What I Want: Color-Preserving Shampoo

I look better as a brunette than a blonde. I personally like to think I look even better as a lazy brunette with a little bit of blonde. Lucky for me the ombre trend is still kind of in style (at least according to Pinterst!). I like dying my natural dirty-dish-water blonde/light brown hair a slightly darker shade of brown from roots to halfway-ish through my hair, with some blonde near the ends. The ombre trend is nice because it allows you to be lazy between hair appointments (that’s me) and cheap because you don’t have to pay for as many hair appointments (also me). Either way, though, I’m still spending money. So in order to save money, I’ve been trying to go three to four months between colors.

These are my favorite ombre styles (all from my Pinterest):


Since officially going ombre, I haven’t had to redo the blonde ends. The darker brown at the roots/mid-length is another story. The brown just doesn’t hold well — it’s not permanent and therefore washes out gradually every time I shampoo.

Just don’t wash your hair as often, Lindsey — how hard can it be?!

Two things.

One, I like to run. Maybe my body is working extra hard, maybe my body is just mega disgusting — but I sweat a lot. So after a run, my scalp is pretty saturated in gross sweat. I can shower to clean the rest of my body, but there’s no way my hair will look remotely decent after a run. I HAVE to wash my hair.

I prefer working out in the morning. But maybe for the first few weeks after a dye job, I need to make an effort to do night runs so that I can skip the shampoo and just do a body shower? But gross, I don’t want my stanky hair (albeit dry, at this point) on my pillow!

Just pull your hair into a ponytail after a workout, Lindsey — seriously, why are you making this so hard?!

This brings me to my second point: Bangs. I’ve had bangs my whole life, with good reason: I have a tall forehead. I used to think my forehead was crazy-huge, but I’ve since mellowed out. That being said, I still wouldn’t be comfortable going to work with my bangs pulled back. So for the people who don’t need bangs, pulling their hair into a ponytail or a super cute braided updo after a sweat session would be totally legit. But I’m not one of those people.

I know I’m not the only one who runs and colors her hair and then watches her investment run down the drain (literally) every time she showers. How do you do it?

Color-preserving shampoos. Do these really work? I’ve not had luck with any in the past, but let me know if you’ve found the holy grail! I Googled, “color preserving shampoos” and found this article from totalbeauty.com. The article ranked the 14 best color-protecting shampoos (and there’s a link for color-protecting conditioners as well) based on reader ratings. Some of the products that made the list are shampoos I’ve tried in the past. But they were all expensive and didn’t really seem like they were 1) preserving my color and 2) helping me save money.


What I bought: Pantene Pro-V Color Preserve Shine ‘fade defy shampoo’ and ‘radiant conditioner’

What I paid: $3.97 a bottle at Walmart (12.6 fl oz each)

I’m finishing up a bottle of Matrix Biolage Color Care shampoo, so I’ll start using the Pantene stuff this weekend. I really love Matrix Biolage shampoos/conditioners — they smell SO good and my hair always feels mega soft after using them. But they are more expensive than $4 a bottle, so I’m going to give Pantene a shot.

Another option could be a dry shampoo, although those don’t see to be bang-friendly.

My last resort — if I wanted to really commit to saving money — would be to attempt to do my brown color (around the roots) at home. I wouldn’t need a true at-home ombre kit since I have no intentions of doing the blonde (at the ends) myself. We’ll see how desperate I become to save money and how brave I become to dye my own hair.

Do you have any color-protecting/preserving shampoos that you swear by? Any recommendations on dry shampoo? Especially for your bangs?