What I Bought: Tres Bien


What I bought: Tres Bien striped sweatshirt from LOFT

What I paid: $25 (50% off at LOFT Outlet store)

Yesterday was a gorgeous fall day in Minnesota. My mom and I wanted to take advantage of the weather, but didn’t feel like being overly athletic, so we went where any lazy woman who wants credit for being outside would go: an outlet mall.

LOFT was our first stop. They were having a pretty decent sale: 50% off almost everything. Most of their jeans were buy-one-get-one-free, tees were buy-one-get-one-free, leggings were 30% off and this sweatshirt (and a few other embellished sweatshirts) was 50% off. There were lots of other sales, but these particular sales were the only ones I considered taking advantage of. I quickly rethought the purchase of leggings after witnessing the horror of what my body looks like in them during a trip to the dressing room. Yikes. I also tried on a pair of coated jeans, which I’ve always admired on my favorite fashion bloggers. Most of them, however, have much better hip-to-thigh ratios. They probably would have looked good in the leggings too. Me? Not so much.

On to the positives.

I saw this sweatshirt on the wall and loved it, but assumed it would fit oddly on me as it seems most LOFT shirts do lately. I was headed to the fitting room to try on a few pairs of jeans, and decided I might as well just try the sweatshirt on. I did, and loved it!

However, the checkout line was CRAZY long. I guess everyone else in the metro area concluded that outlet shopping on a beautiful fall day was a good idea and almost all of them were in line at LOFT. I didn’t want to spend that much time in line, so I hung the shirt at the back of the rack (because that somehow makes me think no one else will ever find it) and left the store in search of other deals with my mom.

After a few stops, we were empty-handed. My mom found a couple pairs of pants at Ann Taylor, but they weren’t exactly the color she was looking for. We walked around the Coach store, but with the exception of a pair of tennis shoes my mom tried on, we found nothing of interest. After striking out everywhere else and developing blisters on the back of my heels, we decided to throw in the towel. I hadn’t stopped thinking about the sweatshirt, though, so I made my mom go back to LOFT with me while I tried it on one last time. This is when I got sucked into some of the other sales throughout the store, so I tried on a couple pairs of jeans (LOFT curvy bootcut and LOFT curvy skinny) and the sweatshirt. The line was considerably shorter on this visit, so I took that as a sign that I was meant to have the sweatshirt. And now I do.

I loved the shirt so much I had to wear it today! And of course Dig had to get in on the pictures again. I promise I will eventually post pics that don’t include my dog.


I bought a small, and find it to be a little roomy (I considered trying on the petite style, but had a feeling it would be too short and probably too tight). I’m wearing a grey tank top (Merona from Target), plus a thin black t-shirt (Old Navy’s slub knit tee, to be exact) just to take up some of the extra space. It’s perfect for a sunny fall day like today. I’m wearing a necklace I bought from LOFT a couple years ago, and my LOFT modern straight cords in darkest cranberry. By the way, I love these pants! I bought them last fall and wore them all season and most of the winter. I got lucky and picked up a black pair for only $10 during a clearance event. They’d actually look great with this sweatshirt…how convenient. My ballet slippers are from Old Navy — they have a cream-colored umbrella print all over.

The shirt is SO comfortable. I could fall asleep in it. It hits slightly below my hips, although it seems to ride up as I move around.  The stripes are heather grey, while the Tres Bien is printed in thin black text. The sleeves have two-inch cuffs at the ends.


I haven’t worn my new jeans yet, but I’ll do a wear test (and report back here) on both. The curvy straight leg jeans I bought last year have held up well overall, but one seems to stretch a little more than the other pair. The jeans I bought yesterday after definitely a different fabric, so we’ll see what happens.


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