What I’m Doing: Selling Shoes

jessica-simpson-black3Several years ago, I worked a holiday job at the Macy’s Mall of America store. If any of you read my other blog, you know all about those harrowing days.

On the plus side, I did get a nice discount, and I used that discount frequently. During that time, I also had the idea that maybe I would become a girl who wears high heels. I never had enough coordination to wear heels, and was too impatient to deal with the “getting used to them” phase. But all of a sudden, I decided I would be that girl and I would wear high heels. So I bought a few pairs. Quite a few pairs. Because I sucked at walking in them, and general all-around wearing them in general, I would wear sandals or some other flat, comfortable shoe while commuting to work, then I’d change into my heels once I was at my desk. I wore them during the work day, then would change out of them when it was go time.

inc-camo2I tried to wear them out to dinner with Dan a few times, but it made me just enough taller than him to make both of us a little uncomfortable. Plus I had to walk super slow in order to walk the distance from the car to the restaurant.

Apparently the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” was applicable to me and high heels.

So I need to get rid of them. Most are them are new and never been worn (what a moron I was!), some have only been worn a handful of times (and only indoors) and only a couple have ever actually been worn outside. I’d prefer to sell them rather than just give them away…so I setup a Craigslist ad to see what happens: http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/clo/4475452449.html. I’m pricing them all at $20, which is a loss for me, but better than nothing!

Have you ever sold clothing or shoes via Craigslist? Dan has sold a car and tons of car parts, I bought a table and chair set….never clothing. We’ll see. Wish me luck!


What I Tried: Old Navy Boyfriend Skinny Khakis

Hi friends! So sorry for my absence. Family medical stuff is partially to blame, but it’s mostly a self-inflicted “spending embargo.” I’m trying to stay away from malls, and I haven’t even allowed myself to read all the promotional emails I get from my favorite stores. Gap and Old Navy probably have a missing persons report out on me.

In my last post, I wrote about returning all the Old Navy pants I bought, saying that I didn’t need pants. Well, it turns out all the dress pants I purchased at Loft have stretched out quite a bit in the waist. (Or I’ve lost a lot of weight in my waist, which I don’t think is the case.) So now I’m left with two pairs of dress pants that I like. Those pixie pants from Old Navy might have come in handy! I’m taking my Loft pants into a tailor this week to hopefully make the necessary adjustments.

Although I’m trying to save money, I couldn’t ignore the new Amy Poehler ad for Old Navy. Paying $19 for a pair of pants doesn’t seem like a super amazing deal (am I spoiled?), but I do have quite a few Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic rewards coupons…so I went to Old Navy after work on Friday, just to try them on.


I tried on the boyfriend skinny khakis (crop) in black. The fabric isn’t super dressy, but I think someone whose office is on the more casual side of the ‘business casual’ spectrum could get away with them at work. Approximately 98% of the reviews online said to size down — I did, and they fit decently. I tried another step smaller too, and while I liked the way they looked, it was pretty painful to sit down because the waist was slicing into my stomach. I can imagine the size I did try becoming two sizes too big in the waist, crotch and thighs pretty quickly. Although I will say that the zip-pocket pants I bought have held up totally fine, so maybe I need to cut Old Navy some slack.

One complaint I have is the fabric “sound.” It’s like they were made of a plastic khaki material. You look at them and feel them and think they’re some kind of khaki fabric, but then you start walking around and you hear a swishing noise. Almost like you’re wearing those athletic pants from the 90s (my family called them nylon pants — I’m not sure what they’re actually called).

Typically, the phrase “crop pants” would scare me away. I prefer my pants to hit right below or right above the ankle. In the commercials (and the picture above), the pants are definitely quite a bit higher than the models’ ankles, but they’re also rolled up, so I crossed my fingers that unrolling them would put them closer to ankle length. And it did. I’m approximately 5’4” — they hit me right above my ankle, which makes me think of Audrey Hepburn, so I’m OK with it.

The color selection isn’t great. I was hoping to see red, kelly green or cobalt blue. A few reviewers had raved about a peach pair, but I tried them on and they looked horrible on me. Probably because I’m so pale. I suppose if you have some color to your skin, or you’re perfectly porcelain maybe, they would look flattering on you. If you look like me, just walk away.

Would I buy them? Eh, it’s a toss-up. I would like to have a pair of slim black pants that I could wear to work, but if my Loft pants can be fixed by the tailor, I wouldn’t need these. And I get really worried about the stretching factor…and the fading factor.