What I Found: Old Navy Fair Isle Cardigan

Do you ever have clothing items (or maybe home decor items, or insert-anything-you-can-buy-here thing) that you see, and you think, “Wow, that’s cute, but I’m going to wait for a better sale,” or “I love that, but I don’t need it, so I’m just going to sleep on it.”

No, don’t ever sleep on it. Buy it now, then let it sit in your closet with the tags on until you make your final decision.

I’ve learned this lesson so many times. There’s a faux fur vest that my mom talked me out of when I was in high school that I will still reference to her as something I wish I had. Since I know my mom will read this, I’ll ask her: Mom, were your exact words, “Faux fur vests will never stay in style”? And my next question: Mom, what is in style EVERY SINGLE YEAR? Faux fur vests. That vest — which was from Gap — will forever be the one that got away.

A couple years ago, the item I wanted but didn’t buy was the military green vest. I saw it at Old Navy, but didn’t act on it, and then basically every fashion blogger I follow was wearing it (or a more expensive version) and when I finally decided I better buy it, it was gone. Thankfully Old Navy came out with it again last spring, so I bought it immediately and have probably worn it more than almost anything else I own. Crisis averted!

whatlindseylikes | old navy striped sweater

Since late October or early November, I’ve been getting daily emails from Old Navy about their sales and promotions. Almost every email contains a model wearing this super cute black and white open-front fair isle cardigan. The actual model keeps changing, but the sweater is always the same. It’s in some of their holiday commercials too. Look how fun this model is having while wearing my sweater? I should be having that much fun.

old navy open front sweater | whatlindseylikes

Anyway, I loved it, but I knew I didn’t really need it. Plus, it was never as cheap as I wanted or needed it to be.

I got an email from Old Navy sometime last week or the week before about a mega awesome deal on sweaters. The model in the email was of course wearing my sweater, so I decided now was the time to jump. A few of my favorite bloggers were wearing it too, which started to worry me. I clicked the exact picture with the model wearing my sweater, hoping it would take me directly to the sweater online, but the sweater was nowhere to be found. Well, it was on their models all over the site, but it wasn’t available to purchase. I was so sad! I visited my favorite Old Navy brick and mortar store, with no luck.

I was doing some last-minute Christmas shopping this morning at my nearest outlet mall and decided to swing into the Old Navy, mostly to try on a totally different sweater. Anyway, as I was making my way to the dressing room, lo and behold, there was my open-front sweater! And they had two in my size! I grabbed the one that looked to be in the best shape and took it with me to the dressing room…and then eventually to the checkout line. I’m so in love with it and so glad I found it. Might have to be a contender for Christmas. Doesn’t this model look Christmas-appropriate?

old navy fair isle open front cardigan | whatlindseylikes

I have a few open-front cardigans that I love, but I prefer to wear them how the model here is wearing them: pulled closed and cinched in at the waist with a thin belt.


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