leopard print and a black one) for $2.50!!! Unfortunately both belts are on their last legs. Until I find a suitable replacement, I’m going to keep wearing this one. Well, until it literally won’t wrap around me anymore because it’s disintegrated into oblivion.

My only complaint about this dress with tights is that the fabric of the dress sticks to the tights. I had a slip under the skirt portion, but the slip wasn’t the full length of the skirt, so there was some skirt fabric left to rub the tights. The end of the skirt kept bunching up when I walked. Thankfully I only had one meeting today, but still! I don’t remember having this problem when I’ve worn the dress sans tights…

St. Patrick’s Day also means Easter is almost here, which means the Easter candy aisle will be calling my name and especially Dan’s name whenever we’re shopping. Usually I’m able to avoid those aisles entirely when I shop alone, but I made the mistake of inviting Dan on my what-was-supposed-to-be-short grocery run tonight. We spent a good 15 minutes in the Easter aisle at Walmart. Did you know there are carrot cake-flavored M&M’s?! I really want to try them, but I don’t want to spend any money on them. I was incredibly disappointed after pacing up and down the aisle without finding my favorite Easter candy, SweeTarts chicks, ducks and bunnies. Until next time.

I hope everyone is having an awesome St. Patrick’s Day!

Pinterest in My Closet: Coral Pants

Sometimes I buy things that go unworn for a very, very long time. Lately I’ve been more intentional about returning things I don’t love right away. These coral jeans from Express are a perfect example of how I used to be. To add to the ridiculousness, I also bought them in cobalt blue. I ordered them online in an optimistically too-small size. I exchanged them at a nearby store, knowing that they still weren’t quite the best look for my body. But dangit, I wanted bright colored jeans. I think I’ve had them for three years now, and I’ve probably worn them less than five times total between both pairs. Ridiculous!

But I’m trying to change all that.

So this is really like a Closet Misfits and Pinterest Shopping post all in one.

I found a really cute photo on Pinterest with a black and white striped shirt, coral pants, basic brown sandals and a coral and green statement necklace. I’d add the photo here, but the link doesn’t work, so you can visit my Pinterest board to find it. I thought I’d try to recreate the look, but unfortunately my black and white striped shirts aren’t the right fit to compliment the jeans.

striped tee and coral jeans | whatlindseylikes

I don’t think the outfit looks horrible in this photo, but all the other photos were pretty bad, which tells me that these pieces don’t work well together! I love this shirt, though. It was on sale at my nearest Old Navy for only $2 last spring. I bought it in almost every color and wore one of them at least once a week all spring, summer and fall. I’m excited to be able to put them back into my rotation soon! They are the softest shirts, and they go with almost every pair of pants/shorts that I have — except for these and any other skinny style.

striped tee and coral jeans | whatlindseylikes

My necklace is another attempt at layering. This combo is OK. Maybe a little busy — probably should have made the teal necklace a little closer to my neck.

layered necklaces | whatlindseylikes

I wasn’t ready to give up on the coral jeans just yet. I know they’d work with any of my J. Crew tunics (another post), but since I can’t wear those every day, I figured I better find something else. So I went with an item I haven’t worn a lot lately, but that was a wardrobe favorite a few years ago. I had tried it in my winter wedding options post, but it wasn’t part of the winning look.

black, white and coral | whatlindseylikes

Do you like how Digger is staring longingly out the sliding door?!

I used to ONLY buy Express jeans. As I’ve gotten older, I haven’t felt like they have been as flattering or forgiving as they used to. I’ll pretend it’s that the quality of the newer styles isn’t as good, but I think we know that’s probably not the issue. These jeans make my bum look horrific. Maybe my bum actually is horrific, but I’m not ready to accept that as a possibility right now. In order to wear these jeans, I have to wear something that’s guaranteed to keep my behind hidden. Luckily I have quite a few longer shirts, so I should be able to wear these — and the blue ones — more often than I have.

black, white and coral | whatlindseylikes

The pant legs are crazy long, so I have to roll them — under/inside — in order to wear them. Since I’m impatient, they typically end up being different lengths and I walk around all day looking strangely off-balance.

One more shot with Digger, just for fun.

black, white and coral | whatlindseylikes

What I’m Wearing: Hotlanta

I’m super excited about my upcoming trip to Atlanta to visit my brother. I haven’t seen him since Christmas, so I’m looking forward to this Quick-kid family reunion!

Unfortunately it looks like it’ll be raining a majority of my time there, so Hotlanta will really just be Atlanta. We’re trying to think of alternative places to spend our time. We’re considering Nashville (a place I’ve never been but would love to see), somewhere along the Gulf (I’d love to see a beach!) or somewhere along the ocean (again, beach, yes!). Apparently it doesn’t matter where we go — none of the locales we’re considering is expected to be sunny any of the days I’ll be there. The important thing is that I’m leaving the state of Minnesota! (No offense, Minnesota.)

Oh, and that I’ll see my brother.

Since the temps won’t be warm and the sun won’t be shining, I’m wearing mostly long sleeves and pants, with optional layers to add or remove as necessary. I should warn you, you’re about to see a lot of tunics from J. Crew.

At the airport, to Atlanta.

j crew tunic and INC jeggings | whatlindseylikes

Top: J. Crew tunic (old); pants: Style & Co. leggings (old); scarf: Express (super old)

My goal for this outfit is 100% comfort. I leave Minneapolis in the late afternoon and arrive in Atlanta in the evening, so very few people will see me. Honestly, if airports and planes weren’t super gross, I’d just wear my pajamas. But since airports and planes are covered in germs, I’m wearing regular clothes. A classic white button-down and stretchy jeans, with a leopard print scarf is a safe bet. These shoes will be easy to take on and off, but it means I’d have to go barefoot through security…so I might change that up. I’ll probably bring a grey oversized cardigan to keep me warm if necessary, and that could be used to take a power nap on the plane.

In Atlanta.Or Nashville. Or Florida. Or Eastern Georgia.

j crew factory tunic, express cardigan, old navy rock star camo pants | whatlindseylikes

This outfit will be perfect for walking around town. The cardigan will keep me warm if we’re standing next to a cool ocean breeze or in the shade near some country music landmark. If it’s warm, I can ditch the cardigan and roll up my chambray’s sleeves. The pants are comfortable, and these shoes were made for walking.

j crew chambray and old navy camo pants | whatlindseylikes

Cardigan: Express (mega old); chambray: J. Crew Factory (available now and on sale!); pants: Old Navy Rock Star side-zip camo pants (old); shoes: Anne Klein iFlex Briona flats; necklaces: Forever 21 (old) and J. Crew Factory (sold out)

j crew factory tunic and ann taylor ponte leggings | whatlindseylikes

Here’s another outfit that maximizes comfort. I truly love these Ann Taylor pants!

j crew tribal tunic, ann taylor ponte leggings and old navy vest | whatlindseylikes

Top: J. Crew Factory tunic (sold out); vest: Old Navy vest (practically my favorite clothing purchase of all time); pants: Ann Taylor zip pocket ponte leggings; shoes: Ann Klein Briona flats; necklace: Forever 21 (mega old)

I have a few other options that are more basic — three-quarter-sleeve tees with straight leg jeans. Nothing exciting enough to photograph and post!

At the airport, to Minneapolis.

coral j crew factory tunic and INC leggings | whatlindseylikes

This outfit is mostly about comfort. I do love my J. Crew Factory tunic — who doesn’t love coral?! And the Old Navy vest will be easy for carrying all my airport necessities without fumbling through my purse. I’ll probably use the grey cardigan (not pictured) that I could use on the flight to Atlanta for my flight back too.

j. crew factory tunic - airport style | whatlindseylikes

Top: J. Crew Factory tunic (sold out); vest: Old Navy military vest; pants: Style & Co. leggings (old); shoes: BOC Averie; necklace: Forever 21 (old) and J. Crew Factory (sold out)

I have to tell you how much I love these sandals. I actually owned a pair a few years ago that I LOVED. They are so crazy comfortable and perfect for trips that involve a lot of walking. I wore my last pair into the ground, so I bought a new pair. These are slightly different — the old pair had an adjustable strap around the heel. The new pair has an adjustable strap across the top of the foot. I miss the heel strap. This unadjustable heel strap pushes my feet a little farther forward than I’d prefer which makes me slightly worried about the potential for a blister…I guess I’ll find out after this trip!!

On a side note: I’m SO excited for the amazing spring weather we’re having. I’m even more excited that it stays lighter for later, so I can take blog photos almost any day of the week now. Yay for better lighting and prettier blog photos!