What I Bought: Garden Treasures Cascade Creek Patio Furniture


What I bought:Garden Treasures Cascade Creek black steel patio furniture (four-piece dining chairs, dining table, two-piece swivel chairs)

What I paid: $99 for the four dining chairs (regularly $200); $49 for the dining table (regularly $100); $75 for the pair of swivel chairs (regularly $150)

Dan and I moved into our 1991-built home almost a year and a half ago. We are in love with our neighbors, our location and the layout of the home. We are not, however, in love with the 1991-original finishes. When we first moved in, Dan tackled the outdoor projects first, and now we’re slowly starting to identify the indoor items on our list of “that must change.” Our home was hit by a pretty powerful hail storm last summer, and the majority of our windows are all in the process of being replaced. Since I assume the window installers will track in lots of mud or dirt or whatever else, Dan and I decided it was better to hold off on any of the indoor projects until the windows were finished.

Part of the problem with our indoor projects is that everything in our house is in great shape — the people who lived here took amazing care of it. I feel so guilty for wanting to replace the countertops in the kitchen — they are in perfect shape! Not a scratch or dent or burn-mark to be found. But they are teal. TEAL countertops! Like bright teal.


And you’ll find matching teal carpet (with flecks of mauve peppered throughout, mind you) in the living room. Since I have no money to spend on major changes to the kitchen, the teal countertops are probably here to stay for at least another year or two. If I’m lucky, that style and color will somehow be back in style.

But the teal carpet has got to go, as does the cream brick fireplace and empty wine rack that takes up valuable space in our what-could-be-Houzz-worthy living room. Here’s a “before” picture. In what will be my “after” picture, the throw blanket will be perfectly folded, the pillows will be shaped and facing the right direction on a prettier couch, Dig’s rawhide chew toy will be hidden and my coffee table will be magically styled like all the coffee tables on Pinterest appear to be. And Dan will be dressed like a male J. Crew model. Dig will probably still be extra fluffy and sleeping.


So with all these desired changes in mind — and Dan’s impatience: the fireplace bricks have been demoed by Dan’s sledgehammer — Dan and I stopped at all the nearby home improvement stores, just to browse their fireplace stone options.Here’s what we want our fireplace/living room to look like (found on Houzz — so in love with this photo!):

The first two stores didn’t have much selection. At our third stop — Lowe’s in West St. Paul — we decided to walk through the garden section first (another item on our list: planters/pots for our yard next spring/summer). We found a few we liked, and the price was right, so we went inside to grab a cart. Of course you can’t get to the carts without looking at other items, which is what happened to us.

We’ve been looking at patio furniture since we moved in, but haven’t seen anything we really loved or anything in our price range. When the season-ending sales hit last fall, everything we liked was already gone (Target’s Threshold brand has some ridiculously cute patio furniture!). And since so many of the outdoor areas of our home are in transition, we couldn’t rationalize spending a ton of money this spring on a set when we weren’t entirely sure where to put it.

Lowe’s happened to have a super cute set of chairs on sale. When I originally saw the price, I assumed it was the price per chair, and I thought, “Eh, that’s kind of cheap…” and then I noticed the tag said it was for FOUR chairs. Right next to the set of four chairs were two swivel chairs. The same thing happened: I assumed the price was for one chair, but it was for two!

I realize I’m getting super excited in this blog over patio furniture. My 25-year-old self would be disgusted. But my 31-year-old self thought it was awesome. We hunted down calmly approached a store clerk to “claim” what we’d found as ours. I paid for it, they removed it from the sales floor and after driving my little car home to get Dan’s truck, we went back to the store, loaded it all up and brought it home.

It’s sitting in our storage room for now. We have the perfect place for it — a small three-season porch. Unfortunately, that room, like several others, is under construction.

I think the title of this post should have been something like, “An intro to Lindsey’s house projects,” because that’s really what it turned into. Whatever.


8 thoughts on “What I Bought: Garden Treasures Cascade Creek Patio Furniture

    • We got this set at Lowe’s, actually — but it was last September during their end-of-season clearance. We were SO lucky to find it!! I hope you find a good deal somewhere!

    • Hi Ann,
      I hope you got my email! Unfortunately the swivel chairs don’t rock — swivel only. A rocking chair would be a great addition to the set, though!

  1. I have this patio set as well. Purchased it mid summer last year. Having a barbeque this week end, also sent out the invites. I went to install the umbrella and when doing so, it barely touched the glass close to the center plastic and the whole thing shattered I was very careful when doing so. Has anyone had this problem? Now I have to purchase another table to get the glass. I’m really worried about another glass breakage. I was so lucky my granddaughter was not with me at the time or my very small dog. I called the distributer and they want $18.00 for the glass and $122.00 for the shipping. Other types of tables, like aluminum can only be purchased with the whole set. Any ideas anyone?

    • Yikes! That sounds awful. We didn’t purchase the umbrella, so we haven’t had this issue. So glad your granddaughter and pup weren’t nearby!

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