What I Have: Closet Misfits

I have a confession: Basically every time I say that I’m going to stop buying clothes, I don’t. When I say I’m going to stop buying clothes, what I actually mean is that I want to stop buying clothes and I want you to think I’m being super responsible by stopping the madness.

Last summer, I tried to limit myself to spending only what I had available in Old Navy rewards certificates. But then there would be a really good sale and I had no rewards certificates, so I decided that since I was spending so little, it was OK. That’s fine if it only happened once or twice…but it happened many more times than that. I remember having a phone chat with my best friend, and I was telling her about this amazing deal on dresses from Old Navy. When she asked how many I bought, I quickly calculated it in my head and it was like 12 or 15 dresses. That’s ridiculous!!! I ended up returning seven dresses, but still! Seriously, how could anyone possibly need to buy that many dresses?! (In my defense, they were only about $3-7 each — how was I supposed to resist a $3 dress?! And I knew I wasn’t going to keep all of them, but I bought several of the same color in different styles so I could figure out which style was best for me. OK, I’m done with my excuses now.)

Then the holidays came. Typically all rules about spending are ignored for the months of October through December.

Now that it’s a new year and I’m thinking about what I hope to accomplish financially in 2015, it’s time to set shopping goals again. I have a lot of clothes, but quite a few items are things that I never wear. I call them my closet misfits. I’m in the process of sorting through them to determine if they are truly horrible for me and therefore need to be donated, or if they are salvageable when paired with the right pieces.

First up is this striped sweater from The Limited.

limited striped sweater | whatlindseylikes.com

The Limited and I have a mostly negative history. I went through a phase where I bought LOTS of clothes from there, and realized after wearing each item once or twice that they didn’t really fit the way I wanted them to (or the way I remembered them in the dressing room). Somehow every shirt appeared to be the right length in the store, but after I’ve cut the tags off at home, I realize right away that it’s nowhere near the length I wanted.

limited striped sweater | whatlindseylikes.com

Does this sweater look absolutely horrific? No. But I really, really dislike the proportion of my hips/thighs with the rest of my body (yay for pears). So the place that this sweater hits bothers me. Maybe you think I’m delusional. You’re totally allowed to feel that way. Maybe a year from now I’ll be super proud of that particular part of my body and will think this sweater looks amazing. But that day is not today.

limited striped sweater | whatlindseylikes.com

One solution would be to add a longer top underneath. I have quite a few button-downs that are slightly longer in length, but the way the bottom of this sweater is sewn, the button-down would need to be considerably longer. My shorter button-downs would just get too bunched up with the way this sweater hits.

Luckily I have this light blue chambray button-down tunic from J. Crew that I bought a few years ago. I have a feeling this tunic will be in heavy rotation with the other closet misfits.

limited striped sweater, j crew chambray tunic | whatlindseylikes.com

I’m really happy with the way the tunic helps the sweater. The tunic is a super neutral color, so it doesn’t compete with the stripes at all. The length of the tunic will allow it to rise up a little if the sweater is pulling at it, but it’ll still be long enough to be more flattering for my shape (at least what I consider to be more flattering).

limited striped sweater, j crew chambray tunic | whatlindseylikes.com

I think I’ve saved this shirt from the donation pile (sorry, Goodwill). I’m wearing it here with black straight leg jeans from Loft, but it would easily work with black dress pants or blue jeans.


2 thoughts on “What I Have: Closet Misfits

    • Good luck! It’s so gratifying when it works. I have a few sweaters that I know can’t be saved. But I’ll try!

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