What I Forgot: Entertainment

A couple weeks ago, I went to California for a fun-filled mother-daughter adventure. Unfortunately I didn’t plan ahead for the four-hour flight to San Francisco.

My mom and I were on the same plane, but our seats weren’t together. I wasn’t around any Chatty Cathy’s, either, so I could only rely on myself for entertainment. In my 20s, that would have been fine — I was a classic over-analyzer and I could have thought about every aspect of my life and what possible changes I needed to make or adjustments to consider. Now that I’m 31, I pretty much just go with the flow. So without hours of self-reflection to keep me busy, what’s a girl to do?!

For most trips, I come well-prepared. I pack several issues of Glamour, Lucky and Women’s Health magazines. I have my iPad for music whenever I get sick of reading. If I want to go back to reading, I usually have my Kindle along too, just in case I need something with a little more substance than how to wear ankle booties, when to wear gold liquid eyeliner and the best workouts for a toned tummy.

Unfortunately for this trip, all I had was my iPad with iTunes, which was fun for about 20 minutes. I didn’t think I could get sick of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” but apparently I could. I happened to stumble upon two issues of Glamour magazine that I downloaded to my iPad in the winter of 2013 (January and February), so I read both of those. Probably within the first hour. I went to the bathroom once. That killed a few minutes.

I don’t know about you, but it’s somehow impossible for me to sleep on planes. I bought one of those neck pillows years ago and found it to be of no use. I had a lightweight sweatshirt with me that I tried to use as a pillow, but that didn’t work either. I tried rolling it, crumpling it, folding it — nothing. I get migraines, and the feeling was sort of like, “Yeah, you’re going to get a headache if you stay in this position for more than 7 minutes.”

Why hadn’t I packed my Kindle? The thought crossed my mind the night before the flight, but I was too lazy to download any new books (even though I already have a list of books I wanted to read). To be completely honest, there wasn’t much room in my suitcase or backpack: The San Francisco trip was part 1 of my weeklong travel itinerary. My mom and I were hitting San Francisco and Monterey for four days, then my mom flew back to Minneapolis while I flew farther east to Pittsburgh for a work conference. While I was super excited about both trips, I wished they hadn’t been right next to each other. But, the organizers for the event in California didn’t call me ahead of time to get my date preferences, nor did the conference organizers in Pittsburgh.

Thankfully I had my work laptop, which I used to type this blog.

On a positive note, besides the fact that I got to visit San Fran with my mom, I did have a window seat and loved the views, especially over the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

The night before our flights out of California, I made sure I was prepared. I downloaded an Arriana Huffington book on my iPad, and the latest season of Real Housewives of New York on my S4. While I’m sure the people sitting next to me on my flights to Chicago/Pittsburgh weren’t impressed by the crazy eyes of Ramona, I didn’t care.


That trash got me through so many hours of layovers and flights! Oh, how I miss cable.


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