What I Wore: Christmas Edition

So my holiday outfits ended up being a bit of a sh*tshow. Please excuse my language, I just watched The Wolf of Wall Street and now I assume it’s OK to swear at least once per sentence.

I had all these great intentions of wearing a cute outfit for Christmas, but things fell apart. Once I bought the snowflake open-front cardigan from Old Navy, I was pretty sure that’s what I wanted to wear. But I couldn’t decide which Christmas to wear it to: Dan’s family or mine. I decided to save it for mine, and ended up wearing a different open-front cardigan to Dan’s parents’ house. Normally it would have been fine to wear a similar style to my parents’ Christmas celebration (which was happening Saturday), but I ended up stopping by to see my mom on Christmas day, so she (along with my brother and his fiancee) saw me in the alternative open-front sweater. So then I felt like I couldn’t wear the Old Navy open-front sweater to my parents’ Christmas either. Ugh!

I looked at the other outfits I had considered, but basically hated all of them for one reason or another.

Instead, I wore a very non-Christmasy sweater with a non-Christmasy scarf. Both are comfortable though, which is the most important component. The sweater is actually the one from H&M I bought in September, that I subsequently complained about because it stretches so much — however, stretching is completely acceptable for holiday meals). I wore it with my favorite Levi’s pull-on leggings in the dark denim wash.

Here I am, posing in the middle of the prep for my parents’ get together: deviled-eggs!! I LOVE deviled eggs.

H&M sweater and scarf | whatlindseylikes

See those beautiful 1991 appliances? Yeah. Our fabulous kitchen also features 1991 teal countertops too.

deviled eggs | whatlindseylikes

Here’s the deviled egg recipe I used. Well, technically I modified it a little bit. Dan prefers his deviled eggs to be slightly more mustard-y, so I doubled the mustard and decreased the mayo measurement a bit…not a good idea. They were WAY TOO MUSTARD-Y. My family gave me the easiest food to contribute to the family meal and I couldn’t even handle that. I also left out the relish…so I guess I didn’t really follow this recipe at all.

Now that the pressure to figure out what to wear for Christmas is over, it’s time to think about New Year’s Eve. Dan and I don’t actually have any plans, so it might just be a decision between sweat pants or pajama pants, and long-sleeve tee or hooded sweatshirt. Decisions, decisions!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! And I hope your outfits turned out better than mine.


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