What I’m Wearing: Thanksgiving Winner

I finally made a decision!

thanksgiving | whatlindseylikes

So this isn’t exactly what I had featured in my earlier posts (#1, #2, #3), but it’s a combination. I’m going with the teal top from Old Navy. It’s super comfortable and doesn’t cling to any of my trouble spots. If it gets warm, I can take off the cardigan and roll up the sleeves. Plus, I love the color.

thanksgiving outfit | whatlindseylikes

thanksgiving outfit | whatlindseylikes

I originally planned to wear grey pants and a black cardigan, but I switched those around. This grey cardigan is from Gap — it’s one of my favorite cardigans because it goes with almost every shirt I own. The pants are from Levi’s — on some websites they’re classified as jeans, sometimes leggings. I think they are more like jeans, but the fabric isn’t denim — it’s almost like a stretchy dress pant fabric. Anyway, they are mega soft and comfortable, and the waist is elastic! Which means I can eat a lot, and still comfortably bend down to pet adorable dogs.

thanksgiving outfit | whatlindseylikes

So I took the above photos this morning, but I took quite a few last night too…although those didn’t turn out as well. I’m going to post them anyway, just so you can see more angles of the outfit. Prepare yourself for lots of grainy, blue-tinted pics!

thanksgiving | whatlindseylikes thanksgiving | whatlindseylikes thanksgiving | whatlindseylikes


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