What I’m Wearing: Black Friday

Black Friday is my favorite holiday. It’s all of my favorite things in one day: amazing leftovers of all the best comfort foods; quality time with my mom; and TONS OF SHOPPING. It’s not so much about what I come home with, though. For me, it’s more about just being at all the stores with the masses of people trying to get their deals on. When deciding what to wear while interacting with those masses, I have to be very strategic. This typically leaves me with two options.

Serious Shopper

The “Serious Shopper” says, “I’m here to shop, not get selected to appear on a street style blog.” This is what I’d wear if I mean business on Black Friday.

black friday - old navy liquid leggings | whatlindseylikes

These pants (Old Navy’s Liquid Leggings) will be comfortable for the hours of leg movement I’ll be racking up. They’ll stretch right along with me as I reach across the racks to grab that last sweater in my size. When digging through the pyramid of boxes that is the Macy’s home appliances section, they’ll allow me to twist and maneuver over stacks of griddles so I can grab that blender. They’ll also wick away any sweat that develops as I’m power-walking from one end of the mall to the other carrying both the griddle and blender. Just kidding. I always park my car close to the Macy’s entrance on Black Friday so I can drop that stuff off, THEN power-walk to the other side of the mall. I love that these pants are slightly more interesting than my regular yoga/athletic pants — the faux leather makes it look like I almost tried to be fashionable.

black friday - inc sweatshirt | whatlindseylikes


This zip-up sweatshirt (Macy’s INC Asymmetrical Zip-Front Sweatshirt — another option is this cute cardigan from ModCloth) will be enough to keep me warm for the short jaunt between my car and the mall entrance. I have several pullover sweatshirts from Victoria’s Secret that I LOVE, but pullover isn’t a good option if there’s a chance I’ll be trying on lots of shirts. And if I’m wearing this outfit, I at least intend to try on a lot of shirts. The zip-up sweatshirt provides an easy-off-easy-on process in the dressing room. The asymmetrical zipper adds another element of “I kind of tried.” I think it’s lightweight enough to not cause me to overheat while power-walking. Plus, it’s long enough to cover my bum in the leggings from Old Navy.

Clearly I’m concerned about overheating on Black Friday. Seriously, it’s like I’m going through menopause ALL THE TIME. Moving on.

most comfortable shoes - dr scholls jamie | whatlindseylikes

These shoes (Dr. Scholl’s Jamie) are my favorite shoes ever. I actually get more compliments on these shoes than any pair of more fashionably acceptable shoes I own. They have an awesome, cushiony support that keep my feet comfortable for the miles of walking I intend to do. While they have laces, the laces are just for show – these are slip-ons! Does the fact that I’m super excited about slip-on shoes make me really old? Between that and the statement about menopause, you are probably getting some insight to the way my life works. Oh well. These shoes are another easy-off-easy-on item. If lots of clearance shoes or pants make their way into my line of sight, I need to be ready to try them on, and I don’t want a difficult pair of shoes holding me back.

Leisurely Shopper

My “Leisurely Shopper” is all about enjoying the experience. This is what I’d wear if I wasn’t on a shopping mission.

black friday - levis leggings | whatlindseylikes

These pants (Levi’s Perfectly Slimming Pull-on Pants/Leggings) are comfortable. While they do have an elastic waist (seriously, I want all my pants to have an elastic waist), they weren’t really made for all the bending and twisting a serious Black Friday shopper needs. They’re cute and comfortable, but probably not meant for six hours of shopping. Also, they’re jeans, so they won’t wick away sweat. These were made for a leisurely walk from one store to the next; a slow journey around the mall as opposed to a race from one end to the other.

black friday - jcrew gingham | whatlindseylikes

Because this outfit calls for a more leisurely attitude, I went with a button-down shirt (J. Crew has a million adorable button-downs — I liked this gingham, but there were five or six I really wanted). This shirt is actually super comfortable, and it works for any situations where I want to try on 18 shirts in the dressing room, but looks slightly more pulled together. Black Friday is all about versatility. If I want to try on 18 shirts, I need to be ready. While this shirt might not be as warm as the hoodie from the other outfit or quite as soft, I can still roll the sleeves down when I have to run from my car to the mall, then roll them up once I’m in the store and my body temperature has adjusted.

black friday - lucca vest | whatlindseylikes

And since I rarely leave home without a vest…this vest (Lulu’s Lucca Couture Military Grade Jacket — a little pricey) is a great option for Black Friday shopping because I can store all my purse essentials in my pockets and keep my hands free for holding shopping bags or potential purchases. While all my favorite shopping purses are lightweight and crossbody, they can still be somewhat in the way if you’re really focused on shopping. Maybe I’m being too picky.

black friday - riding boots | whatlindseylikesI love my riding boots, but they were certainly not made for walking. Nor were they made for easy-off-easy-on applications. These boots (Merona’s Kasia — other options include Bare Traps’ Selina and Ralph Lauren’s Jacqui Chain) would only be chosen if I have no intention of trying on multiple pairs of pants or shoes.

It’s too soon for me to know what I’ll wear. So far, I only have one thing on my Black Friday wishlist. I need to figure out what gifts I’m planning to buy so I have an idea of how serious I need to be.

Do you have a go-to Black Friday or marathon-shopping outfit? Or at least one essential item you take on all your shopping trips?


4 thoughts on “What I’m Wearing: Black Friday

  1. My Black Friday outfit will be pajamas with a comforter overlay. 🙂 I give you so much credit for getting out there and actually enjoying it! I hope you find some awesome deals!

    In saying all that, I’m obsessed with that zip-up sweatshirt above. I LOVE that style, but every time I try one on, it looks super awkward on me. It must have to do with my chest. Sigh.

    • At first I pictured you walking around Mall of America in your pajamas while carrying your comforter. Could have been a cute look!

      I haven’t tried on any of the asymmetrical zip-ups, but I’m pretty tempted to check out this one. I’m hoping it’s on sale at the store…we’ll see. Sorry you haven’t had any luck! I wonder if Victoria’s Secret makes anything similar? Ha, I don’t know why I assume that they would be better, but I like to think they know what they’re doing with that area.

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