More Pinterest Shopping

You’ll probably see a lot of these posts over the coming weeks and months. I’ve been suffering from headache after headache for quite a few years, and over the last few months I’ve been visiting a chiropractor, and more recently, an acupuncturist. While I think we’ve pinpointed the main cause of my headaches, I probably have quite a few visits in my future. Unfortunately for my shopping hobby, the visits aren’t cheap, and have therefore cut deeply into my budget. So here I am, finding ways to wear the clothes I already have.

If I sound a bit over-dramatic and doom and gloom, it’s because I’m watching Downton Abbey and a major character JUST DIED. And I’m letting it influence my writing. Let’s move on.

military jacket | whatlindseylikes I’m a bit obsessed with anything that resembles military style. I bought at least four military jackets in my early 20s, the one pictured above included. The Pinterest image here caught my eye with its military jacket, but I’m also a fan of the navy and olive colors together.

My jacket came from Express (similar items here, here). I wish I could remember the year, but it was probably 2007ish-2009ish. I had originally gone into Express that day with the intentions of purchasing something else, but I fell in love with that jacket instantly and forgot all about whatever I planned to buy. I think I wore the jacket — which is made of what feels like sweatshirt material — nearly every day. It’s the perfect lightweight jacket. My only complaint is that the jacket is dry clean only! Ick! I find nothing more disappointing than coming across an item of clothing that I really, really want, only to find out it’s dry clean only. Maybe I’m young and naive, but I hate clothes that require dry cleaning. I do everything I can to avoid buying any of those things. Dry cleaning is just another action that cuts into my shopping budget!

navy military jacket and olive green pants | whatlindseylikes

I know the Pinterest image’s model is wearing black riding boots…while I have similar boots, I just can’t get over the old fashion rule that navy and black shouldn’t be mixed. I’m sure there are situations where I’d make an exception, but it’s not here. So instead, I chose a pair of snakeskin print flats. I’m not convinced these are perfect, but I like them better than the boots! The model is also wearing a scarf — I preferred my gold statement necklace (from Forever 21!).

navy military jacket and green pants | whatlindseylikes

I paired my navy military jacket with my cream chiffon top from Old Navy. This top is so versatile! I can basically wear it with everything I own. On bottom, I wore another pair of my favorite Levi’s pull-on pants — this time in olive green. While I love them overall (again, anything with an elastic waist is guaranteed to be on my love-it list), the lighter color isn’t necessarily the most flattering for my thighs. As long as I’m wearing a longer top, I’m comfortable with them.

I also wanted to try this look with a Forever 21 long navy open front cardigan I had.

forever21 navy sweater and olive green pants | whatlindseylikes

This outfit is definitely more casual and cozy. It’s something I’d wear to a friend’s house for an evening of red wine and gossip. Note to self: Schedule a girls’ night ASAP.

forever 21 open front navy cardigan and olive pants | whatlindseylikes

I haven’t worn my navy military jacket in awhile, but it might have to come out of hibernation once spring officially hits Minnesota. So, like, May.


2 thoughts on “More Pinterest Shopping

    • Thanks! I bought like five military-inspired jackets and sweatshirts from places like Forever 21 and H&M over a short course of time 5-8 years ago. They’ve pretty much just been collecting dust in my closet — might be time to bust them out!

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