What I’m Returning: LOFT Curvy Skinny Jeans


What I’m returning: LOFT curvy skinny jeans

Last weekend I shopped ’til I dropped (due to blisters on the backs of my feet — ouch!) with my mom at the new outlet mall. The only store where I walked out with a shopping bag was LOFT. I bought the sweatshirt I posted about last week, along with two pairs of jeans (it was a buy-one-get-one-free sale). I had pretty good luck with LOFT jeans last fall (straight leg), but these definitely felt like a different kind of jean material. Last year’s jeans had some stretch, but they pretty much held their shape every time I wore them.

I wore these new skinny jeans around the house (read: sitting on the couch watching House Hunters on Netflix!) for a few hours. The waist  and crotch area (what’s a less offensive way of saying “crotch area”?) had totally stretched out. The pants weren’t falling off me, but there was quite a bit of saggy going on. The picture above makes the jeans look pretty well glued to your skin — mine never looked that skinny.

Since they weren’t necessarily cheap ($70 for two pairs, which is a decent deal if they both work), I’m taking them back. I would really like a good pair of skinny jeans, but these weren’t it. It looks like LOFT has two styles of skinny jeans: skinny and super skinny. I’m thinking that maybe the super skinny would be better…but I also don’t want something suffocatingly tight. A girl can’t win!


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