What I Tried: Old Navy Boyfriend Skinny Khakis

Hi friends! So sorry for my absence. Family medical stuff is partially to blame, but it’s mostly a self-inflicted “spending embargo.” I’m trying to stay away from malls, and I haven’t even allowed myself to read all the promotional emails I get from my favorite stores. Gap and Old Navy probably have a missing persons report out on me.

In my last post, I wrote about returning all the Old Navy pants I bought, saying that I didn’t need pants. Well, it turns out all the dress pants I purchased at Loft have stretched out quite a bit in the waist. (Or I’ve lost a lot of weight in my waist, which I don’t think is the case.) So now I’m left with two pairs of dress pants that I like. Those pixie pants from Old Navy might have come in handy! I’m taking my Loft pants into a tailor this week to hopefully make the necessary adjustments.

Although I’m trying to save money, I couldn’t ignore the new Amy Poehler ad for Old Navy. Paying $19 for a pair of pants doesn’t seem like a super amazing deal (am I spoiled?), but I do have quite a few Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic rewards coupons…so I went to Old Navy after work on Friday, just to try them on.


I tried on the boyfriend skinny khakis (crop) in black. The fabric isn’t super dressy, but I think someone whose office is on the more casual side of the ‘business casual’ spectrum could get away with them at work. Approximately 98% of the reviews online said to size down — I did, and they fit decently. I tried another step smaller too, and while I liked the way they looked, it was pretty painful to sit down because the waist was slicing into my stomach. I can imagine the size I did try becoming two sizes too big in the waist, crotch and thighs pretty quickly. Although I will say that the zip-pocket pants I bought have held up totally fine, so maybe I need to cut Old Navy some slack.

One complaint I have is the fabric “sound.” It’s like they were made of a plastic khaki material. You look at them and feel them and think they’re some kind of khaki fabric, but then you start walking around and you hear a swishing noise. Almost like you’re wearing those athletic pants from the 90s (my family called them nylon pants — I’m not sure what they’re actually called).

Typically, the phrase “crop pants” would scare me away. I prefer my pants to hit right below or right above the ankle. In the commercials (and the picture above), the pants are definitely quite a bit higher than the models’ ankles, but they’re also rolled up, so I crossed my fingers that unrolling them would put them closer to ankle length. And it did. I’m approximately 5’4” — they hit me right above my ankle, which makes me think of Audrey Hepburn, so I’m OK with it.

The color selection isn’t great. I was hoping to see red, kelly green or cobalt blue. A few reviewers had raved about a peach pair, but I tried them on and they looked horrible on me. Probably because I’m so pale. I suppose if you have some color to your skin, or you’re perfectly porcelain maybe, they would look flattering on you. If you look like me, just walk away.

Would I buy them? Eh, it’s a toss-up. I would like to have a pair of slim black pants that I could wear to work, but if my Loft pants can be fixed by the tailor, I wouldn’t need these. And I get really worried about the stretching factor…and the fading factor.


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