What I Love: Wavy Bob Haircut

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have already seen my new ‘do. I’m SO IN LOVE. My stylist is amazing and she did a great job. Normally when I’m taking the plunge and chopping my hair, I get really nervous about whether the stylist with the scissors will understand my vision. Most of this is my fault — I don’t take in enough pictures, or I’ll bring in photos of two styles that look the same to me, but are completely different to the trained eye of a hair stylist. With this cut, I did my homework and paid a little more attention to the details of the images I really loved.

It didn’t matter, because my stylist knew exactly what to do. She went over the different aspects of the cut that were important to me — long layers in the back as opposed to a stacked cut; using a razor to get more wispy ends; etc. She even pointed out a picture in the salon that was exactly what I had described and what was illustrated in the photos I brought with me. I felt so at ease!

OK, enough about the prep. Let’s get to the cut! These are the photos I shared on Instagram, along with one more.

wavy bob haircut | whatlindseylikes

wavy bob haircut | whatlindseylikes

wavy bob haircut | whatlindseylikes

To style this cut, my stylist added some mousse from Oribe (I think it was Grandiose) throughout my hair while it was wet. Then she blow dried my hair. Ha, then I’m a little fuzzy if she added another product…but then she curled my hair using a straightener. Most of the tutorials I linked to from my post about getting my hair cut had recommended clamping the straightener on your hair, then bending the straightener one time (or, in a way that might make more sense, rotate the straightener 180 degrees), then just pull the straightener through. That’s what my stylist did, which resulted in these adorable waves with ends that flicked in whatever direction they pleased. After adding the waves, my stylist used Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray.

My stylist had used this finishing spray on me before and I thought it was amazing, but didn’t want to pay the hefty price tag ($37-40!!!!). Almost all the reviews I’ve read are rave reviews — it appears to be a miracle product. It’s like a hair spray, dry shampoo and volumizer, all in one. My style held ALL DAY on the day of my cut (my cut was at 8:30 in the morning), and actually even looked OK when I woke up the next morning (just as my stylist had promised). If I had planned to go with second-day hair, I would have used my straightener to touch up a few pieces, then would have been good to go.

However, I think one of the most fun things about a new haircut is styling it yourself for the first time, so I got a quick workout in after I woke up, then showered and washed my hair.

I didn’t purchase the Oribe Grandiose mousse that my stylist used — I had read a few articles and reviews of Not Your Mother’s Whip It Up mousse, so I went with that (and saved a ton of money). I did end up buying the Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray, though…I couldn’t help myself! I just want to try it. If anyone knows how to get good deals on Oribe products, let me know. Amazon seemed to be only a few dollars cheaper.

Styling my hair myself went relatively smoothly. I have to get the hang of curling my hair with a straightener. I also have to remember that the best thing about this style is that it’s not supposed to be perfect, which means curls/waves don’t have to be symmetrical or even fully present. I seem to be able to get one side of my head to look awesome, but the other side looks totally different. That’s mostly my inability to use my left hand the same way as I can with my right hand. Hopefully it’ll get better with practice. But thanks to the Whip It Up mousse and Thick Dry Finishing spray, whatever wave I did have is still there. (I’ll do a full review of both products after I’ve had them a little longer — so far so good, but we’ll see what I’m saying two months from now.)


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