What I’m Wearing: Military Vest

old navy canvas military vest

What I’m wearing: Old Navy canvas military vest (I have it in a cream color too!), Old Navy slub knit long sleeve tee, H&M scarf, LOFT curvy straight leg jeans, Sperry leopard flats

Minnesota is getting a beautiful fall this year! The leaves are amazing. I’m trying to take as many pictures as possible while the temps and backdrops cooperate.

This vest is probably one of my favorite purchases ever. I saw it a few years ago on several of my favorite fashion bloggers, but I was too cheap to buy it when it was available, then it sold out in my size. I was so mad at myself! Luckily Old Navy seems to bring back everything, so I was able to buy it last spring.

I’m pretty obsessed with vests, but this one is probably my favorite. It goes with almost everything I own. Here I am with Dig on a different day earlier this fall:

old navy canvas vest pink gingham

What I’m wearing: Same vest, Gap boyfriend pink gingham button down (old), loveable maltipoo

I think I’ve mentioned about 18 thousand times that I prefer my shirts on the longer side. What’s great about this vest is that if I have a shirt that’s too short to wear on its own, I can put this vest over it and I’m happy. I have quite a few shirts I’ve purchased that either started out longer and shrunk when they dried or were never long and I somehow bought them anyway. I actually have quite a few things I’ve purchased that a few weeks later caused me to question where my brain was. Anyway. This vest makes all those too-short-shirts wearable, which almost makes me feel like I have new clothes, which almost makes me think I can skip a weekend trip to the mall…but if I do end up going to the mall against my better judgment, I can wear this vest and leave my purse at home because the pockets are PERFECT for carrying the essentials.

Here’s Dig getting in on the fall-leaf-love. Mostly in a “I love eating fall leaves” more than “I love looking at fall leaves.”

old navy vest with dig

Here we are pretending to look at something important. Dig might have actually been looking at something important. I think he saw me looking and assumed I had spotted something really special, like another dog or more leaves to eat.

old navy vest 3


2 thoughts on “What I’m Wearing: Military Vest

  1. Hey Lindsey! It was great meeting you on Saturday. So I ended up checking out your blog when I should have been listening to a certain story about an Ironman (achem). And I somehow got to your bathroom rant posts, which were hilarious and spot-on. Anyway, your blog is fun and I like your style. I’ll definitely be stopping back!

    • It was so great meeting you too! That’s what I should have been doing during that presentation…
      I did take the leap last night and set myself up on Bluehost — so my blog is now whatlindseylikes.com! Just have to figure out what to do with this blog. So much to learn! I’ll be checking out your blog tonight 🙂

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