What I Wore: Favorite Fall Scarf (and Digger)


OOTD: black button-down shirt (Old Navy — ON SALE!!), red plaid scarf (Forever 21 — sold out, but other colors available), jeggings (Macy’s — old), black riding boots (Macy’s — old)

Once I start seeing red plaid, I know it’s fall. It makes me think of holing up in a cabin in some remote part of the woods with my lumberjack boyfriend. It makes me think of frolicking through heaps of red and orange leaves. It makes me think of roasting s’mores by a camp fire.

These are all things you would never catch me doing in real life, therefore I need the red plaid scarf to transport me. J. Crew had a really cute red plaid jacket last season and while part of me loved it, another part of me decided it would put me too far into the cabin-in-the-woods, leaf-frolicking, camp-fire-girl genre.

Instead, my idea of enjoying a beautiful fall day is to visit any of the awesome outdoor malls in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. Ha! That’s about as outdoorsy as this girl gets.

But with that red plaid scarf, I almost look like I could be rugged. The ombre curls really help my case.

this girl is rugged

The scarf is super soft against my skin, plus it’s pretty large. Not as large as a blanket scarf, but large enough that I can tie it multiple ways for whatever look I’m going for. The way I tied it here is my favorite — some people call it the muffler, some call it bandana. I call it a bib.

My maltipoo, Digger, would not leave me alone while I tried to get photos today. He can be totally oblivious to me when I want him to do something outside (like fetch a ball), but as soon as my attention is on something else, he is begging for my attention and wanting to know what it is I find so interesting.


Back to my outfit. I love this shirt from Old Navy. It’s one of my recent purchases (I got it as a one-day sale for $10, but it’s apparently only $10 on their website right now too) and I’m so happy I got it. I ordered it in a tall because I wanted the extra length. You can see here how it covers my bum — the regular size was a few inches shorter. The sleeves are a little long, so I have to roll them on days like today. But if I wear a sweater/cardigan over the shirt, the sleeves end up being the perfect length.

These jeggings are from Macy’s INC brand. I bought them for dirt cheap a couple years ago in both dark denim and black. Overall, I like them, but they definitely stretch more than any of my regular jeans and are looking pretty sloppy after a few wears. They have an elastic waist though, which I LOVE! Does that make me sound old? I don’t care. They are just so comfortable.

The black riding boots also came from Macy’s. I think I bought them during an end-of-season clearance sale. They aren’t the absolute best quality, in my opinion, but they are perfect for me and I’ll get several more years out of them.

This outfit is probably one of my favorite fall outfits: It’s super easy to pull together and every piece is really comfortable. That’s probably my favorite thing about fall dressing — almost everything is comfortable and soft and easy to wear, and the weather is so mild. Summer in Minnesota is great, but I really hate sweat. Fall weather is perfect for being outside as much as possible, whether it’s frolicking through leaves or hitting up sales at outdoor malls. To each her own!

And one last pic of Dig!



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