What I Like: Wedding Day Beauty

While Dan and I have no intentions of getting married anytime soon, I do love to daydream about what kind of wedding dress I’d wear. In fact, wedding dress shopping and receiving lots of gifts are basically the only reasons I want to get married! Because neither of those two reasons are the right reasons to get married, I won’t be doing it.

When Lover.ly — an online wedding planning resource that has basically everything you need to plan your big day — reached out to me asking if I’d be interested in selecting a wedding gown and then styling it, I was so excited! Finally I had a legitimate reason to look at wedding dresses. Not like I need an excuse to browse for things I don’t need, but it helps when someone is inviting me to do it. Right? This was my opportunity to do all the fun wedding things without all the stress of a real wedding.

I browsed through pages of their dresses, trying to decide which one was my favorite. There were SO many that I loved but definitely wouldn’t fit my body type. Ha, I suppose I didn’t have to pick something that I would want to wear…but I typically make everything about me, so why wouldn’t I do that here too? I found tons of super cute dresses, but this is the one I eventually chose.

Aria 620FX wedding dress

Aria 620FX wedding dress

I loved this dress because it was so simply elegant. I’d have to wear quite a few body-slimming undergarments, but that’s a given on a wedding day.

For a dress this simple, I would keep the hair and makeup really soft and lightweight. I browsed Pinterest to find the exact eye makeup looks that I pictured for this dress. It was important to me that they were looks I could re-create on my own. Here are my favorites:

The makeup is really simple, but her eyes definitely pop! The eye shadow doesn’t feel heavy at all. You’d have to be really selective about the mascara you chose — if you’re a crier, definitely go with waterproof!

Here’s another look I loved:

Again, super simple, but makes your eyes pop. For a wedding, I think I’d add more eyeliner and multiple coats of mascara for a little more drama.

The best thing about both of these looks? They use colors from the Urban Decay Naked palette. This is my absolute favorite eye shadow ever. It goes on smoothly and the pigment is true-to-palette. You can create a million different looks with this palette.

To create both of these looks, here’s what you need:

Eye makeup essentials | whatlindseylikesUrban Decay Primer Potion — The No. 1 eye makeup product ever. I went years thinking that no eye shadow would ever stay on my eyes. I just didn’t know this existed! I wrote a review of it here. This product will keep your eye shadow in place ALL DAY. No more buildup in your creases.

Eyeliner: Bare Minerals, Stila, Maybelline — Why do I recommend three different eye liners? They all do different things. Well, I use them all for different things. If I was talented, I’d probably know how to use just one product, but here I am, using three. I’d use the Stila liquid liner first to create a really black, sharp line that gets in between my lashes. I’d use the Bare Minerals liner to soften it up a bit. I’d use the Maybelline liner to get into my waterline.

Maybelline Colassal Volum’Express mascara — I’d want as much volume as possible for my eyelashes. Maybelline’s The Colassal Volum’Express would be perfect.

Urban Decay Naked Palette — The best eye shadow palette ever. So many colors, so many possibilities. The colors used in the looks I featured are Virgin, Sin, Hustle, Toasted and Buck.

For my face, I’d stick with my tried and true Bare Minerals routine. When used with their Prime Time foundation primer, it lasts ALL day. As for lipstick, I wish I had a specific recommendation. For me, I’d stick with a soft, natural-looking pink. I’d love to go with a bold red, especially since the rest of the look is so simple, but I haven’t found a bold red that looks good on me. I actually haven’t found any red — bold or not — that looks good on me. Oh well, we can’t have it all, can we?! If you have recommendations for what a pale, pink-skin-toned person should wear, let me know!

I’m not sure what the rules are when it comes to hair styles and wedding gowns. I’m positive there’s a Pinterest infographic that would tell me the rules, but I’m typically anti-rules when it comes to hair: I’ll wear my hair how I want to. The theme of my look is soft, and I think I’d stick with that theme for my hair too, so I’d do soft waves or curls. I don’t think I’d want to look beachy, necessarily, but that fine line somewhere between “did she hang out at the beach all day?” and “how long did it take her to wand her hair so that every wave looks perfect?” It seems like updos are typically the wedding hairstyle go-to. That sounds great in theory, but I get headaches really easily, so I’m positive I’d have a throbbing headache within a few minutes of my hair going up. The day will be stressful enough — why add a migraine into the mix?

So, that’s my wedding day look that I will most likely never use. Ha, it makes me want to go shopping for a cute white casual dress that I will most likely never wear. But that hasn’t stopped me from buying things in the past!

I want to thank Lover.ly for the opportunity to do such a fun post! If I were in wedding planning mode, I would probably spend hours on this site every day. They have basically everything you could ever want or need to know about weddings, all in one place. I’m incredibly lazy, so a one-stop shop sounds right up my alley.


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