What I Did: Shopped My Closet with Pinterest

It’s possible that I might have gone a bit overboard with shopping this past holiday season. There were just too many good deals! But now I need to rein it in and enjoy shopping my existing closet. Enter: Pinterest.

If someone asked me to list a few of my favorite hobbies, Pinterest browsing would be near the top. I’m not sure Pinterest should be considered a hobby, but with the amount of time I spend on it, I have to call it a hobby otherwise I’ll look really lazy.

Because I love shopping, I love browsing the Womens Fashion Pinterest feed. I normally find looks that would look horrific on me, but sometimes I’ll find things that would work for my figure and even contain items I already own. Yet I’ve never spent much time recreating my pins with my wardrobe. Which makes no sense. I don’t overly enjoy cooking, but I’ve made tons of recipes I’ve pinned. You’d think that since I love clothes, recreating Pinterest looks would be the first thing I’d do.

But I don’t. Until now.

Here’s my first round of inspiration.

shopping my closet with Pinterest | whatlindseylikes

What I liked about this pin was its simplicity — black and white, seems easy enough. The jacket also reminded me of a lightweight jacket I had found at Forever 21 after Christmas. While it’s not an exact match for the Pinterest image, it’s close enough for me! I wish I could link you to the original source for the Pinterest pic, but the link takes me to Nordstrom, so I’m assuming the jacket is from Nordstrom… Sorry, I’m not much help. The Pinterest photo model is wearing what looks like a white sweater under her coat. Because my jacket is slightly on the dressy side, I opted for a lightweight chiffon top instead. The model’s scarf looks more texturized than mine is…but mine works. I have a thinner black scarf that I considered layering along with the one I’m wearing to try to match the photo a little more, but then I got lazy. Story of my life!

The model in the Pinterest image looks to be wearing black skinnies. I paired mine with a pair of faux leather leggings that I recently remembered I owned. Depending on the day and my level of confidence in my thighs, I’ll either say these were the best clearance purchase from Target ever or the absolute worst. Feel free to judge me. (Note: New haircut preview!)

shopping my closet with Pinterest | whatlindseylikes

One hard thing about this challenge is that a majority of the images I see on Pinterest are women whose bodies are perfectly proportioned. Since yesterday was a good day for light, I actually photographed quite a few Pinterest outfits. When I visualize the outfit on me in my head, I’m thinking it will look awesome. Then when I see it on my camera, I’m totally confused, “Yikes! Is that what I really look like in those pants?!” And then when I have to compare it, side by side, with the model from Pinterest, it’s a whole other thing.

Either way, perfect-Pinterest-model anxiety aside, I’m hoping that this challenge will help me create new looks with stuff I already own, plus help me save some money.


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