What I Like: Lounging

I’m a relatively lazy person. When I get home from work, you won’t find me working on house projects like tearing down walls or drilling things. That’s Dan’s thing. You won’t find me working on crafts either. I have very little patience and very little desire to commit to things. Crafts that will take at least multiple hours and possibly multiple days — let alone those that take weeks! — sound horrifying to me. I can handle this blog because it’ll take me a few hours to write a post, take some pics and get it published. Plus, I’m getting to write about stuff I really like, so it’s not work. And if I mess up on a post, I can always go back and easily fix it to my liking. With some craft projects, mistakes aren’t an easy fix. In fact, you might put in tons of hours, mess something up at the very end, and it will all have been a waste!

Maybe I’m a bit pessimistic when it comes to crafts.

Either way, I’d much rather be sitting on my new recliner (how old am I?) with a glass of cheap wine, a cozy sweater and my maltipoo Digger.

Lounging - Forever 21 sweater, cheap wine, maltipoo | whatlindselikes

No one would describe me as a wine connoisseur. The first time I bought wine, I had to frantically email a coworker for advice on what wine to buy — I was having a friend come over and I had stupidly said, “Let’s have some wine!” I literally stopped at Target on my way home from work, bought a four-pack of wine glasses (for white or red wine? I have no idea), stopped at a liquor store and asked a clerk where the bottle I was looking for might be. The clerk asked some kind of clarifying question and I said, “I have no idea what that means. Here’s what I’m looking for,” and I showed her a post-it with the wine my coworker had recommended. The clerk understood what was written on the post-it, so she brought me to the aisle and grabbed the bottle I wanted. I remember making some comment like, “Yeah, I’m not much of a wine drinker. I hope my friend won’t be too offended that I didn’t have enough time to put the wine in the fridge before she gets there.” The clerk looked at me, puzzled, and said, “You don’t put this in the fridge.” Yikes.

The bottle I bought that night was $10. I realize that’s not actually all that expensive…but did you know you can buy a bottle for only $3 from Trader Joe’s?! Ha, OK, I’m sure most of you wouldn’t be impressed with the taste of super cheap wine, but I love it and my palate is not at all sophisticated, so we’re good. I went out to eat with a friend recently and was considering ordering a glass of wine. When the waitress told me the price for one glass was $6, I thought to myself, “Um, why would I pay $6 for a GLASS when I could buy two BOTTLES for that price?!” I didn’t say that out loud for fear of embarrassing my friend, but gracefully declined the glass of wine.

Since it’s the holidays and I’m taking a nice long break from work, I decided a trip to Trader Joe’s for some daytime wine drinking was in order.

Lounging with Forever21 Sweater, cheap red wine and a maltipoo | whatlindseylikes

Mmmm, day drinking. Even Digger is licking his chops.

I found this amazing sweater at Forever 21 for 30% off. I. am. so. excited. You might be thinking, “Gee, Lindsey, doesn’t this sweater look kind of similar to the Old Navy open-front cardigan you just bought?” Yes, it does look really similar. But more importantly, both look good on my pear-shaped body, so I don’t care. I could try to convince you and justify the purchase by pretending this one is more casual while the other is more work-friendly…but I plan on wearing both to work, so it really doesn’t matter.

Forever 21 open front cardigan | whatlindseylikes

Forever 21 open front cardigan | whatlindseylikes

Lounging with Forever 21 open front sweater, cheap wine, maltipoo |whatlindseylikes

You can probably see how happy and comfortable I look. While both the copious amounts of red wine and the super comfy sweater help, I’m also loving this new La-Z-Boy recliner I recently purchased. I have super annoying headaches, and was struggling to find a comfortable couch or chair that I could lounge in for my multi-hour marathons of Netflix. While our family room is under construction, my new recliner is temporarily in our formal living room while Dan is finishing up the remodel. The model I purchased is the Joshua. There are close to a million different fabrics, colors and prints to choose from. Trust me, we looked through all the books in the store, and I browsed the online gallery too. I ended up with a charcoal velvety fabric that I am IN LOVE WITH. It’s so soft and comfy to the touch. Seriously love it.

I’ll write more about how I chose this chair once our family room is done. Choosing couches and/or chairs is one of my new least-favorite things to do.

Lounging, however, is still one of my absolute favorite things to do.



2 thoughts on “What I Like: Lounging

  1. I can SO relate to this post. Your favorite thing is also my favorite thing, just with two Chihuahuas. 🙂
    PS Your hair looks gorgeous in these photos!

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