What I Bought: Anne Klein iFlex Briona Flats

anne kleine briona | whatlindseylikes

What I Bought: Anne Klein Briona flat in black (also comes in tan)

What I Paid: $42 (originally $60 at DSW, but 30% off)

I know I’m not supposed to buy clothes…does that mean it’s OK to buy shoes? No, I know it doesn’t, but I did it anyway. If sharing my rationale makes you think better of me, here’s the explanation I used to make myself feel better about myself. Since these shoes are crazy comfortable and totally work-appropriate, but also something I’d wear shopping at the mall while not buying clothes, I decided it was OK. I truly had accepted this explanation, until I started typing it, and then I’ve realized it’s definitely not a worthwhile explanation. Oh well, they’ve been purchased and worn, so it’s too late to feel all that bad.

anne klein briona - whatlindseylikes

My favorite thing about these shoes is how ridiculously comfortable they are. As I get old, comfort has become my No. 1 priority. It’s probably been in the top five for a long time, but it’s moved up to No. 1 after years of asking myself, “Why the hell am I wearing these things that hurt?!”

These shoes have a suede finish, which looks nice…but collects all forms of lint. Here’s a picture in direct sunlight so you can see how they look.

lots o lint

The lint collection wasn’t as noticeable to the human eye — my camera lens was just able to really, really fixate on it. But still, the shoes definitely attract and hold onto lint, dust and anything else that comes their way. While this isn’t the most flattering photo of them, you can see the tassels better, as well as the little chain across the toes.

I tested the shoes with a brunch this morning and a quick grocery trip to Target — no blisters! I will say that wearing flats with no socks and ankle-length pants on a below-freezing day isn’t the most advisable. But I am SO sick of wearing snow boots everywhere. And I wanted to test the shoes.


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