What I Love: Levi’s Pull On Legging

Over the last couple years, my mom and I have been buying more and more of the same things. We have quite a few pairs of identical shoes (our shoe sizes are about half a size different, which makes it easier to remember whose is whose; but also means that, if in a pinch, we could wear each others shoes if we needed to). We have a number of the same shirts, sometimes in the same colors and sometimes in different colors. We have the same car. The list goes on.

Some people might be afraid to admit that they have a similar style to their mom, but I love it. My mom is probably complimented at least once a day (more often if she’s attending a special occasion) on one or more parts of her outfits. But just like me: If we’re wearing a particular item that we believe to be super cute and we don’t get any compliments, we are dumb-founded and almost offended.

Now to the pants.

levis pull on pant | whatlindseylikes

My mom called me a few months ago and mentioned that she found these leggings from Levi’s that she thought she liked, but that she needed my opinion. Both of us had been looking for leggings for awhile, but our figures required a thicker fabric with more structure than most leggings on the market provided. We were looking for leggings that were closer to the classification of “real pants” than we were for leggings that were closer to “tights.” When I finally got to see the Levi’s, I told my mom she absolutely had to keep them — they looked great on her.

I didn’t intend to buy them myself, but it just sort of happened. I was walking through near the denim section at Macy’s, found the Levi’s, dug for my size and tried them on. There were three color options: a really dark denim, a slightly lighter denim (not light, but closer to a regular blue jean color), and black. The black pair was a different fabric — it sort of reminds me of how I picture khaki pants…which I realize isn’t helpful since khaki is a color more than a fabric… They weren’t denim, and they weren’t a super dressy fabric, but they were somewhere in between and probably closer to the dressy fabric material.

The jeans I tried on fit amazingly well — they have an elastic waist, which is my favorite thing ever, and the length went just a little past my ankles. They were not so tight that I couldn’t breathe, but they were a little snug, which I decided was good since every pair of women’s jeans seems to stretch at least half a size after you’ve worn them a few hours (other than my Loft straight leg jeans — they truly hold their shape). The black pants were a little different. The legs fit really well, but the waist wasn’t quite as tight. I called my mom to ask her how her black pants fit and she said hers were the same as the jeans, so I knew I probably had a dud pair…however they were the only black pair in my size, so I bought them anyway.

I later bought two additional pairs of the black pants from macys.com and both of them fit more closely to how the jeans fit — which confirms that the original pair I purchased were a fluke. They still fit OK…just get extra roomy in the waist as the day goes on.

My mom and I found an additional color of the pants from Kohl’s — moss stone. Macy’s has them online, and Macy’s also has a color described as ebony grey. We both think the moss stone color is closer to a light olive (maybe that’s what moss is supposed to look like?). I bought them using Kohl’s cash from my Black Friday purchases and just got them in the mail earlier this weekend. They fit the same as the rest of the pants, but I can’t decide if I like them. I have slightly larger thighs and wider hips — I don’t know if the lighter color on my bottom half is a good idea. My decision about whether to keep them will probably rely more on how the Kohl’s cash return situation goes than how good they look.

What You Should Know

I love the elastic waist. They are a slightly higher rise — which for me, means they fit above my stomach pooch instead of below it. They aren’t suffocatingly tight, but they smooth my tummy out. I have noticed if I wear them for an entire day at work and do a lot of sitting, they can start to feel too constricting around my stomach. Some of that has to do with eating too much for lunch, though!

Now, since they are an elastic-waisted pant, I think wearing a shorter shirt that would show the elastic waist might be….awkward. I don’t really wear any shirts that are short enough to hit at my natural waist, so I don’t have that problem. But just a warning to anyone who might. I also think the bum and crotch area (seriously, please give me a better word/term for the “crotch area”) can stretch out a bit depending on how your day goes, which isn’t the most flattering look. Again, most of my shirts hit a little below the hips, so this area is typically hidden for me.

levis pull on leggings | whatlindseylikes

This is the mega dark denim. I know they look black, but I promise they are jeans.

levi's pull on legging | whatlindseylikes

I love that the black pair comes in a slightly dressier fabric. But let’s be real here, though: they are not super dressy. They are dressy enough for my work environment, so I wear them quite a bit. The fabric is crazy soft and has just enough stretch to allow for plenty of leg movement. However, some days they seem to stretch out more than others…I really have no explanation for that. My only real complaint about the black pair is that they attract lint. I definitely have to use a lint roller. Also, the black of the fabric is a lighter black than some of my black tops. It’s not a huge difference, but something I watch out for.

The dark denim pair is probably my new favorite pair of pants. I LOVE them tucked into tall boots, and the fit is great. (I should note that they also look super cute with flats — they aren’t a boot-tucking only kind of pant.) They hold me in where I want to be held, but aren’t uncomfortably tight. As I’ve said, I have a bit of a stomach pooch, and it seems like most of my regular jeans dig into my waist when I’m sitting for extended periods of time, like at work. It becomes so uncomfortable. These pants sit above the pooch, so they aren’t digging in, plus they are elastic. I have noticed that they can over-stretch if I wear them for a really long time. Mostly in the knees and bum area. The bum will look super saggy if I’ve worn them for too long and for lots of sitting. Like a full day of meetings at the office and then a long happy hour (shouldn’t all happy hours be long, though?!) or dinner.

levi's pull on pants |whatlindseylikes

levis pull on pant | whatlindseylikes

As for the fit around the legs, it seems to vary. The pair I’m wearing here are pretty snug, but they haven’t been worn before, so I think they will stretch out after a couple hours. Of the pairs I’ve worn, the legs aren’t super tight. There is a little extra leg fabric. So if you’re looking for skin-tight, glued-to-your-skin pants, these probably aren’t it.

I don’t know the official name for these pants. Sometimes I see them as “Perfectly Slimming Pull On Leggings” and sometimes they are “Pants” — I don’t know what the exact definitions of leggings are, but I usually think of them as a thinner fabric that offers little structure/support. These pants from Levi’s, in my opinion, are really just skinny jeans/pants. The jeans feel like regular jeans, maybe with a little more stretch, but they aren’t a really thin fabric and don’t fit as “glued to your body” as what I imagine leggings do. The black pants are the same — definitely not skin tight and definitely thicker.

Sorry to all of my vertically gifted friends — they don’t come in a long or tall size. Which is really strange, since most other Levi’s jeans come in both long and short.

What I Paid

When not on sale, the pants are listed as $54.99. I’ve never seen them full price before, and they’ve always been the same sale price no matter what store I’ve gone to: $39.99. I bought the first wave of them from the Macy’s store, ordered a couple additional pairs on macys.com and then ordered a few more from kohls.com. I don’t think the Macy’s 20% off coupons work on them (at least that’s what clerks have told me), but I was able to use Kohl’s Cash for them.

I highly recommend these pants if you need new skinny jeans. I have had a terrible time finding skinny jeans that 1) fit me in the first place, 2) don’t dig into my stomach and make it impossible to sit down for more than 20 minutes and 3) don’t stretch out several sizes after an hour of wear. If you are taller than 5’6″, these might not work for you. Also, the smallest size these pants come in is a 4. That size happens to fit me, so if you’re smaller than me, I think you’ll be out of luck (unless you know a good seamstress!).


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