What I Want: Black Friday Wishlist

Black Friday (what color is Thursday?) is a shopping marathon. My mom and I usually open up the Thursday paper to review ALL of the ads, then we determine our plan of attack and make a list of everything we’d like to get. My mom and I will be heading to the Mall of America Thursday afternoon/evening. Most of the stores I care about are both in MOA and open Thursday night, so I’m hoping to finish most of my Black Friday shopping on Thursday.

I’ve checked some of the ads that have been released over the last week or two. Here are a few stores and deals I’m excited about.

Ulta – Opens at 8 p.m. on Thursday

Ulta has a great sale on products from the Sexy Hair line. The Spray & Play and Spray & Play Harder hairsprays, as well as the Root Pump and Root Pump Plus volumizers, are $6.99 each (regularly $17.95). I love Sexy Hair hairspray for my bangs – I need the strongest hold possible to lock those tresses in place. I still haven’t figured out how to use volumizer properly, but have decent luck half of the time I’ve used the Root Pump Plus volumizer from Sexy Hair. For $6.99, it’s practically cheaper than a drugstore brand. Now I just need to dedicate some time to watching YouTube tutorials for proper volume. I’m confident everyone else learned this a long time ago.

Ulta also have a deal on Clarisonic brush head replacements. I stopped using my Clarisonic Mia more than a year ago, but when I did use it, I always looked for an opportunity to buy the brush heads on sale. Ulta has a Black Friday sale where you get three brushes and an adorable little zip-up package for $44 (regularly $94).

J. Crew – 6 p.m. on Thursday (I think?)

The J. Crew Factory site has everything 50% off right now. There are tons of cute items, but I think I’d need an additional 50% off in order to be truly tempted. But if you’re good paying $35ish per shirt (and they have TONS of cute shirts!), you should check it out. Here’s the top I really want.

jcrew tunic | whatlindseylikes

I don’t actually know what the regular J. Crew store is doing. They had 30% off everything earlier this week with 40% off sale items, so my guess is 40-50% off for Black Friday and this weekend? Again, those deals aren’t enticing enough to me, so I’ll just be admiring their adorable clothes from afar this year. I couldn’t find their holiday hours listed on their site anywhere – I’m sure it’s somewhere in plain view, but I didn’t see it. I went to the store locator and checked the stores at my nearby malls with no luck about Thanksgiving hours. Super annoying. When I did a Google search, I saw one store in another state saying they open at 6 — I’m going to pretend that applies to Minnesota as well.

Old Navy – Opens at 4 p.m. on Thursday

Old Navy is offering 50% the entire store (I’m going out on a limb and assuming that clearance items aren’t included). I think I would load-up on basics (long sleeve tees, lightweight turtle necks, scarves) since those items are already priced relatively cheap. I’ve wanted a pair of slipper socks for awhile; they have some cute colors.

old navy winter accessories | whatlindseylikes

I don’t need any more pixie pants or workout clothes at the moment…although I could always be convinced that I should get a cute pair of printed compression capris.

Gap – Opens at 6 p.m. Thursday

I haven’t been super impressed with Gap lately – their clothes are not speaking to me. But I usually like their button-down tops and some of their basic tees. Since everything in the store is 50% off, I’ll check it out. I did stop by their outlet/factory store that just opened up near my house – the majority of the store was 50%, but even at that price, most of the stuff didn’t seem worth it. Plus, I took advantage of some sales at Gap.com yesterday — tons of sweaters that were $19 or less. I bought their raglan boyfriend sweater in this coral-y color. I’m usually not a fan of v-neck sweaters, but the color options available for the crew neck weren’t as bright.

gap boyfriend raglan sweater | whatlindseylikes

Best Buy – Opens at 5 p.m. on Thursday

I don’t typically care too much about deals on electronics, although I did obsess about an iPad deal a couple years ago. This year I was obsessing about a DSLR camera. I love my blog and want to make it as great as possible. While my cell phone snapshots of outfits have been totally OK, I’d like to take things to the next level. And I really do mean the next level – we’re not jumping to “pro photographer” status anytime soon. I’m going up just one little step.

I considered going the point-and-shoot route, but I figured that wouldn’t increase the quality of my photos by all that much. I really wanted more control of the camera settings. After doing a lot of research and scanning of Best Buy’s Black Friday ad, I was leaning toward the Canon Rebel T3i bundle. It’s a great deal at $500 (a savings of $400). The camera has all the features that I’d want, most importantly the articulating screen (which makes it a lot easier to know if my shot will include my entire outfit or only part of it).

However, apparently stores do all their best deals the week before Black Friday (I’m just learning this now, I guess), and Best Buy happened to have the Canon Rebel T5i (newer model) bundle on sale this week. Since I’m incredibly impatient, I decided to go for it. It was more expensive than the T3i bundle, but the camera body itself is a little better, as are the lenses that come with the bundle kit. Will it be amazingly better? Probably not, but I’m impatient and had saved money on a different big purchase, so I went with it.

Kohl’s – Opens at 6 p.m. Thursday

Kohl’s is the kind of store that I can walk around with no intentions of buying anything, but walk out having spent more than $100. My Kohl’s list for Thursday/Black Friday is pretty short. I need to buy a bunch of bath towels for a charitable giving activity with work. Other than that, I might check out Sonicare toothbrush replacement heads.

Where are you shopping? Will you shop on Thursday and Friday? What great deals am I missing? Oh, and are you shopping Small Business Saturday?!


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