What I’m Wearing: Christmas Option 1

gap striped sweater | whatlindseylikes

Since planning out a slew of outfits worked so well for me on Thanksgiving, I’m doing it again for Christmas. Sometimes I get really theme-y with my outfits (hence the reason I used “cornucopia” in my Thanksgiving posts multiple times), and sometimes I don’t. Most of today’s options are pretty generic — I could wear them almost any day of the fall/winter and they’d be fine.

Back in September, I bought quite a few basic items from Old Navy, including several of their long sleeve chiffon tops (the ones I bought are sold out now, but you can find similar items here, here, here and, if you really want to spend money, here). I’ve had black button down shirts before, but have pretty much hated all of them. I bought this one from Old Navy in a small tall, because I wanted the longer length. In my opinion, it looks best when worn with something over it, otherwise it’s a little too billowy in the torso (here I am wearing it earlier this fall — I think you can see the extra billow best in the first photo). When I wear it with something over it, I tend to LOVE it. It’s the perfect length, it doesn’t cling to my poochy stomach and it isn’t scratchy. Despite all those good things, I haven’t worn it much lately, so I figured developing a few Christmas outfit options around it might make me more likely to wear it before or after Christmas too.

Old Navy crepe chiffon blouse, Gap metallic thread sweater, Loft curvy straight jeans in black

Old Navy crepe chiffon blouse, Gap metallic thread sweater (old – similar here, here, here, here-expensive), Loft curvy straight jeans in black

I love this sweater. I actually bought it last year as part of my New Year’s Eve outfit, which technically I only got to wear for a quick dinner because I was sick. The sweater has a relaxed fit, so it’s not clingy. I think it’s a little too big to be worn with just a tank under it, so I always wear a long-sleeve shirt underneath. It has a thin metallic gold thread that runs through it to make it slightly less basic.

christmas | whatlindseylikes

Digger got a haircut! He doesn’t even look like himself.

I also really love these jeans. I think they are super flattering. My only complaint is that the waist fits a little snug…which is more my problem than yours! When I bought these, they were available in the curvy fit (which is what I have — curvy is for women who tend to find pants that maybe fit their thighs but then the waist size is too big) or modern fit (for women whose thighs and waists are more proportional to each other other). I have similar-fitting corduroys from Loft that I bought at the same time — I got those in the modern style and while there is a bit of a gap in my waist…it makes them much more comfortable to sit in all day at work. I guess we’ll take what we can get!

Next I paired the shirt with a slightly more festive/holiday sweater that also happens to be from Gap.

Old Navy chiffon blouse, Gap striped bow sweater, Loft curvy straight jeans (blue)

Old Navy chiffon blouse, Gap striped bow sweater (old — similar here, here, here, here), Loft curvy straight jeans (blue)

I love stripes, so this sweater gets bonus points right out of the gate. I also love the red bow detail, although it can feel a little juvenile sometimes…in which case I just wrap a scarf around my neck and adjust it so there’s no bow showing.

christmas | whatlindseylikes

These jeans are the blue version of the black Loft jeans I wore in the first outfit. I do think these jeans have faded quite a bit since I got them last fall, but I wear them ALL THE TIME. Until I bought my new favorite jeans (the Levi’s pull-on legging), these were my favorite jeans. I bought two pairs of the dark blue — one seems to have faded more than the other.

My last outfit features a purchase from my Black Friday shopping haul.

I bought this sweater in the brown/cream stripe that I’m wearing here, as well as black/grey stripe. It’s super cute on, and it’s the perfect thing to wear over this chiffon blouse. It’s just billowy enough to not cling to anything you’d want to hide, but the arms are really form-fitting to show that you do have some shape to you. The necklace I’m wearing is mega old from Forever21. I haven’t worn it in awhile, but I got more compliments on this necklace than almost any other piece of jewelry I have. It’s so pretty and dainty.

christmas | whatlindseylikes

Any front runners? The last outfit is the only one with elastic waist pants, so that gives it a bit of an advantage, especially since the other jeans are uncomfortable for long bouts of sitting, which is what I’ll be doing when opening presents. I could always just swap these pull-on leggings with the other pants, though.


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