What I’ve Been Doing: Streaming

I’m sorry. I have a really good reason for why I haven’t written in an entire week. It’s called World War I. I’ve been doing tons of research on it lately because I realized I didn’t remember anything I might have learned about it in junior high or high school.

“So, Lindsey, you’ve been researching WW1 for an entire week? Wow, that sounds impressive,” you might be thinking.

It does sound impressive, doesn’t it? Unfortunately it’s not quite the truth. I have been researching WW1, but only in the last couple days. And the reason is actually pretty embarrassing.

It’s called Downton Abbey.

I realize I’m like four years late to the party. But the show is. so. good.

I signed up for Amazon Prime a few months ago so that I could order lots of stuff I don’t need and have it shipped to me crazy-fast for free. I knew the membership meant I had access to Amazon’s streaming service, but I just never used it…until last week. Dan was at a bachelor party so I had time to kill. And kill time I did. I finally looked into Amazon’s streaming service, found Downton Abbey. Two seasons later, I have accomplished nothing else during my time at home. I haven’t done laundry. I haven’t written in this blog. I haven’t gone grocery shopping. I haven’t made any meals.

I’m running out of clean clothes and Dan is starting to starve.

Because I’m so obsessed with the show, and season two takes place during WW1, I had to research some of the major points of the war so I knew how long it would be before Matthew was out of the military and he and Mary could figure their crap out and get together.

The madness has to stop. I need clean clothes to wear to work on Monday, and Dan needs food in order to function.

I’ll get back to regular blogging next week.


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