What I’m Wearing: Thanksgiving Option 1

In general, I hate trying to pick an outfit for a special occasion. There’s too much pressure. Am I dressy enough? Am I too dressy? Does this color of pink work with my skin tone? Does this scarf look like it’s strangling me? Will this outfit make me sweat? Are these pants going to dig into my stomach and make me feel sick within 30 minutes?

So many questions.

Every Thanksgiving, I tell myself that I’m going to find the perfect balance of pulled together and comfortable. But then every year comes, and even if I had picked out something to wear, I change my mind that day and then go through my entire closet trying to find something. Not this year! This year I’m going to come up with several fool-proof outfits that would be perfect for Thanksgiving.

Comfort is most important. I plan to eat a lot, and I need a waistline that’s going to allow me to do it without punishing me for my poor choices later in the day when I’m sitting on the couch. (Or — gasp! — makes me feel too sick to shop!) I need a waistband that will expand with me while I’m on my third helping of my favorite homemade mac and cheese; my second plateful of mashed potatoes and pool of gravy; my third piece of pie (with ice cream, no less). Enter the Old Navy Pixie Pants.

Earlier this fall, I bought a few pairs of Old Navy’s Pixie Pants. I wrote about them here, and I said I wasn’t sure they were worth it. Well apparently I decided they were worth it, because I bought two pairs. While I’m not confident they will last more than two years as far as quality goes, I truly love them. So today’s post will feature the red pair, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if another post features the other pair I bought (or possibly even the pair I bought last spring).

old navy pixie pantSo there are tons of things I can wear with these red pixie pants – they’re adorable with almost all of my button-down shirts – but I’m looking for something that screams fall/Thanksgiving/cornucopias/the real deal. I want to look like I just came from a November calendar photo shoot.

Before I go any further, let me first explain how this need to “look super fall” is all for nothing. My Thanksgiving meal is not going to be with 100 people, all of whom are stylists. I’m just hanging out with my parents, my brother, his fiancée and Dan. So why I’m putting this much thought into it, I don’t know. But here I am.

OK, so “November calendar photo shoot” is the look I’m going for. Red seems like a pretty safe fall color, but these pants are a pretty vibrant red, so the wrong top could be VERY wrong. I feel like brown of some kind would be cute. Sounds pretty “fall” to me. A chocolate brown would have been really pretty, but I don’t have anything in chocolate brown. How I don’t have anything in chocolate brown, I don’t know. I swear I used to live in chocolate brown clothes – I’m not sure where they all went. Either way, they aren’t hanging in my closet today.

I bought a camel turtleneck sweater from Gap a couple years ago. I loved it when I first bought it and wore it once a week every week pretty consistently for a few months. Ever since we moved into our house, though, and I’ve washed it in our new washing machine, it hasn’t been the same. It pills like that’s its job, and anything that’s in the washer with it is covered in fuzz/fibers. I haven’t worn it in almost a year because I don’t want to have to wash it again (I’ll just have to hand wash it, I guess). Anyway, if I can clean up the pilling, I think this shirt could work. However, it’s a pretty warm sweater, so the chances of overheating are relatively high. Also, it’s not as long as I’d like, especially for the bum support-lacking pixie pants. Gap doesn’t have my exact turtleneck for sale right now, but I found this one, and this one (pictured below). I might actually have to buy the one pictured below tomorrow because it would be perfect!

My sweater is a couple years old...but this one would be perfect! Love that it's a tunic!

My sweater is a couple years old…but this one would be perfect! Love that it’s a tunic!

I also have this cream chiffon top (similar to this one pictured below) I bought from Old Navy last year. This is one of my favorite purchases. It’s nearly identical to the chiffon tops I bought earlier this fall during a one-day wonder sale, but what I like better about this top is that it doesn’t have a collar and only buttons halfway down the shirt instead of all the way.

Banana Republic Silk Pullover BlouseI also think cream will look better than white. White feels too harsh right now. However, I think I’d love white closer to Christmas when there’s snow on the ground. That could be a super cute December calendar photo shoot outfit. I’ll remember that for a December post.

So I love the top from Old Navy, but I bought it in a Tall size, which makes the length perfect, but makes the torso just a bit billowy. I think it needs a sweater or cardigan to go with it. I have this darker cream sweater that has gold threads running through it that I know will look cute with the Old Navy top. How do I know they’ll look cute together? Because they were the co-stars of my NYE 2013 look (which unfortunately was only seen by Dan and a few restaurant patrons because I was too sick to go to the party we were invited to). Anyway. The two-shirt combo might be a little warm, so there’s a chance for sweating, but I think my parents usually set their thermostat to something super cold, so I’ll survive.

Which of these do you like best?

I need your help! The pixie pants are super cute and everything, but they would look horrible with socks. That means I’ll be walking around barefoot in the house (we’re a “no shoes in the house” kind of family – more on that later). How do we feel about being barefoot? Typically I’ve been fine with that, but something about it seems wrong. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and older people equate being barefoot with living ‘fancy free’ and not being serious? Either way, I’m thinking I should wear some kind of slipper or something. Any recommendations for cute house slippers? And what color should I get? Are house slippers like high heels – if I got a nude color, would it elongate the look of my leg? Ha! Just kidding. Unless you think it would, then I would totally do it.


2 thoughts on “What I’m Wearing: Thanksgiving Option 1

  1. As you know, I also love, LOVE my pixie pants. But yes, I feel like I won’t be able to wear them in the winter because I don’t want to wear socks with them, flats without socks in the winter will be super cold and I think they’d look terrible with boots.

    Since you’ll be in the house, I say wear the red pixies and pick up a pair of flat, beige slippers to wear. Even if they were like ballet style that would be cute. Then I saw wear the cream chiffon top with a light sweater over it. If you get too hot, you can take the sweater off and still look classy!

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence! I’ll have to start looking for slippers soon. I have a few more outfit options planned, but I think the slippers would work with all of them.

      These pixie pants are just so comfortable. They’re almost more comfortable than yoga pants. Not quite, but almost!

      I haven’t decided what to do about them this winter. I agree — I don’t think they’ll look good with boots (I think the knees will be super bunchy!). But I love them too much not to wear them, so I think I’ll just have to be cold a few days. I wear snow boots during my “commute” as soon as the snow starts to fall, so I think I can wear socks and boots on my way to and from work, but then just go sockless once I’m in. I’ll have to see how many weird looks I get for wearing ankle-length pants in the winter.

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