What I Bought: Black Friday

The Thanksgiving weekend is coming to a close. There’s always some feeling of promise at the beginning of a long weekend — like I’m going to accomplish so much and feel amazingly rested. Then all of a sudden, it’s Sunday night and my work week is about to start again. I had a great long weekend with my family and Dan’s family. I was mildly productive, but there’s always more I could do. I’ve been reading through my first Toastmasters speech, but need to do a few practice runs OUT LOUD before the big day.

My Thanksgiving Day shopping was a bit of a bust, but Friday went much better (and I was done by 8:30 a.m.). When I say, “better,” I mean that I didn’t buy a ton of stuff I don’t need and will then return a few days later. “Better” does not mean tons of fashionable, fun stuff.

I started the morning in the least fun place of all: Home Depot. Dan wanted a couple ladders, and I wanted Dan to be happy. I woke up at 5:45 and couldn’t sleep, so I decided to just get up, get out and get done. Dan was beyond exhausted from nearly two weeks straight of house projects, so I let him sleep and ventured into the shopping wildnerness alone. Home Depot was a cinch — I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. It was probably the best trip to Home Depot ever. I didn’t have to follow Dan around looking at things I don’t understand, nor did I have to stand around watching Dan sort through every board of plywood, looking for the absolute most perfect board in the pile. I’d say there were about 15 employees per shopper, so I was practically escorted all the way to aisle 22 where my ladders were waiting for me.

Next I went to Old Navy. I returned the questionable necklace I had purchased Thanksgiving night, and also checked out the pajama pants, which were all half off. The prices of these might actually be better right now because of Cyber Monday. It looks like they are on-sale online, then an additional 40% off. Just in case you were interested in new pajamas! Here were my favorites:

old navy pajama pants| whatlindseylikes

I might have also purchased a couple cheap t-shirts and one pair of their slipper socks…I wore the slipper socks last night and this morning. Overall, they were comfortable, but the fit was a little weird on my feet. I wouldn’t buy another pair.

After Old Navy, I stopped at Petsmart for puppy pads. When we first got Dig, we lived in a condo with a slow elevator to the puppy potty area. Since we didn’t trust Dig’s tiny bladder to make it all the way to the ground level and out the doors, we trained him to use puppy pads instead. When we moved into the house, we considered trying to train him to go outside like regular dogs…but we were super lazy. And neither of us wanted to have to go outside with Dig in the winters…so puppy pads it was. Now I look for any opportunity to get them on sale, and Petsmart’s 50% deal was as good as it ever gets. I bought enough for almost the next two years.

Once I loaded up the multiple boxes of puppy pads into my vehicle, I made my way to Kohl’s. I ended up going a little overboard there. I blame the multiple people who told me about the amazing deals at Kohl’s and all of those people buying vacuums this weekend. I found the towels I needed for my office’s charitable giving activity and two cardigan sweaters, then decided to check out the vacuums. Here’s the cardigan I found — I love the open front.

sonoma open front cardigan | whatlindseylikes

Minutes later I had a vacuum in my cart and was wheeling it to the checkout register. I walked away with a pile of Kohl’s cash, which I’ll be using this week to buy more pairs of those Levi’s pull-on leggings.

I wouldn’t describe this as the most exciting Black Friday ever, but I was happy with what I found. Dan was super impressed that I had the ladders, and didn’t even seem to notice the other stuff I was able to sneak in. Score!

I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving! Let me know if you score any awesome Cyber Monday deals 🙂


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