What I Returned: H&M Sweater

During my fall shopping excursion, I bought 18 thousand scarves, a jacket and a few sweaters. While I’m loving the scarves and jacket, I’m not loving a couple of the sweaters.

I bought the H&M sweaters because I loved that they were long enough for leggings. They were also relatively slimming, which is almost always good. However, after wearing the purple/pink sweater a couple times, I’m disappointed.

What started as a decently long sweater stretches while you wear it and becomes pretty baggy. The backside stretches the most, to the point where it starts to resemble a trash bag around your bum. Here’s my trash bag bum.

bum shot

Any slimming fit of the sweater also goes away as the day goes on. The sleeves stretch, the torso stretches — I think the neckline even stretches. So what starts as a cute sweater becomes a pretty-colored trash bag after a few hours. Here’s a pic from the front. These photos aren’t capturing the excessive stretching that has happened, but maybe you can see it in the sleeves.


When I first washed it, I hoped that maybe I could put it in the dryer to help it shrink a tad. Nope. “Lay flat to dry.” And it’s that super heavy fabric that you need to place 100% flat, otherwise it will actually stretch even more. I wanted to drape it over my clothes drying rack, but it would have stretched to the floor if I had done that.

Since I bought one in pink/purple and one in black, I’ll be returning the black one that I haven’t worn. I’m so sad because this sweater was so great IN THEORY, but not in real life.

By the way, one of my favorite ways to make money is to return things. Even though it’s actually not making money — it’s just “not spending as much.” I still somehow feel like I’ve been paid for work when I return something. I love seeing the receipt with a $XX credit. In reality, I’m just being a little less horrible since I only spent slightly too much money instead of oh-my-gosh too much money. Whatever. I’ll take it.


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