What I Want: More Old Navy Pixie Pants

Old Navy is at it again with their latest promotion for their pixie pants. They sucked me in last spring. I bought several pairs that time, returned them all, then re-purchased one pair. How have they fared?

They are super comfortable — the stretch factor is HIGH. They almost feel like sweat pants (although the waist isn’t quite as comfortable as an elastic waist). I’m relatively petite, but have a tummy bulge – these don’t feel like they’re digging into my stomach or giving me cramps. They’re somewhat low cut, so if you have a tummy bulge that you’re hoping these will hide, forget about it.

The pixie pants are really easy to move in. This is where the sweat pant feeling is noticeable. The pants move with you and don’t pull or chafe.

That being said, it’s important to note that these pants are tight (ha, at least mine are). They are NOT a relaxed fit.

My biggest complaint about them is the intensity/saturation of the color. They looked a little faded when I originally bought them, and it seems like the color has faded ever so slightly since that time (I don’t wash them every time I wear them – when I do wash them, I wash in cold water and then lay flat to dry). When I first checked them out, I intended to buy the cobalt blue pair, but those looked pretty faded from the get-go. The pair I have (somewhere between teal and emerald) hasn’t faded considerably, but they just have what looks like a film over them. The color isn’t as rich and saturated as I would have liked.

Overall, the pants have held their shape. I notice some stretching in the knees as the day goes on, but I actually only notice it when I take the pants off and hang them up. They don’t look stretched or misshapen when I’m wearing them.

As I said earlier, there is a lot of stretch in these pants. I was really nervous that the pants would stretch a size or two as I wore them, and then look ridiculous after a couple hours. Amazingly, and against all odds, that hasn’t happened. I think they stretched slightly from what they were brand-new, but just enough to fit me better.

I will say that I think my rear looks horrific in these pants. Maybe it’s because my butt is 31 and doesn’t have the lift it used to. But I think it’s because these pants weren’t made to offer any shape or support to a hind end. So I only wear the pants with long shirts/tunics. This isn’t a huge inconvenience since that’s my preferred style of shirt anyway, but it’s something to keep in mind.

New Pixies
As for this round of pixie pants, I noticed that the colors look more saturated and rich. Old Navy also has a few different styles – pixie chinos and long pixies. I tried on a pair of the chinos, but wasn’t super excited. They’re slightly more relaxed in some places, but not others. The fabric reminds me of the cropped boyfriend skinny chinos they had this summer. I hate the fabric — it makes loud crinkling sounds when I move. I find the stretchy pixie pant fabric much more comfortable.


Will I buy any? They’re on sale for $25 a pair (no free t-shirt like last time). I like them, I’m just not sure I’m willing to spend $25 on them.


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