What I Bought: Thanksgiving

This post should actually be titled “What I Bought (And Will Subsequently Return): Thanksgiving.”

There are times when I go shopping that I get caught up in the excitement of the trip and buy a bunch of stuff that 1) isn’t actually a good deal or 2) isn’t flattering on me. That’s pretty much the theme of my Thanksgiving day shopping excursion.

My mom and I got to MOA at 4:30 p.m. Old Navy was the only open store that we cared about, so we bopped in to kill time. I bought a scarf that I’m really excited about, a throw for $5 that I don’t really care about and a necklace for $9 that I’ve already returned. I have no good explanation for why I bought the necklace in the first place. I think I reasoned with myself that it wasn’t worth standing in line at Old Navy for just a scarf, so I picked up the necklace to make it more legitimate. Then while standing in line, I saw the $5 blanket, so I picked that up too. I’ll probably keep the blanket and just use it for Dig somewhere in the house.

Next we went to Best Buy. My mom bought a DVD for my brother and I bought a bag of Snickers Minis and a bag of Sour Patch Watermelon. Both of those purchases were great — no disappointments! My mom ended up returning the DVD because she found it way cheaper at Target. So Best Buy really just ended up being a place for us to kill time and buy sugar.

By the time we got through the line at Best Buy, a few other stores had opened. I wanted to go to Loft where everything was 50% off, but apparently the MOA location wasn’t opening until 11 p.m., so we went into Victoria’s Secret next door. I seriously love Victoria’s Secret pajama sets. I think they are SO CUTE. They’re comfy and the prints are adorable. Also there’s something about the winter and the holidays that makes me want to buy every set of pajamas I find.

Here’s how I think I will look in Victoria’s Secret’s pajama sets:

victoria's secret pajamas | whatlindseylikes

Even though her hair is a greasy mess, it still somehow looks good. I wake up with greasy hair too, but usually one side of my hair is sticking up and things are flipping out all over the place.

victoria's secret pajamas | whatlindseylikesNo matter how much I envision myself looking like these models, it’s not how I end up looking. I was too lazy to try the pajamas on in the store — I just grabbed the size I assumed would fit and went on my way to the register. When I got home and tried them on I learned that the top was one size too small. Well, too small for a person with a gut. Clearly the model doesn’t have a gut: you can see she has tons of extra fabric in her shirt’s stomach area. Isn’t that fantastic. The pants are super comfortable and actually fit (well, the waist fits and the pant legs aren’t too small), but in the photos of the models, the pants look flattering, like they might be a boot cut. They are actually just wide the whole way down. And since the pants I bought are mostly white, they make my legs look even bigger than I already think they look. No thanks.

It’s also important to point out that the pajamas weren’t on sale. Technically I got a free pair of slippers with them, but I wouldn’t pay more than $5 for the slippers anyway, so not really a huge “get” in my opinion. My lack of logical shopping didn’t stop there. I bought a sleep tee that also wasn’t on sale. I bought it in the same size as the pajama set, and instead of the shirt being too small, it was overly huge. I think they are supposed to be slightly oversized, but this thing is HUGE. All of this will be going back.

Next we went to Gap. They had their super soft Bowery long sleeves tees half price (everything in the store — including clearance!! — was 50% off). I again was too lazy to try anything on, so I bought a couple in a size that I thought was right. Wrong. Too small. I will most likely return both of them rather than exchange for the right size. They’re cute and SUPER SUPER soft, but I just don’t need them. I really LOVE this grey striped one though!!

gap bowery long sleeve | whatlindseylikes

I also bought a few pairs of socks at Gap. I love them. They’re slightly thicker than most socks, but not so thick that your shoes don’t fit anymore. They will not be going back.

gap snowflake socks | whatlindseylikes

The fun continues! Our next stop was Macy’s. The store was a zoo — SO MANY PEOPLE. My mom and I both bought super cheap air popper popcorn poppers and an 18-piece Pyrex set. Nothing too exciting.

We left Mall of America after Macy’s — mostly because we were carrying too much stuff and needed to drop it off in the car, but then decided we really had no reason to go back into the mall. We left and went to Target, and ended up finding better Pyrex sets for the same price. Well, technically the same price — both sets were $18, but Macy’s charged you $25, and you had to mail in a rebate form to get the $18 price. My mom and I are both lazy when it comes to mail-in rebates, so we’re just going to return the Macy’s sets. We also bought a couple throw blankets.

After Target, I decided I had had all I could handle for the night and went home. That’s when I tried on everything from Victoria’s Secret and Gap, only to learn that all of it needed to be returned.

So of all the things I bought on Thanksgiving, a vast majority of the money I spent will be going back. I had much better luck with my true Black Friday shopping, but more on that later.


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