What I Pin: Fall Vests


One of my favorite things about fall is that I can start wearing vests again. Vests are awesome for a number of reasons. 1) You can put all your essentials (phone, credit cards, cash, ID, chapstick, keys) into your pockets and go purseless for the day. Purses are cute and all, but I love being totally hands free! 2) If you’re feeling a little pudgy around your midsection, and that’s most days for me, your vest is the perfect cover up! No visible lumps and bumps. Wearing jeans that cause a muffin top? No worries, it’s hidden! Ate too much the last several days and now your belly is hanging out over your jeans? Go ahead and have that extra cookie — your vest will zip right over it and no one is any the wiser! Vests are very forgiving, just like my beloved elastic waist pants.

Ha, OK, I’ve taken a turn here. This post should have been titled: What to wear after a holiday meal.

Moving on.

Vests, for me, are the perfect answer to feeling completely laid back while also looking put together. You can pair them with chambray and plaid button-downs, sweaters, striped tees — basically anything and everything.

I practically lived in vests last fall and early winter. Especially when I was meeting friends for dinner or going shopping. I absolutely HATE lugging my coat everywhere I go, and I despise carrying a coat while I’m shopping. Since I typically would only be outside for the short distance between my vehicle and the restaurant/mall, the vest provided just enough protection from the cold, but was also comfortable to wear inside. In some instances, like hardcore Black Friday shopping, the vest was almost too warm to wear while indoors. Since it was easy to fold up, I was able to toss it into a shopping bag and continue on my way. If I had a coat, I’d have to — ick — tie it around my waist. The horror! Just kidding. Well, not for me, but there are some people who can do that and somehow still look good. Good for you.

I have a decent collection of vests, but not in the array of colors I posted here. Most of mine are slightly poofier (better for hiding extra helpings of cookies or mashed potatoes, oh, and adding warmth), but Old Navy and J. Crew Factory have quite a few options for the thinner style vests. Once I get my next round of rewards coupons from Old Navy, I’ll probably consider getting one or two vests (maybe the red or green). I think those would be the most versatile for my wardrobe.


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