What I Bought: L’Oreal Infallible Liquid Eyeliner


What I bought: L’Oreal Paris Infallible “The Super Slim” liquid eyeliner

What I paid: $7-9 (available at Ulta, Walmart, Target, anywhere else)

I’ve wanted to master the cat eye look for a really, really long time. I’ve watched YouTube tutorials, one after another. I did some research, and a lot of reviews rated L’Oreal’s Infallible “The Super Slim” liquid eyeliner highly and a great tool for perfecting the cat eye.

When it comes to drawing the “flick” or triangle for the cat eye, this eyeliner works really well. The pen is comfortable to hold and the color glides on really smoothly (I bought it in black). The felt tip is SO fine and precise. I haven’t mastered the steady hand needed for a quality cat eye look. Quite honestly, I’ve barely mastered the steady hand needed to apply a simple line to my eye.

Because I’m not super confident in my skillz, I’ve mostly restricted my liquid eyeliner use to weekends, and typically short-wear situations. However, I went out on a limb earlier this week and decided to wear it to work. I applied it to my top lids (not quite evenly, but whatever, it was there), then lightly applied it to my bottom lids.

One thing I like about the applicator is the extremely thin tip (hence the Super Slim). Not only did I want to perfect the cat eye, but I also wanted to work on applying my eyeliner as close to my lashes as possible. For too many years, I wore my eyeliner too high above my lashes, creating this bright skin-toned line between the liner and lashes. Ish! With this precise applicator tip, I’m able to go directly into the lash line and even venture into the waterline area a bit.

I think the waterline is what got me in trouble.

I didn’t notice the issue as the day wore on, but it was pretty apparent when I looked in the mirror right after I got home.

The once sharp line I had made that morning was now somewhat diffusing. It looked fuzzy and faded, and it was sort of bleeding up my lid (on the top lids) and creeping into my undereye area (on the bottom lids). The inner corner of my eyes almost looked bruised because so much color had somehow made its way to the corners and started bleeding all over the skin. It wasn’t quite a racoon eyes situation, but it looked pretty bad. I was really disappointed that the color and precision didn’t last a whole day. Especially when the packaging claims the product’s “12-hour formula” was “smudge-proof.”

For the times I’ve worn it over a short amount of time, I’ve noticed the bleeding and diffusing, but it never had the time to go completely awry.

I wear an eyelid primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion — one of the most life-changing makeup products I’ve ever purchased), so I can’t blame my greasy eyelids for this problem. I wouldn’t recommend this product…UNLESS you plan to use it for short-wear occasions, or you’re looking for a relatively cheap liquid eyeliner to practice your cat eye application. I’ll still wear it on weekends for date nights with Dan or dinners with girlfriends. I’m also going to continue attempting the cat eye. Once I’ve perfected my technique, I’ll look for another product.


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