What I’m Wearing: Thanksgiving Option 2

In my last Thanksgiving outfit post, I wanted everyone to look at me and think, “Wow, did Lindsey just come from a November calendar photo shoot?” While I think that’s a great look to have, I don’t want to dismiss any cute outfits just because they don’t scream cornucopia. So today’s post will be a bit more open-minded.

Like I said last time, I love my Old Navy pixie pants, and I flat-out said I’d talk about them in another post. This is that post.

I’m loving the grey pair I bought. They feel like another neutral color (like black and navy), but they are somehow more fun. Not sure too many people would describe grey as fun, but I feel like since it’s not black, navy or khaki, it instantly gets to be labeled fun. Let’s be honest, my standards for fun aren’t that high. Moving on.

I think these pants would look great with all of the top options from my first post (except the camel brown sweater from Gap). They go with all of the Old Navy chiffon tops I have: cream, black, teal, pink. For Thanksgiving, I think my favorite chiffon top pairing (because who doesn’t have a favorite chiffon top pairing?) would be the grey pants and teal top, then a form fitting black cardigan.

pixie pants

I’m not sure what color of necklace to wear. I typically love wearing a gold necklace with this teal top, but I’m not feeling the gold necklace with grey pants today. That doesn’t really make any sense because I actually love gold with grey in almost every other instance. But the teal is throwing me off, I think. These silver necklaces from Banana Republic should do the trick.

banana republic necklaces

While I like the teal top, I also really like the color cream for Thanksgiving. This top is from the Jennifer Lopez line from Kohl’s. Overall it’s a cute top…but the sleeves remind me of the Pirate Shirt from that episode of Seinfeld. The sleeves have a lot of poof going on at the wrists…so I only wear the shirt with a sweater over it. I’ve tried rolling the sleeves in the past, but the chiffon fabric doesn’t seem to hold very well. For Thanksgiving, I liked the idea of the cream shirt with this Mossimo (Target) maroon cardigan. It’s all really simple, but I love the maroon and grey together. I think any of my gold necklaces would go with this outfit, but I chose this gold leaf necklace from Forever 21.

cream-grey-maroonWhich one do you like best?

Again, since I’d be wearing pixie pants, socks won’t work with the outfit. In this case, though, I think a simple pair of black house slippers would suffice.


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