What I Like: New Year’s Eve Attire

Dan and I are welcoming 2015 from the comfort and warmth of our own home rather than venturing outside into the sub-zero temps. You probably lead a more exciting life than I do, but knowing that we aren’t going anywhere or seeing anyone is like a huge sigh of relief for me. Not only can I go to bed as early as I want without disappointing anyone, but I also don’t have to pick out an outfit or figure out a hair style.

That sentence kind of makes it sound like I go all out with my outfits and hair styles for New Year’s. That’s not the case — but I do put pressure on myself for the days leading up to New Year’s about finding some special outfit and hair style…and then the day of, I just completely give up, wear something basic and curl my hair like I always do.

That said, it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy browsing Pinterest for hours trying to pick out outfits and hair styles that I could have worn.

nye comfy and dressy | whatlindseylikes

Necklace, Crossbody Purse, Shoes, Faux Fur Vest, Shirt, Pants

I always pretend I’m going to get super dressed up, but that makes no sense. Comfort is my top priority, and I am very rarely comfortable when really dressed up. But I think I could make an exception for the sequin pants. At least for one night. I truly don’t know how people wearing sequin pants sit down — wouldn’t you bend the sequins on your backside? Maybe I’m overthinking it. I suppose if you are wearing sequin pants, you can’t overthink it.

To balance out my shape in these super flashy pants, I’d choose a tunic-length top in grey with a faux fur vest on top.

Keeping in line with the comfy theme, I’d choose flats over heels. If you’re talented enough to walk in heels like most women, you should totally go for it. Heels are super cute. I just can’t walk in them. Me in heels is a broken ankle about to happen. And who knows what I might grab on my way down from my fall? I’d probably rip my sequin pants too.

The gold Fossil crossbody will hold everything I’d absolutely need for the night, but none of the extra stuff that’ll just give me back pain later. And the necklace is the perfect balance of black and gold.

I’ll share some of my favorite possible hair styles tomorrow. Which won’t give you enough time to practice all of them like I know you’ll want to, so I apologize.


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